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  2. When is the game coming out?

    oof got one-upped right in the gut
  3. When is the game coming out?

    The game is currently in a pre-beta, or closed alpha stage. Right now the top priority is getting the framework done, which is a fancy way of saying the "base design" for the code. After that is done, content will roll out more quickly and smoothly. Essentially you can think of it like Lego building blocks. After you build the frame, you can attach and remove things on top of the frame without destroying the work that you've already done on the bottom. Beta should happen sometime next year, which is the current goal. If you take a look at all the features that have been developed in the past few months, you can see that things are narrowing down to "specific" features and nuances that need tweaking or built here and there. A more broad aspect to your question on "completion" would be that the game itself will not be completed for many more years to come. Even after beta is released, content and features will still gradually roll out over time. You'll be able to come back again and again over time to new things. If you want to check out the progress of the game so far, there is a Supporter Weekend coming up. It will open for supporters on 8am PST, Saturday December 30th. For non-supporters, it will open up on 8pm PST, Sunday December 31st. Goal is to keep it up for all weekend and an additional few days so you can explore and play with the features. Keep tabs on this forum board: News and Patch Notes in the upcoming week or so for more information on this.
  4. When is the game coming out?

    Hi, Josh! We don't have a set date for the game's completion, but iamallama (lead coder and fancy person) keeps a running list of things that still need to be completed for a working beta. The lists are available in the more recent devblogs, found here: The FAQ page doesn't seem to be up, but you can click here ( or find it under the 'forums' tab when it decides to come back.
  5. I want to know when will the game come out. Because i'm so hyped to play the game. And good luck making the game. Because i know how hard it is to make a game. It is pretty hard so have a good day.
  6. Devblog 89: Bank

    Good work. Good luck with that asshol* bug.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Devastation

    Casual friendly guild that reqruits active members to join, teasing around playing havin' fun in general, making party and playing together everything is better when you have friends! No place for bad behaviour players.
  9. fool me one time, shame on you.

    fool me twice, can't put the blame on you.

  10. Devblog 89: Bank

    Feels nice to see the game is finishing the race it's been in for years now, of course without all the time it wouldn't have looked as great as it is currently, amazing work guys.
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  12. Devblog 89: Bank

    I couldn't have stated this better. I cannot wait to be playing full time.
  13. FO question

    Something i really liked in fantasy online was the premium items, in the starting area you could buy weapons that were better than the other weapons you could get in that area but they weren't the top tier weapons in the game, the only reason to buy these items is to speed up leveling to get better stuff. it isn't game breaking and you dont need to spend premium to get the best weapons, its just a nice option for players who want to speed up the first area.
  14. Pet breeding?

    I can see it now, all the different pet skins. The game could make so much money off of cosmetics alone. That or we could just have different pets and some be premium only but not have a stat advantage, just be more visually appealing and stuff. Star Guardian Soraka makes me question my life without Star Guardian Soraka.
  15. Pet breeding?

    To answer the back end of your question in a more indirect way, there has been some discussion about pets being added to the premium store for cosmetic purposes only. For example, you may be able to get a "regular" skinned version of a pet in game, and a "gold", "dark", and so forth skinned version of the same pet from the store. Both pets would have the same stats, growth rates, abilities, and so forth. One just looks different (presumably "cooler") than the other, to show off your support to the game. An original focus of the game's identity was to stray away from design aspects which inadvertently placed certain features to be inaccessible to players that were core to the games function. That being said, it's possible that in the future that certain pets will fashion new skins to collect in game. The way this is done however must be in a non-restrictive way. So you can presume that even though there might be different skinned versions, they will always award players equal advantages. As for combining pets, while it is certainly feasible to speculate on it, the reality is that such an implementation would not come easy. Balance and core game play would have to come first before that, which is why it has not been discussed yet. Combining pets and powers could potentially add some balance problems, which is why having the base game completed first is the gateway to allowing other options like combining pets to be thought of. So for now, the best expectation would be to maybe have some skinned versions of pets being in the premium store for the near future. This is still being discussed though and is in no way finalized yet. Good questions though.
  16. Devblog 89: Bank

    Isn't it crazy though, some of us have been lingering for years. We're all a tight nit little group at this point. 4 years for a game that will meet the exact niche that we want from a game, with a open community and a developer that talks back to the community openly, is worth the wait. Even if it takes awhile to do, I'd rather enjoy my time among a smaller group of people than an extreme company with so much overhead. Each update is progressively getting there (seems to be said a lot), but if you look at the past couple of months, things are starting to really piece together. Looking forward to helping out in any way I can as well.
  17. Devblog 89: Bank Come this January 5th (somewhere around there) it will be 4 years of development. It will all be worth it in the end, to bring online gaming to a better place. I feel like the mmorpg genre has been stale for quite some time, but that's just my opinion. Too many mistakes have been made: poor business models, watered down experiences, buggy servers, uninteresting dialogue/storylines, generic this/that, pay-to-win nonsense, toxic communities, companies that ignore their players, and the list could go on.. unfortunately.
  18. Devblog 89: Bank

    lol, "two years"...
  19. Devblog 89: Bank

    I've been here literally from the beginning and even though its been two years, I'm really glad that you have stuck through with this game and continue to give us updates. Love the work!
  20. Devblog 89: Bank

    There is nothing new content wise as of right now as I've been focusing on the new mechanics. I'm going to be fixing that bug this weekend and after that trying to add some new stuff. No guarantees about how bad or balanced it will be. Or maybe I should guarantee that it will be bad as I'm just doing it quick and dirty.
  21. Pet breeding?

    This won’t be too much like Pokémon, as that’s not the core of this game, so we’ll have a more basic concept of pets. You’ll be able to have them fight alongside you, level up and grow stronger. They will have their own abilities I believe. You can buy them from NPC’s at first and sell/trade them to other players. It’s possible in the future they could have more depth, but for now this is a great start getting them in this early.
  22. Waves of Time - Discord Server!

    Nah, I meant more like, it has already been done.
  23. Devblog 89: Bank

    @iamallama do you know how much new content is gonna be in the up coming supporter compared to the last. Are there gonna my some new quests, new enemies, or new (hopefully functional) mechanics to play around with?
  24. FO question

    good thing im no longer 13
  25. Pet breeding?

    If there is going to be pets in this game there must be lots or at least a variety of good looking ones you can get from quests. If this is the case will you be able to combine multiple pets to get new and improved abilities or looks? I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned before
  26. FO question

    Unfortunately the coppa act requires a ton of work for any project. We will have to be 13+ as well. It's not enough for your parents to contact or email to give permission. There are tons of policies that need to be in place. Things like you can't log anything about children. You need to collect physical or scanned versions of physically signed permission slips. These need to be on file and verifiable that every person under 13 has one. Have a method to allow any parent to see what you have collected on their child upon request. And tons of other stupid crap. It costs lots of money to track all this stuff. And if you fill to do this or do it wrong you can be sued or fined large amounts.
  27. Devblog 89: Bank

    I kind of ask this every time one of these pops up, so let's continue with the tradition. Other than the annoying bug, what's on deck for features being developed? To be honest it seems like December is a wind-down time, and with everything going on, it might be nice to take a break and focus on small things.
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