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  2. they were always there. I'm not using them yet, but I haven't replaced their functionality so I keep them there as a reminder. There is one for crafting (game window is done, but there are no recipes yet), one for the item store (which isn't done yet) and one for quitting game.
  3. All that is going to have to wait until 28th passes, got a lot on my hands at the moment. Also in the UI showcase gift, what are hose icons in the bottom right? Did I somehow not notice them in previous devblogs?
  4. where does this lead

    1. juraija


      Is a Highway to Hell

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      Look UP Jason!

  5. Last week
  6. fantasy souls

    Fantasy Souls (this will be a remake) was my own guild, made in Fantasy Online. A social guild but rarely known. The history of my guild was that a friend of mine who is dutch, asked me to make a guild for us. I had no idea what name i should take but i wanted fantasy in first place, my friend then wrote me what about Fantasy Souls. I just thought yeah thats a name I have no problem with. Then when FO was closed we never chatted alot but in WoT i don't want this guild be forgotten. So this will be my chance for a better comeback! I hope that WoT will be great. -Nicolas aka. NightShadow † (FO †)
  7. Yea, it is just a way to show off that guilds get their own private (and public) sub-forum here that the leader gets to moderate (they set permissions, ranks, status, can create/modify sub-forums and assign groups to view/add/edit stuff in those). Us admins still have access to them all, but they don't show up on the main page. So unless we actually go to the forum directly we don't have eyes on them. It is more of a "if someone complains, we can check it out" policy.
  8. Not to mention all the "extra credits" videos on mmo economies. Does a good job of explaining what happens and needs to happen within an mmo.
  9. They will be reset once the game goes live. For now they are mainly here for testing and getting familiar.
  10. @kidokica Might be useful:
  11. Even though the game hasnt gone live, you can form guilds already?
  12. I have no picture because there are no pictures to perfectly describe what I want
  13. @Bard That article only scratched the surface.... And that was a very interesting topic to me for a while now. You've finally inspired me to do some digging (when I have time). I'll see if I can come up with something interesting or at least write up something on it.
  14. I haven't been on in months. There is so much progress I can FEEL the game already. I'm begging myself to not get too excited.
  15. Happy birthday to you! You smell like my shoes! I got you a used shoes, and a pack of hi-chew!

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      some* RIP my grammar 

  16. Thank you! Worked perfectly for me.
  17. The permissions for who can do what in a guild should be set by the guild leader. And there should be by default a public and private forum (guild leaders can add/remove/modify their own forums, but that is the default) where the public one can be seen by everyone and private by only members. If you want to move a post from one guild forum to another, you should be able to just go to the topic listing, check the checkbox on the right side next to the thread(s) you want to move and that brings up a menu on the bottom of the screen. There should be a move button (arrow pointing right). Click that and it asks you where you want to move it to. Select the new forum and click "Move".
  18. well then i have no clue what you're talking about, i dont see any private section, i clicked move and it asks what guild i want to move it to well actually nvm me, i dont think i have all the authorizations, i cant even manage the guild or add a whole subforum, but i can move/delete/lock etc
  19. Amazing! Nice work
  20. I meant what I literally stated. There are 2 sections you can make a topic for your guild. There's public discussions section and private discussions section. I can understand how you confused it with me asking how to hide it. I want to know how to move it.
  21. still moving things around.
  22. ui takes up a lot of space, especially on the left.
  23. Did you read the full DevBlog? Look at the end of it
  24. i know i wont see any reply to this for a while but when am i going to be able to play this freaking game iv been waiting far to long to try it out
  25. Yea, that's pretty much it. This time it will be a download standalone version. Once I have a few more updates in place I'll go ahead and release a client to the supporters and non-supporters here in the news forum. This will keep the game up to date and allow for logging in once the time comes. I'll probably be on here in the shoutbox and on the discord chat to announce what is going on and when it is live.
  26. Earlier
  27. i did not read it all, but is basic the same, and is from year 1 so i am sure there will be some alchemy going on in the game
  28. Ah ok got it, thanks for responding.
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