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  3. becky can I smash, can i get sum poon becky, no ron
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  5. i dont remember reading this before, in creativerse there is no hungry but you can create food that speed you up, make your life gauge expand (+X amount of life for X minutes) or make able to run for more time (+X amount of stamine for X minutes) it sounds like you want it to be like a stamina bar that maybe will slow down your progress if is empty and that is something many people dont like, but maybe implementing the food for something else that just getting your life bar full will be great in Toriko he "level up" eating monsters, i would like to see special food that grant you temporal random bonuses (or potions being made with strange things droped from monsters just like Minecraft... is the only example i remember right now lol) a bonus like "you get the result of the plus of the numbers you get from the experience of killing a monster" example you killed a golem, it gives you 520xp points and with this food you get 5+2+0= 7xp extra points (yeah it sounds like not too much but if you just started and the monters drop like 78xp you will get 15+78= 93xp, it looks good to me for the creation of a second character so if we got a "team storage" in our accounts [a storage that allows you to give items from one character you have to another character you have in your account] this food could be great to speed up the leveling at the beginning)
  6. heck no. I hated that.
  7. Unity with C# for both client and server now.
  8. Oh okay .
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  10. Happy Birthday :) 🎂 

  11. I was just kidding because that happened in fo at one point.
  12. What language are you guys coding this in?
  13. Mages usually rely on damage from abilities, not basic attacks, logically speaking. Having a mage pet also wouldn't require you to be a mage to use it, as that wouldn't make much sense. Also this game is not using a class system (warrior, mage, archer, etc.). I'd recommend reading through some of the recent dev blogs for more info about the game.
  14. can we have a mage pet that raises your attack speed making it the highest dps class causing everybody to switch to mage?
  15. please don't put a energy meter on my characters xp/hour to slow down my leveling.
  16. what about skills that unlocked at certain stats like: Overpower- increase all melee damage by 10%, Hawk Eyes- increase accuracy by 15%, Elemental Release, Applys a d.o.t. (damage over time) that does equal damage to your magic level or something like that. Maybe also have some for buffing armor stats called Colossus Armor.
  17. I got my drivers license!:boing:

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      Hide your wives and children...

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  19. Looking forward to testing out the first instance-based dungeon (whenever that may be) and checking out elements. Wondering if the dungeons will be like tears in time (rifts) that take you to a different period in time and are themed a certain way, making each dungeon unique. With really good care this could be huge.
  20. Looks like our guild page may be reset in the next two weeks from what llama has said, if you would like me to do a simple copy paste of our info let me know. just gonna put it in Microsoft word on my computer.
  21. Well done Llama, always makes me happy to read the devblogs and I'm forever amazed by your dedication! Top work dude
  22. What is senpai???
  23. To add to that, there is no set date for release as of yet. Check the FAQ first if you have any other questions, and if it isn't there, someone'll be happy to answer in this subforum.
  24. This shall be useful for later, @iamallama
  25. It's not out yet. Everyone once in a while there are supporter weekends and then there are times when everyone can play.
  26. Have been some weeks since i first check here! Well all seems good and well, and lovely too hear that the SW are getting more frequently! GJ as always llama senpai!
  27. Man, I love reading these devlogs, thanks for all the great work iamallama.
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