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  2. Donations to the game

    Nope there is a place to select the option but there is only one option to choose which is "monthly development costs".
  3. Donations to the game

    Appreciate the feedback guys, thank you, but since we are talking about beta, i have a question towards that and alpha, i had posted it on a post asking another post, but i dont think anyone who could answer saw it but here is the question if someone could verify(: Quick question. So i know how gamer in the early days had an alpha for the game before it was complete, is that what the beta will also be, im noticing a lot about the game can have stuff worked on after beta so is there a 3rd form of the game? I thought Fantasy Online was in beta form when it was shut down Because Lama said something wasn't really needed for beta release and that it could be added. so can someone help? thank you
  4. Donations to the game

    There are specific sections you can donate to I believe, depending on what you want it to be spent on. And iamallama has purchased new things since hes started this project, specifically for this game, I've literally read his posts saying he has. He has "producing softwares and computer" yes, but you'd be surprised how much extra is available out there if you wanna put some money into it...
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  6. Time Setting

    As Einstein once posited, time is a flat circle with no beginning.
  7. Kainui's 3D Art

    Thanks, yeah the detail is super tedious but I notice it's getting easier for me to tolerate, plus I have suddenly noticed myself just getting more aware of textures and lighting/shadow of things around me which is like sorta cool feeling my eyes leveling up kinda, even though not really I need to go get new glasses lol. Good question I forgot to mention in the first post what I'm using I'll probably edit that, I'm using Blender. It's free so you could go download it right now if you want to. All my models are free to download too off that site if anyone would want to play around with them, and I can even post the .blend files. (.blend is the file format that Blender saves to by default, which has all the options and stuff that I use while working on it.) Currently I have a few things in progress: Robot spider game assets for a friend (animated, but not textured, project on hold cause he's busy in school right now) Frozen eye staff; it's a stick with a solid frozen chunk of clear ice at the end with an eyeball inside of it staring out at you. Learning anatomy so I can design and make characters I'm totally open for ideas or requests of stuff, like if you want to sketch something or write out some ideas you want to see. After I finish that staff, gonna have to make something else.
  8. Donations to the game

    ohhh, so I would get 30 pixels instead of 20
  9. Time Setting

    lol, you can see the hidden text in the activity bar, nice try tho
  10. Donations to the game

    Yea to all this. It's 150% premium pixels, fresh off the truck. Not only are these pixels better than your average pixels, we can actually accurately quantify that they are +50% better. Also, you get the title of supporter to show off and maybe some other stuff (I don't know what yet, so don't think I can tell you). It will probably be an early item or something like that, but could be anything else really.
  11. Time Setting

    top secret time.
  12. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    Wow quite impressive stuff you got going on here. Good job! Looking forward watching the progress of this game and for one day to play it!
  13. Donations to the game

    The donations are actually primarily for paying the upkeep for the server, iamallama already has producing softwares and computer.
  14. Kainui's 3D Art

    What software do you use for this modeling, also great models, very nice in detail.
  15. Donations to the game

    ^ (to randomly expand) Its to show appreciation/entice people to donate/(purchase pixels) before there is a game available to play, the funding goes to further development of WoT and surely does speed up the process as iamallama can purchase various things to simplify his job instead of manually having to do everything that someone out there has already done. So right now is a really prime time to donate man.
  16. Kainui's 3D Art

    Cool glad you like it, I'll probably be making 3D waves of time fan art for fun lol.
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  18. Kainui's 3D Art

    that shield has a lot of battles, incredible work, interesting website by the way, i will follow this because i forgot to keep a track on the topics if is only by memory lol
  19. Kainui's 3D Art

    I've been learning 3D modeling, animation, texturing, sculpting and more the past couple months and slowly getting better. I'm planning on eventually making assets for games but for now I'm mostly learning and playing around. If you have any ideas or concepts for me to make, feel free to just ask, might give me something to do. I might also end up posting screenshots of my progress here. Here is where all my models end up when they're complete: And here they are listed first to last corresponds to most recent to less recent (literally just finished one today, the other one is my first fully complete textured model made last week)
  20. Time Setting

    I was always wondering, What is the initial time setting in the game. I see that the time is literally "Waves of Time" but the question is what is the starting time?
  21. Quest Rewards!

    @FrickinDave the name is Tree of Savior, idk if you can play it in browser, is to download on Steam, sorry for the long wait on the response i was with no internet on september.
  22. I apologize about that last post for any who have seen it and taken it as me being kind of angry. I was just making a joke, I have a weird sense of humor. Just to be clear, I do not really mind whether or not I am a supporter or early supporter, so just ignore that post. Thank you :)

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      You're just fine dude. No worries.

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  23. Donations to the game

    that means when the game is in session you will receive your donations back as a premium in-game balance (pixels). at a rate of 50% more than the average player would be receiving from donating after the game is already in session. Donations before beta: 150% premium rate (50% more pixels) Donations after beta: 100% premium rate (regular percentage) Correct me if I'm wrong,
  24. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    that's some nutty progress llama! just in time for my winter sleep
  25. It says 150% toward premium if you donate what exactly does that mean like you get gems or pixels when the game starts?
  26. I'm a great guy trust me :D

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      I feel like there's a Trump joke somewhere

  27. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    Quick question. So i know how gamer in the early days had an alpha for the game before it was complete, is that what the beta will also be, im noticing a lot about the game can have stuff worked on after beta so is there a 3rd form of the game? I thought Fantasy Online was in beta form when it was shut down
  28. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    Yea, I was. It was getting complicated quickly and I ended up just setting it aside for now. I decided that it wasn't critical for a beta release and can be something that can be added on later. It was taking up too much of my time and I would rather focus on release level stuff for now.
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