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  2. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    I went ahead and joined the discord. It's been years since I got to play FO, I don't mind waiting more to get to see where this goes! FO made it worth it, honestly, it was a great game with a great community, hope to see it lively again one day.
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  4. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Ya its noice but its been 4 years and this hasn't been completed yet, the main dev is currently busy with life. Stick around though since its nice to have new people.
  5. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Man I miss fantasy online, was stumbling around looking for any remnants I could find and made my way here. Super excited to see the progress of this!
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  7. Might be no blog

    I'm closing this thread. If you got anything (relevant) to say, use the newest dev-blog post or the according sub-forum.
  8. Might be no blog

    Yea, don't worry I promise you it will be out before your 600000000000 years old. Just come back every month for updates and thats about it, don't stalk the website like I do since its a waste of time xD.
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  10. Might be no blog

    When I was waiting for this game, i was in middle school but in few months i will be in University and it doesn't released yet... so sad
  11. Might be no blog

    @torious Really shows how much of the initial 'hype' was just empty calories from boredom. Let the thread die alongside this weak sentiment.
  12. Might be no blog

    Jimmedy I don’t plan to play this game anymore even if it does come out. I grew up lol
  13. games free to play coop pixel graphics

    For the lazy: Have you played it, is it any good?
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  15. How do i play the game?

    I'm making a vow to come back to this thread and post the link when it's ready
  16. game still not released 4 years and counting gratz on the painstakingly long wait

  17. How do i play the game?

    Two year old memes are the best kind. Unless you're being serious. Read the thread.
  18. games free to play coop pixel graphics

    Just find out Stein.World its pretty similar to wavesoftime
  19. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    That is a pretty big update on the world map nice nice I like it looks very intriguing, I can't wait to explore it :3
  20. games free to play coop pixel graphics

    Lol Fantasy Tales Online hasn't been updated in 2 years; dead game and people actually still waste their time playing it.
  21. games free to play coop pixel graphics,,
  22. games free to play coop pixel graphics

    To be completely honest, I have searched far and wide for any game that is similar to RotMG, FO, and WoT and I have yet to find one that isn't strictly single player or that has not been abandoned by the community/developers. Someone could prove me wrong though Also, since this post is strictly not related to WoT but to other games, I would suggest posting this type of content in Community>General Discussion.
  23. i just dont know what to play, i need recomendations, if you can recomend me any game like sea of thieves or one similar to Waves of Time i really really would apreciate that.
  24. Release?

    Oh ok, thanks for the update I hope it will come out !!
  25. Release?

    sorry but not in a WHILE, i've waited 4 years and its barely done so I say check online like once a month for updates.
  26. Release?

    Hello I'm totally new to this game and forum, is the game available to be played ? Thanks
  27. Current game?

    "Dead Maze", "Closers", sometimes "Paladins" and "Spec Ops: The Line", and maybe an occasional race in "Heavy Metal Machines"
  28. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Great stuff as always, @Lighterthief! Can't wait to see more.
  29. Current game?

    Age of Wonders III, Crusader Kings II, Day of Infamy, Door Kickers, SWAT 4, osu! Stuff I can boot up when I feel like playing their respective genres. It's mostly osu and CK2. I have a dormant Dark Souls 2 playthrough that I was going to use to do architectural breakdowns of a few zones, but real life got in the way. I'll get back to it over the summer.
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