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  2. Can you please re-upload or let us download the file please??
  3. Hey Mind, Yeah it has been a while. Haven't been on in awhile unfortunately. I've been busy busy busy with school and work, however come summer I should be more free. Seems like the games been going a little slow lately, but I'm sure it will pick up sooner or later
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  5. good evening MiNdtRapPeR, things have been going good for me *though sometimes they sped up/slowed down* I'll be done with my AS in college in a few months. That aside I haven't looked at the Dev diaries in months, I'll take a peek and see what is going on, I do see a thread marked private, inside it is a Knights Templar thread and a test thread, I do not have permission to view what ever is in the KT thread though.
  6. Thank you So much very appreciated. This will at least give players and I sense of what else needs done. You can never give us a time because there are a lot of unknowns but i'm happy to see kinda of a check list.
  7. Not bad idea, I know how donation tiers were thought about recently. Maybe each donation banner changes for every tier. My question is do the Early Supporter Titles still kept?
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  10. z.z so bored theres nothing fun to do


  11. It's a pre-made plugin for the forums. I'm not sure it allows that much customization, but I'll see what offers. I try to avoid making changes to these built in plugins simply because I either A: can't get updates or it wipes out my code or B: it wipes out my changes when there is an update and I have to do the work again. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'm going to make a board in our project management stuff for website todos and add this.
  12. It's not that easy to create metrics like this. A percentage of completion is not completely accurate as to how much has been done or is left. As they say in programming: It is possible to not see anything moving along, but that doesn't mean work isn't being done. It means that something might take a little longer to complete. I will try to get something made up that gives at least a simple overview of what is being worked on and what is left to do, even if it is broad topics and a percentage through it using the management system. But keep in mind that this will take time to write a plugin up for the forums.
  13. Hey Everyone! @PlasmaMan150 @Wildtalon @Tementhy @GBSM @Gamer1111111 (sorry if I missed anyone) Been a long time for me and many other members here. How are you all doing? What do you think about the latest Dev updates for WoT? Also, do we have a conversation thread like we had in the previous website template/design or is this it? Because there are only 2 forum threads up there and one of them is marked as private and I am not able to see it. Not sure if this is the case with everyone else or not.
  14. Supporter is over $9000!
  15. Shiny pixel money bling bling dollar sign. $_$ I mean uh, yeah, nice idea.
  16. As said before in the past, this game will not be pay to win, it will consist mostly of cosmetics and convenience. The best gears you'll have to earn in-game. Anyways, Llama mentioned awhile back that at some point the game could be given a kickstarter where people support it financially with the promise of goodies in-game. You'd be surprised how well that system works for some games to get heavily funded quickly.
  17. Just a lil something, I recommend making the donation sign a little more flashy. Just so it catches peoples attention, just a thought.
  18. Idk how much effort it would be to do this considering how much time we want them diverting away from actually making the game. I'd suggest something very simple like a percentage bar of just the total completion of the game.
  19. Nice post, only things I have gripes with is 1/2. WoT is going to try and avoid any P2W, although something interesting could come out of that ranks idea and the recourse's could be conveniences. It'll be interesting to see what others have to say on this topic.
  20. So i know you guys are making a game for free right,you take up donations but you still don't ask for money.I would suggest some things when the game comes out because its super standard for every game developer,You put really hard work into the game,all the staff/people who are helping in this process deserve some bucks: Here are my suggestions: 1)Upon release of the game,always put game recourses to be purchaseable by using credit cards.This is the most common way devs make people to buy stuff i think its neccesary for almost every "serious" game 2)Offer completing. In order to get some resources you can put offer completings.Example:Watching videos for 15 seconds and so on. 3)Ranks? Buying ranks for as much as 2-5 dollars players can be eligible to get exclusive rare items,that could be a good idea...maybe? 4)Sponsors.Regular sponsors,there are plenty of sites that need promotion and you can use that money so you can promote your game aswell. Those were kinda my tips for money earning,I know its a weird topic to bring up but every dev blog i see how hard you guys work on the game.If anything you deserve the money,and thats the least thing players can do for you guys.Thank you!
  21. Wow this looks so nice , I like the Lore part of the game,a well written story always makes a game 10 times better,just take Undertale as an example,poor gameplay/graphics but the story is incredible. Keep up the good work mates!
  22. While I'm not talented at creating music I'd like to list some music that might inspire you artists. Here are the songs I love from games I'll never forget. Dragon Quest 8: Overture, Travelling With Wagon, Strange World ~ Marching Through the Fields, War Cry ~ Defeat the Enemy, Remembrances, Memories of an Ancient Ocean - [Travelling by Ship, Stalked by Fear, Heavenly Flight - [Travelling by the Godbird Soulstone], Sky, Ocean and Earth - [Ending Credits]. Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits: Offensive and defensive, 13 Sparks ~ Advancing Sky Monster, Moonlight, Twilight Of The Spirits - Ordeal music theme, Memory of the Stars. Final Fantasy 7: The Prelude, Opening - Bombing Mission, Anxious Heart, Tifa's Theme, Hurry, Let the Battles Begin, Fight On, Dear to the Heart, Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII, On That Day, 5 Years Ago, Electric de Chocobo, Lifestream, Open Your Heart, One Winged Angel. Final Fantasy 8: Liberi Fatali, Don't Be Afraid, Force Your Way, Eyes On Me, The Extreme. Xenogears: A Star's Tears, a Man's Sentiments, The Wind is Calling, Shevat of the Azure Sky. Radiata Stories: Legendary Sword, Evening Blooms, Night Memories, The Incarnation of Devil (Radiata Version), Those With and Without Humanity. Star Ocean Till the End of Time: The Dawn of Wisdom, Into the Undiscovered Ocean, Chrysanthemum in Winter, The Future of Blood-Stained Blade, Cutting Edge Of Notion. Rogue Galaxy: The Theme of Rogue Galaxy, The Crisis, Brave Heart, Shadow of the Sun, Planet Zerard, A Peaceful Moment, The King of Legend. Kingdom Hearts/2: Simple and Clean, Sanctuary, Dearly Beloved.
  23. Hopefully now that the team has a more structured management system something like this is possible. Understandably there's some anxiousness about having a scale set in stone, I think a gradual checklist is a good middle ground between keeping it loose and having a sort of development calender. No dates required, it's just nice to know what's left to be done. Afraid that there might be anger if progress is made public or the list is changed before release? There could be some disappointment, maybe, but after sticking around for so long I thinks as a community we've proven our loyalty. We want to see this done to the end.
  24. Hey there! I used to frequent this forum a ton a few months less than a year ago and I decided to check in. I was watching some Fantasy Online play through videos and got really nostalgic. I'm really sad its gone but hopeful for Waves of Time. I know that its been said its not a sequel to Fantasy Online and won't mimic it, but I was wondering how similar if at all it will be. For example will the graphics be similar/the same, will the world have the same open and nonlinear feel? Will there be events/level specific areas? Thank you so much, and have the best day ever. Peace
  25. About 3 years or so originally since it started around January 5th 2014 I believe on FO Legacy site. It would be kinda nice to have something like your idea. Maybe people would feel a little more at ease in seeing that so many other things have been taken care of. I know it has been discussed before but I still feel like with more people and resources WoT could be a lot further ahead. If only the project were in a position where it could receive more focus. I don't doubt that the playerbase wants a lot to come out of this game. It's not easy to word this without sounding impatient or like a jerk (which isn't my intention), I just think WoT deserves more and there must be some way, a better way to make things happen.
  26. maybe a tab with bars or a persentage (%) that show the progression of the different things that has been done, the things that are being done and the things to be done
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