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  2. Hey all! I don't come around often, but I think I'll be coming around more soon, so I just wanted to say hi to everyone, and I like asking people questions. So, if you feel like answering, What's your favorite color? Mine is Lime Green. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!

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  4. So supporter weekends, how often do those come around? Is there a schedule for them, or do I need to come check the forums every day?

    1. Terrazer


      last time we had one was august 2016 i think, no need to check back everyday, at least monthly for devblog and maybe supporter weekend

    2. Penguinocity777


      Oh okay, gotchya. Thanks for the help Terr!

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  6. I wrote MOSTLY.Doesnt mean you have to be 1 class within that element, it just means youre generally a little better at being a healer if youre water or a tank if youre earth.If there were no differences between elements, then whats even the point of it? Them avatar references though.It took me a while to realize that.
  7. not available, tba
  8. Hey guys, I just came here right after I heard about some Fantasy Online former staff developing a game similar to Fantasy Online (last year). I'v been looking for the game for weeks, and I wanted to ask if it's available somewhere. Is it? Where?
  9. the most streng you use to hit the water the more it will make resistance to the strike, i think the water can be a good tanker... still dont know what i will be but water element for sure (because i want to play with people's blood lol [evil mode: on])
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  11. i got a 1 day ban on roblox for talking about donald trump on the forums lol.

    1. fredonia


      nice new prof pic

  12. Don't think there should be role restrictions at all based on elements. If you want to be water and do crazy damage then you should be able to. If you want to be a healer and go pure fire then more power to you. Anyways I think originally they planned on giving you freedom within the elements so wouldn't worry about it. I'm gonna be the stereotypical fire damage anyways heh.
  13. theres no point in that tbh, if only fire can do damage than the rest are pretty much useless.They need to assign each element to Offense and Defense.
  14. hey development staff, As a gamedeveloper myself, i have great admiration for you guys. when i was younger i played the heck out of FO and jet again it's a shame that it's not online anymore :'( I love to see WoT coming out :3 Good luck to you guys!!
  15. For anyone wanting to play an FO-like game while this is being developed you should consider playing Aberoth its a free mmo on steam, its really casual and simple and fun. If u need any help im on the red realm I can help all new comers, just let me know in game if u see me (IGN: jaek) if you say "who" to the tavern owner u get a list of all ppl online.
  16. maybe only the ones that are from a special place given from a king or a high rank NPC, like the cape that gives you immunity against the guards (dont remember when is given to you) if you do bad stuff on assassins creed 2 they will be different from the achievement titles those will be a item like the rings but a medal like the ones that the soldiers have to show they did great stuff, they could give discounts (like the special discount cards from dino crisis 2 that if you buy them the prices go down), the speed up can be given from the air tribe, the mining from the earth tribe and magic dont know actually lol they should work on the domain of the place the high rank NPC rules so you will have to change it depending where you are to get the upgrades, i like this idea and i vote it up
  17. app

    On mobile the website still shows the chatbox on the bottom of the front page like it does on desktop. You can also go into the hamburger menu on the top right corner and there is a chatbox link that takes you to the chatbox page. As for the group chat, we do have guilds and they get their own private forum. I'll look to see if I can find some sort of way to add the chat to the guild pages for groups.
  18. Currently they are only random because I haven't written the code to allow people to choose one. But eventually I plan on making them like the banners you get here on the forum (early supporter, etc). Then you can pick what you want in game and it will be shown on the forums as well. And then there will be a screen that allows you to pick which one of your titles are shown. I'll have to decide later if I want to allow them to modify stats. I don't see a reason why not right now, but I haven't given it much thought in the whole grand scheme of things.
  19. I like the idea of actual medals. Perhaps we could have a separate medal slot instead of having it take up a neck/accessory slot? Should they expire or last forever?
  20. My suggestion is to have in-game titles be "medals" instead. What do I mean by that? I mean to have them be an equipment slot and have stats assigned to them. This is common in other games and I think it's a good addition, because it adds more meaningful choices and possibilities for your character. They could even have non-combat stats assigned to them (perhaps shouldn't be randomized though) Examples: << Philosopher >> + 15% Magic Damage + 5% Enchanting Success Rate << Canary Killer >> + 10% Mining Speed + 10 % High Tier Ore Chance << Olympian >> + 15% Movement Speed (Not In Combat) Of course the stats are just a placeholder example, but what do you guys think?
  21. Hey, Llama and staff? I have a question. Obviously I've been working on music for the hell of it, but when I was looking back at the "Music and Sound Effects" thread, I was wondering if you needed me to hunt down basic menu/HUD sound effects like button clicks or something of the sort? I had planned on going through and collecting things with Attribution licenses to help you guys out, but do you guys need them yet/at all?
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  23. Blizzard seems to be reshuffling their WoW staff after recent abysmal performance. Let's hope some good comes of it.

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    2. NickBuscus
    3. Numinex


      they don't care, because there is a lot of people playing that pay 10 dollars a month, multiply that by the amount of people that play the game, they make a pellet load of money.

      oh you should also check out the interesting roblox devs, they never listen to the community and always make pelletty updates gg. (not like i play roblox but i feel bad for them lol).

    4. fredonia


      It's not that WoW doesn't make money, it's that it's stagnant if not shrinking. Pressure was put on the devs to perform, and when they didn't they got sacked. Underperformance can possibly mean a lower budget, especially now that Blizzard has other cash cows. Every expansion sees a population spike, but drops exponentially afterwards. Blizzard can't brag about subscription numbers so they don't report them. All of this adds up to a potential death spiral, there is very much a reason for them to care. 

  24. i like the idea of create healing pots using items you found, i have a anecdote about a rol party of a long time ago, i used a hunter (that has the ability to create tramps, hunt and collect herbs) that the most important job was for search food or track down enemies, but i used to help almost all the time a friend that has the skill to create potions (it was a mage/scholar character, slow cast but really powerfull) to collect specific herbs to make medicines and strange magic stuff, it help us out many times and i remember that there was a random punishment if you drink a potion that he was not able to prepare correctly (usually we droped those but in a emergency there was no time to make another and it used to vary between healing less or get poisoned)
  25. In most RPG's you can use 1-use consumables like tents but only at save points. Would be cool to see some of your ideas implemented. In the future though, these type of threads should go under suggestions.
  26. Aye aye, captain!
  27. Also, mods, can you delete my other post?My phone (yes, phone) was fu**lng with me, and I somehow posted 2 times.Please delete the other one.
  28. Excuse my grammar please. Boss* Diversity to*
  29. I think there should be added some survival aspect to the game.Besides combat skills (swords, wands, bows, spells, etc.) to level, there should also be added something like a wildlife and survival skill.So, lets say youre in a dungeon and youre low on pots and other supplies.Usually you would either exit the dungeon, sit there for 5 mins and regen or try to get a pot to drop from a mob if you can.This would slow down progress of you or your party/group.So, survival skill would add tents, campfires, traps and other stuff.Tents would allow you to sleep, thus regening health and stamina/mana, campfires would allow you to cook food and regen faster.Also, being able to purchase a cooking pot or a pan to make more advanced food on the go would be cool too.If youre on a floor with a lot of mobs, you could place purchased or made traps for safety or to make a boos fight easier.To get more advanced tents, traps and being able to set up better campfires would require to level your survival skill.It would also add some misc. spells, like Remove Traps, Reveal Hidden Doors, Night Vision, etc.Now about wildlife, lets say youve set up a camp and half of your party/group is regening in tents or cooking food, setting traps, etc.You could buy a sickle and a bag of herbs, and go out to harvest herbs to brew pots.Also, harvesting berries, mushrooms, etc. for ingredients and food.You would also be able to chop trees, fish, and mine after leveling your wildlife and purchasing additional equipment (axe, pickaxe, etc.).Also, wildlife would let you avoid wild animals and even taming them at very high levels of this skill.To improve harvesting of food/herbs andand unlocking new items you could buy books, for example A Guide To Herbology, A List Of Edible Mushrooms or Edible Berries.At high levels you would get misc. spells like Pacify Animals, Find Herbs/Food, Camouflage, etc.This would add a lot of fun little things and some non combat related skill trees to level in the free time.Also, this would make game a lot more immersive and big boss fights in dungeons wouldnt be just pure fighting, you could set up camps for wounded to rest before or while the fight is going on.This in my opinion would add much more diversitycto the game and more options for new quests.Maybe when devs get the game up and running and start to run out of ideas, they could implement fun little things like these.
  30. app

    This website is long way from an app, it needs to have some developments first. If it was released it can potentially help but getting a forum for this is like killing 5 birds with one stone.
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