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  2. This thread is from a year ago, how deep are you in the forums?? The faction system could work well if it is properly implemented. It feels like one of those things that could be put into the game a while after its release.
  3. The grind is the best part The more players the better, it'll force you to upgrade the servers :3 And yeah, this game has one of the nicest communities I know of, it's pretty chill
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  5. making tiles....slowly


  6. Agreed. While some may find comfort in seeing their names on top of the charts, I'm all about having a nice troll in the guild chat.
  7. I say we build a wall around this game until we find out what's really going on. Oh, and this game will be grindy, obviously. With the very simple/casual persuasion to play, I'd predict that the dominating playerbase would match that. I personally can't wait to meet more normies like myself.
  8. Remember this might have a good chance, some people do not like these games with pixel graphics, many people these days are looking forward to good graphics like shooter games. Before we say whatever here are some things to think about 1. Why should the player continue to play this game? 2. Is this worth my time? 3. What will I get out of this
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  10. A game becoming popular because of how good it is, the art style, animations, and just everything will draw people in and sometimes they won't be the greatest additions to the playerbase. If you've played many mmorpg's you tend get used to this sort of thing and tune it out. I'll just say it's a good thing we have an ignore list. I imagined WoT would end up on Steam and possibly Kongregate at some point. It would be nice to get enough people contributing to its future so that Llama might be able to work on this full time. I didn't think they had a decent community even before that.
  11. The AQW system is ass though. Sandsea Reputation is the best example I can think of right now: There were only 3-4 non-daily quests that gave you Reputation points. They gave 150 points each aside from that one useless one that gave 50, which required at least 5 high HP monster kills (at the time, the Camels and Creepers had 4k health, which was like 2k above the curve). For reference, going from rank 8 to 9 requires 72900 points. Seventy-two thousand and nine hundred. The reward for getting to Rank 10 is an extremely underwhelming class, which was underpowered ever since release and has received zero buffs to this day. There are other Reputations that fall into this category of ridiculous grinding for mediocre rewards, such as Dwarfhold (no rewards past Rank 8, 100 Rep/Quest) and Horc (Only decent item is the underwhelming class which requires Rank 10). For WoT, I think factions should work similarly, but without being an absolute chore and basically mandatory for free players, like AQW factions. Make it a process, but not a war of attrition.
  12. I wonder if Llama and the other admins have any ideas on what they'd like to do in terms of browser game sites. I remember FO being on Kongregate, that's how I found it, but does that entail some of the lesser desired people? If so, how would you spread the word? A multiple-year project only for <5000 seems a bit of a small goal, but I also understand the sentiment in having a decent community. Interesting conundrum.
  13. Just keep it off steam and I think we will be good lol. I still remember when RotMG became playable on Steam...oh the cancer.
  14. While I would be proud if it did blow up, I kind of wish it wouldn't simply because the community is awesome the way it is now and I can only cringe at the thought of what it would be if there were several thousand more active players. But I guess that is inevitable.
  15. I've been making raps haha :P

    check them out if ya want




  16. Well said, this game is truly a work of art! It will sorta be up to the people to spread the word too although.
  17. I can't for the life of me find a Pixel-MMORPG that is actually good. Most people have an interest for the simplicity of Pixel-MMORPG's and the fact that there are not a lot of them out there gives this game a really good chance at being successful. I can already see this game blowing up shortly after release. Can't wait! Best part is, I can say that I was here from the beginning!(kinda)
  18. It's naturally I'm wondering, do other people  pronounce it as "ex-pee" or "experience points " in their heads? 

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    2. Mimies


      @Alo this is my favorite. But personally I waffle between ex-pee and experience like @kidokica

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      Just "experience" for me

    4. joppelarius


      that's a nutty thing to think about that late Mimies!

  19. But I'm givin' her all she's got cap'n...I don't think I could feed that appetite.
  20. Looking very solid! Keep up the good work!
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  22. Indeed, At the end of the month I usually loose hope until a new devblog comes up every here and there.
  23. To quote George Takei... "Oh, my!" Thanks for another awesome update, @iamallama, you give just enough to keep my appetite growing! ♥ Lovely lovely work.
  24. Good thinking I got mind blown when i read this.
  25. Hey anyone else noticed that the server leaderboard was set? Quite happy about it?

    1. Izzy



  26. Probably because the work Llama does for us is priceless.
  27. why don't we pool our moniez together so we can pay Llama a full wage so he can work at it all day lol
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