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    Dev Blog 77 - MAPS! Arr!

    We have lives, jobs and family outside of this game. This is our project to show how much we loved FO and the FO community. It isn't done. In fact, it isn't even playable or remotely complete in any way. If you ever played one of the open alpha weekends you would see that it is missing several key features. I do. And so do several people around here. Do I know that people would rather have me complete the game to a playable state, of course. But it is easy to burn out doing the boring stuff and sometimes that does happen. So spending some time doing the fun stuff, new things, is what I would rather do. It is my project and I'll do it how I want. I do. While I don't need them to be perfect, there is quite a lot that needs to go into a game like this. MONSTERS. Except that isn't true. First, command line? You want a text only version of the game? Second, while I'm sure the people here would be happy with what you describe at first, this is exactly the issue with early access games all the time. The game is broken and very incomplete, released early and it burns a ton of people. I do know at which point the game will be ready for public consumption and we are not there yet. But we do have to have some things in there more than what you describe or else you will just lose tons of players. I will admit, several things are. But not everything. Yes, we have. Part time. In our spare time. Many of us after working full time. So could I, if it were just a simple game. However an MMO is a completely different beast. With yourself? Please do. We will, once we have enough of the base engine in place to call it complete. It is all programming. Design or not. There is code behind it. Simple. A full time team of experienced developers getting paid for full time work. And? If you don't want to read about our progress, then don't. If you would prefer radio silence, it's easy to just go away. Spoken like someone who has never made a project larger than a calculator. I think this statement says a lot actually. You're still a student and think you know something about programming or managing a large project. Please do make something. I encourage it. And then make it exist in a persistent online world with potentially thousands of people playing and making changes. Now make it bug free and interesting enough that people want to play and stick around. Gotta learn sometime. But I assure you I'm not learning just now. I don't know everything. I'm actually horrible with shaders. Just not my thing. But I do know my way around Unity. Then go away and leave us in peace. This project is for me, not you. Don't get mad at something you can't control. There are other games out there. Go get mad at them and leave me alone.
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    Code Hey all. Sorry this is a little late. I've had a busy day and am extremely worn out. I've been working on building a nice computer desk from scratch all weekend and have tons of splinters to prove it. I finally finished it and am just waiting for some glue to dry overnight. I'm about to fall asleep so I'm going to keep this quick. I did a little work on the game quest system. Working on serializing the quest data server side to send status updates client side and doing a partial diff between the client/server to limit the amount of traffic being sent back and forth. Also, modified the way that player position is sent around so it updates with server more often. This helps with stuff like determining when the player is within proximity of an agro mob and getting them to lock onto the player. After that, I stopped working on the game specifically (still helps the game in the long run) and spent a lot of time evaluating some new asset I purchased that, if I can get working right, should give development a nice little jump ahead and solve several long standing issues we have been having. Here's hoping. For March, I will not have a ton of time to put forward. This next week at work we are having a user-conference for our software all week. But as the ones organizing it, that means I get the fun job of going in early and staying late with the rest of the team to keep it all going. After that I get my one and only week of actual normal work and then the following week I'm going out of town for vacation from the 18th-25th. I get back that Saturday and then I'm heading out on travel for work come Monday. So 3 out of 4 weeks this month I don't plan on having much spare time. What little time I do have, I plan on working with that new asset and it's documentation to see what I can do to get it working. If it works, I'll try to setup some time to play some time in April so you can all see the jump ahead. I essentially have to rebuild the game in Unity using a new framework, but most of that should just be drag and drop into a new scene and import over. -iamallama Art Hi guys, I've mostly been working on the new ebal tiles and the mob drafts based on Bambs descriptions. From left to right meet: Bandit Canyon Runner Cloud Piercer Sandshifter Bandits: Traditional Ebal bandits love using masks, makeup and generally horrific cosmetics to strike fear into their victims. Of course, a mask doesn't help much against a sword, spear or axe, but the intimidating sight of a pack of desert raiders clad in masks and robes gives even trained warriors some fright. Canyon Runners: Lupine predators that pose threats to travelers, these make their home in rocky burrows, cracks and canyons away from direct exposure, dragging their prey into the depths with them. Their furs almost blend into the brown or orange rocks they sneak against, making it hard to tell one is in the area. Canyon Runners were once taboo in Ebalin, but they are becoming accepted as sources of meat and hide by the newer generations. Cloud Piercers: Aptly named for their habits of flying up to high altitudes, these huge and colorful eagle-like reptilians can be as big as a fully grown human. They're hunted for the sake of safety; Cloud Piercers don't discriminate in who or what they're going to have for dinner, leading to attacks on Ebal livestock and pets, and more often than not, people. It can take up to three or four warriors to successfully take down a Cloud Piercer safely. Used in weapons, armor and for decorative purposes. Sandshifters:. Large worm-like mammals that thrive in loose, sandy environments where they can burrow, sense the vibrations of their prey and take them down from below. Used by the Ebal mostly for their skin and hides. My plan is to start animating these mobs in the coming month.
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    The hyperinflation of FO

    Hello! anyone here from Fantasy Online will remember that towards the end of the game, money became a useless thing and lost value as the game progressed. Extra credits just released a video discussing hyperinflation in mmos, so I figured I would post it here to let you know...hopefully find a way to prevent the same from happening in WOT.
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    and then the clonic zombies attacked

    and then the clonic zombies attacked
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    Fantasy Online

    Well that got off topic. Anyways, yea, not FO, new developer. Only moderator team from other game survived. The mod team also did the content for the other game so it will likely have that same awesomeness. We could make it something similar, but want to distance ourselves and make something unique. We all miss FO, flaws and all, but this isn't FO.
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    Currently listening to the FO music...so many memories. It makes me want to cry
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    Enemy battle dialogue

    The thought just came to me. Maybe the enemy could have dialogue, say stuff while we fight them. Not sure how it'd be implemented. I thought it would add more flavor to the game.
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    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    Oops, I posted that to the wrong topic. My fav dessert would definitely be ice cream. Probably Cherry Garcia B&J, but I'm also a fan of going to Baskin Robbins and getting whatever looks good. Also, there is definitely something magical about a Wendy's Frosty.
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    I very rarely see people on here anymore :/ Upvote this if you're still alive!
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    No. Let that game rest in peace finally.
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    The hyperinflation of FO

    At the same time you don't want to overwhelm players with a bunch of coin sinks that don't really make sense other than the fact they're designed to lower your gold count. Balance is all that really matters here, but I'm not too worried about this. It's always better to have too much gold than not enough. Premium currency will be king in the end as it's much more valuable. If you find your pockets overflowing in such a manner then perhaps it's time to donate some gear and stuff to your lessers, like Scrooge did when he changed his ways, 'Tis the season.
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    Way Back Machine is Cool (NOSTALGIA WARNING)

    making a engine is seriously difficult, its, incomprehensible. it would take years. now i do not know what engine they used to make fo, but a game engine deals with networking, audio, game object management systems, asset conditioning pipeline, memory management and bringing all the systems together to work in a multi-threaded environment.
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    Like if you're a windows user

    Like if you're a windows user
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    Enemy interactions

    If the new framework works out like I imagine it will, it should make having better AI actually a thing and easier to make.
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    I'm usually the one that makes up the titles, usually at like 1am, 5 minutes before releasing the devblog.
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    Money earning

    As said before in the past, this game will not be pay to win, it will consist mostly of cosmetics and convenience. The best gears you'll have to earn in-game. Anyways, Llama mentioned awhile back that at some point the game could be given a kickstarter where people support it financially with the promise of goodies in-game. You'd be surprised how well that system works for some games to get heavily funded quickly.
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    Forum Rules and Guidelines

    General Rules While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) nonsense posts, etc. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum, shoutbox and private message systems to spam other members. Please wait a reasonable amount of time before bumping posts. For style changes and general 'how-to' questions this should be 24 hours. For specific troubleshooting issues, use 12 hours as a guideline. We also do not allow posts or links to sites that violate community standards. The moderators shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community standards. We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice. Any post may be removed, edited, moved or closed for any reason. If you are going to post non-English on these forums, please also post an English Translation of your post. Posts arguing about policies are not allowed. Do not impersonate nor encourage impersonating others. Posts discussing moderator actions are also not allowed in public boards - please go to the Support board for this. While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal. We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to our forums are a privilege and not a right. Swearing Rule of thumb for swearing: "If you hear it on daytime television, it can fly." This means "damn", "crap" and various other swears we learn from the television at an early age are appropriate. "Ass" is starting to push it, and will be frowned upon. Anything worse will violate community standards. In addition to swearing, messages that are offensive or disruptive to other players are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: Removing letters, or using numbers or symbols in a word to disguise it Using race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, handicap or gender as a means of insult Using threatening, harassing, defamatory or hate related language Using sexually explicit, vulgar or profane language or abbreviations of such Providing links to websites that are pornographic, obscene or offensive without providing warnings beforehand Impersonating another player via chat Spamming or flooding the chat, shoutbox or forums with repetitive letters, words or messages Repetitive use of all capitals Flaming, trolling or provoking others to respond with "flames" Just because a word has a separate non-swear meaning does not mean you're free to use it. Mods have the final word on how they are used in context. Violation of these rules will result in a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban depending on the severity of the violation. Repeated violations regardless of the severity will result in a permanent ban.
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    Week 14 - Design Discussion - Classes

    Design Discussion - Classes The first thing you should know about classes, is that there are no classes. That's right, none. Instead, we have what I call the "skill slot system". Here's how it works: Your player character will have access to a number of skills. They can be either noncombat, such as Mining, or combat related such as Magic. These skills would be leveled by training the related activities, up to a maximum level of 100. These skills would fit in something called a skill slot, which, like its name implies, is a slot to fit skills in. However, here's the twist. Your character has only a limited number of skill slots. For the purposes of this example I will use the number 10, but that's just a number I pulled out of my head to give an example. This means out of all the available skills, you'd only be able to use 10 at a time. You can choose how the skills are distributed. If you want you can take 10 combat skills, 10 noncombat skills, or any sort of combination you want, like 7 combat, 3 noncombat. Your character will start out with a small amount of skill slots, and the number would gradually increase as you level up. What this means is that you have to choose what you focus on as a player. Your "class" is not hard coded, but rather determined by what skills you choose to have in your skill slots. Let me give you a few examples: If I wanted to be a general warrior type character, I might fill up my skill slots with defensive and physical combat skills, and perhaps a Smithing skill so I can make my own swords. If I wanted to be a fire mage, I would probably fill up my skill slots with skills that are magic and fire based. If I wanted to be a hybrid earth warrior/mage, I would pick half earth magic skills and half physical combat skills. This ensures that each character can be completely unique, and really fits what type of playstyle you want. It is even entirely possible to make a character with all noncombat skills, such as Smithing or Enchanting if you don't like combat. If you want to replace any skill with another, you lose all progress in that skill that you got rid of, or "trashed". This does a couple of things. It makes sure that people don't just swap "classes" all the time to fit the situation, say to cheese past a specific boss fight or to fight a specific player in pvp. It's a lot healthier for the game that way. It also adds a bit of realism, in the real world you don't see people change professions in the blink of an eye. It's difficult to change character builds, but not impossible, you just have to work harder to train up a new skill. You can also do things like start a new character with a different skillset, to see if you like it before trashing one of your skills to replace it with another. However, you will have access to a temporary skill slot or two for temporary changes, such as testing out a new skill or swapping things around, but you can't keep skills in there forever. A point I want to make is that skills have no effect on any stats directly. They will be used as parameters by the system for various things like quest requirements, determining if you can complete an action, or whether you can wield a weapon. This means if you have a level 100 Defense skill it won't gain you any extra stats directly over someone with 50 Defense. Now you may be thinking "What's the point of skills if they don't do anything directly?" That's where the second part of the class system comes in play: Abilities. Each skill has within it an ability tree. As you gain levels in the skill, you can put points in the ability tree of that skill. Now I realize "Skills" and "Abilities" sound very similar, so I will try to explain the difference between the two. "Skills" are things that you train and fit in skill slots. They level up as you do. They have no effect on anything stat wise, but are system parameters. "Abilities" are things that your character can do that affect the world around you directly, they can be passive or active. One example of a passive Defense ability could be Iron Skin, with the passive effect of +10% armor. The combat system is active time, so Abilities will be the things you use during combat, like Shattering Blow, Celestial Prayer, Group Heal, or Fireball. Basically, think along the lines of Lick your Wounds or Twilightning Bolt from FO, but with much greater varierty, and more complex effects (such as being AoE). Some examples of noncombat abilities could be Swift Feet(A passive 5% extra movespeed), Mining Expertise (10% faster mining speeds), etc. Another thing that the ability tree system allows is for even more unique characters. You could take the same 10 skills as another player, but focus in completely different areas in the ability tree of each skill, which will make your character quite different. There are some other small quirks in the class system I can't reveal yet as they tie into the storyline we have planned, but the interaction between skills and abilities make up the vast majority of it. Please let me know what you all think of it. I know it can be a bit confusing at first so feel free to ask questions. I'm also going to say this every week, but please post suggestions. Hopefully now that you know how classes will work, you can offer some better critique ("Skills are a stupid idea, Frozen.") or better tailored improvements to the system. In any case I'll be watching the suggestions section! Discussion: http://folegacy.boards.net/thread/479/week-14-design-discussion-classes
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    Thanks for liking my elephant

    Thanks for liking my elephant
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    Oh the good ol' days

    Hardcore gameplay of Fantasy online back in the day. I recommend you mute the volume since my taste in music was a bit... eh.
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    Nostalgia trip

    Remember how fun bosses were in FO, and how you kited for 5 hours straight while somebody did damage. Then there's me who had to practically solo every boss because there is literally nobody around when i need them to. There were so many highlights of FO and how good of a game it was. I really wish I spent more time on it than I did, sadly neglected such a good game. This time, I won't waste this opportunity to play a great game, and hopefully I won't miss out on all the new stuff.
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    Market Snipes/Bots

    _..--""-. .-""--.._ _.-' \ __...----...__ / '-._ .' .:::...,' ',...:::. '. ( .'``'''::; ;::'''``'. ) \ '-) (-' / \ / \ / \ .'.-. .-.'. / \ | \0| |0/ | / | \ | .-==-. | / | \ `/`; ;`\` / '.._ (_ | .-==-. | _) _..' `"`"-`/ `/' '\` \`-"`"` / /`; .==. ;`\ \ .---./_/ \ .==. / \ \ / '. `-.__) | `" | =(`-. '==. ; \ '. `-. / \_:_) `"--.....-'
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    Similarites between FO and WOT

    Hey there! I used to frequent this forum a ton a few months less than a year ago and I decided to check in. I was watching some Fantasy Online play through videos and got really nostalgic. I'm really sad its gone but hopeful for Waves of Time. I know that its been said its not a sequel to Fantasy Online and won't mimic it, but I was wondering how similar if at all it will be. For example will the graphics be similar/the same, will the world have the same open and nonlinear feel? Will there be events/level specific areas? Thank you so much, and have the best day ever. Peace
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    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    My grandmother did rhubarb pie too! It's been 30 years and I can still remember that sour tartness.
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    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    not sure how it actually translate into english, but what i really love is either a moelleux au chocolat (soft chocolate/chocolate cake?) or a fondant au chocolat on a plate with custard: didnt have a dessert like that for years tho, nor any actually...
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    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    Empirically I guess it'd be wine. But, in the spirit of the question... I'll say vanilla ice cream.
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    Enemy battle dialogue

    Speech bubbles with the damage markers? "Oww, you hit me in the knee!" "Watch where you're swinging that thing?"
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    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    Thanks for crediting me My favorite dessert would have to be chocolate crinkle cookies, I've eaten them since I was a little kid but more seldom now that I'm not eating as much sweets. Naturally I make mine. Ice cream milkshakes for a close second. My favorite flavor would have to be between red raspberry sherbet, grape sherbet, and mint.
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    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    https://wavesoftime.com/search/?type=core_members&sortby=pp_reputation_points&sortdirection=desc&page=1 You can sort by reputation when looking at the members list. Top right corner of the list there is a "sort by" button.
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    Enemy interactions

    Hello, I've read devblog 81 and I seen the bandits and other creatures. Well it came to my thought to suggest NPC interactions; Well im guessing the "bandit" enemy is somewhat human from body structure and description. I'm pretty sure the worms do like the taste of them too. It would be cool if the bandits have small clashes here and there; maybe the bandit can pay you to help kill off the worms.
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    2017th Post

    The id in the URL is just a one up number (that likely also includes deleted and hidden forums). So that would make this #2469.
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    That's usually my breakfast, with coffee of course. I like the titles though. Ah, and that's my lunch and dinner. You guys must be watching me eat or something. I know, my diet is really weird. As for the devblog, not sure what to say anymore. Good work and stuff.
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    Speak for yourself. I appreciate a good pun
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    Might have to mix in a side of keep going.
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    Enemy interactions

    Love this idea. You know what they say, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".
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    For the 3 people that acknowledge the existence of my music, I'm sorry D: I'm not ready for now. But this stuff is insane. 74, 34, 44, 78, 72, 26. Be weary.
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    s Me to, I woke up this morning with a bad day until I saw this.
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    Wow, its been maybe a year or two since i hopped on the forums for Llama quest, or well i guess its Waves of Time now, either way, glad to see the game coming along nicely
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    Devblog 80: Managing time

    Red pills or blue pills? You are the one.
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    looking at my old posts makes me want to self harm

    We get closer and closer every week!
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    looking at my old posts makes me want to self harm

    Closer but not as close as we'd like.
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    *Thumbs up*

    *Thumbs up*
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    The hyperinflation of FO

    That's the way these things always happen. It was hard to get that one piece out of a box. Not even with my hacking could I make it easier (though I would usually just dupe a box and then open it over and over till I got what I wanted). Sometimes it was just easier to suck it up and spend the extra money on day 1. This is especially true for things like boxes and especially considering that for a while no one knew the droprates for the items. So everything went up for the highest price until the market flooded with the more common stuff.
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    The hyperinflation of FO

    Standard travel, trade and crafting fees talked about here before can actually do wonders if you can capably plan player traffic. Ditch the themepark design philosophy permeating the genre today (think about how many reasons you had to go back to Mirabella Cove in late FO) and strategically set up a tollway, you can easily have a consistent coinsink covering more demographics of the player population. Quest given is for stuff outside town? Player payed gate fee to enter originally, leaves, pays to get back in to turn in quest. Guild meetup? Only NPC in the game that can do X? Special town event? Rinse and repeat. Keep having reasons for players to both leave and come back and you keep having your coinsink. Resist the urge to sell premium teleports for a quick buck and you'll be drawing a lot more revenue from 3 unique towns than from 5 identical ones that players will never set foot in every ten levels. You're also motivated to practice good design in making meaningful, wholesome zones instead of one-shot backdrops. (This also synchronizes with the zone-oriented guild warfare I proposed here in the form of reduced fees). Crafting tiers should also be scaling with the player as a noticeable amount, more emphasized and component based. This would be much harder to get on the first try, though, and require some tweaking. I don't remember FO being nearly as substantial on this.
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    Knights Templar

    can i be the guild youtuber? or at least the guild video editer?
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    Helpful links

    New to WoT? Check out some links to quickly get into our community! Rules: https://wavesoftime.c...and-guidelines/ - Forum rules and guidelines https://wavesoftime.c...tion=boardrules - Shoutbox rules and guidelines https://wavesoftime.c.../privacypolicy/ - Privacy Policy Forum help: https://wavesoftime.c...default-avatar/ - How to change your avatar https://wavesoftime.c...nagement-guide/ - Guild management guide Game info: https://wavesoftime.c...ussion-classes/ - Skill system (Old version, but the basic concept stays the same, so I recommend reading that one first) https://wavesoftime.c...ian-revolution/ - Skill system (Newer version) https://wavesoftime.c...on-of-elements/ - Elemental system For suggesters: https://wavesoftime.c...tion=rules&f=24 - Suggestion rules and guidelines https://wavesoftime.c...been-suggested/ - All currently suggested suggestions https://wavesoftime.c...s-hall-of-fame/ - All suggestions that made it into the game https://wavesoftime.c...ll-suggestions/ - Suggestions on skills https://wavesoftime.c...at-suggestions/ - Suggestions on non-PVP combat https://wavesoftime.c...vp-suggestions/ - Suggestions on PVP https://wavesoftime.c...ld-suggestions/ - Suggestions on guilds Questions: https://wavesoftime.c...and-guidelines/ - Question rules and guidelines https://wavesoftime.c...s/topic/40-faq/ - Frequently Asked Questions Testing: https://wavesoftime.com/forums/forms/ - Sign up for alpha (alpha signups is closed due to overwhelming signups and lack of available slots. -iamallama) Art: https://wavesoftime.com/forums/topic/163-sign-up-beta-art/?p=855 - Sign up for Beta-art This is not the final version of this thread and it will be changed as new guides are added. If you feel like a link is missing, feel free to suggest links in the comments or directly add them if you're a Wiki Manager.
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    I'mmmm backkkkkkk!

    I'mmmm backkkkkkk!