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    Devblog 84: A day late...

    Code So I'm a day late with the devblog. It wasn't for a lack of trying. I was actually working last night for a couple hours trying to take a gif to show off all the juicy UI stuff that was finished. And by finished, I mean it is pretty much finished (the UI work that is). There are two UI elements that aren't done. One is a menu that is going away and the second is the Pixel Shop (premium store). And that one is because I haven't got an idea how I'm going to do the shop yet so it is on hold. And since I did mention a gif, here it is. Well it was large so here is the gifv instead: http://i.imgur.com/x1olrM0.gifv You can see tons of UI stuff was done and since I know you all like lists, here is a list of everything that I did (that I actually logged): Skin the player/select card. Converted server to using MySQL. Framework by default uses SQLite. Make so only initial attacker can attack mob. Framework by default was a free for all. Make so only initial attacker can loot mob. Framework by default was a free for all. Fix issue with mob losing target. Framework by default someone else could walk up to mob and it would switch target. Damage Text for attacking. Still need to change a little and add a gradient. Bland white text for now. Add back in hold mouse to keep moving. Add name to Player/Monster/NPC. Add health bar overhead to Player/Monster. Skin crafting window. Skin trade window. Setup side panel guild tab. Setup side panel skills tab. Setup side panel quests tab. Skin NPC dialogs. (Ignore all the buttons in gif. NPCs at most will have 2. Testing has all.) Greeting Quests Shop Guild Got NPC shops working. Got quests working. Fix so selection indicator is separate from move indicator. Framework by default they were same meaning it would appear you deselected your target when you moved. Added trade chat Added guild chat And here is another awesome list of stuff that I have left to do: Get login system working with forums. Get a webgl build of game working. Fix issue with repeating attacks for after cooldown. Framework by default won't attack again if there is a cooldown (vs just attack time). Fix healing in combat. Framework by default has you healing always. Need to disable when in combat. Pixel shop. This is one of two UI things left to do because I need to design it. Design and skin the premium pixel shop Add tabs for showing off deals and shop items. PVP Zones. Framework by default has no zones and whole world is pvp/pk. But there is a "murder" system where you get flagged as "murderer" after killing someone. Others can then kill you without setting "murderer" flag. And here is a final list. This one is stuff that still needs to be done, some important and some not. But it is essentially all stuff that the framework I'm using doesn't have already built in. They are in a separate list because they are each a lot of work. Party system. Framework doesn't have one yet. Harvesting system. Framework doesn't have one yet. Friends List. Framework doesn't have one yet. Bank/Warehouse. Framework doesn't have one yet. Mail System. Framework doesn't have one yet. Admin commands. Framework doesn't have any. Need to add a bunch for assistance and fun. Logging. Framework doesn't log much. Some stuff goes to Unity log. Would prefer stuff to go into database to be queried. The last two lists are all stuff that still needs to be done by me. Not counting content. But it isn't what I'll be working on this next month. This next month I'll be getting stuff ready for a supporter weekend. Which leads me to... Supporter Weekend That's right. It's that time again. This time it will be the beginning of July. As in 01-July-2017. I will be working all month trying to get things ready, adding some new stuff and generally mess things up or shoot down perfectly valid ideas. Fun stuff like that. As of now, I'm thinking that Saturday, 01-July I'll be opening to supporters sometime in the morning. Then Monday, 03-July open it to all until Wednesday when it all comes falling down. Looking forward to it! -iamallama
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    Code So last month was a supporter weekend (SW). I hope you enjoyed it. I kind of ran myself into the ground for the week prior trying to get ready. So much so that it took another week after that to get back into the swing of things. So after everything SW died down the first thing I worked on was getting the bugs from the SW fixed: Loot bags now go away after being looted (and won't show if there is no loot, well maybe they will but quickly go away). Loot bags don't show on the minimap like the monster does. Fixed the issue with monster focus being set on aggro. It is now set on first hit. Some issues are still outstanding: When you create a new character, on the character select screen the second and later characters are stuck with the default look. I haven't look at this one because really, it's not that important as long as the character looks fine in game. Some mobs spawn far away from their actual spawn location and then walk to their actual spawn. I actually thought I fixed this one. Turns out I didn't. It actually just dawned on my what it might be so I'll have to check it out. Unable to login when using google plus (and other) SSO login on forums. I still need to research how it would be possible to make this work. Or maybe just assign these people a password to use (which for some reason can't be done within the forum software...?!?!?). The issue lies with how the SSO works. When you visit a site with SSO, your browser sends over a cookie value. The server can use this to validate the SSO login. In the game, I don't have access to the browser. So while I could set a cookie to go with the login request, I can't access the browser's cookie. So I need some way to get that value out of the browser. I'm not sure how this would work. After messing around with the SW stuff, I started working on some new features: Added global chat. Yes, there wasn't one previously. It was always a local chat that had a wide local range. If two people stood in opposite corners they wouldn't be able to speak to each other. Rewrote the element attributes. They sort of did exist before, but they couldn't do anything. But I rewrote the code for it and while I haven't set them to modify any stats, they actually have the ability to do so and quite easily (like drag a slider or check a box easy). I still don't know if/how the element attributes will affect the characters main stats or whether they are just going to be used for determining what skills you can use and have passive stats to affect your character (or similar). I spent the last few days and several hours working on room instances. This is a little more advanced. I found myself reading some of the Unity networking source code. There is a "proximity checker" script that disables monsters, npcs and other players that aren't close to you (you don't need movement updates for someone miles away). But I noticed that works by creating a list of "observers" within a range around your character. With an extra check to see if you are in an instanced room, I could limit the other things you see around you to stuff that was in the same instance as you regardless of proximity. I did a quick test and it seemed to work. Now I'm working on making it a full blown feature. This is hours upon hours of work so far, dealing with complex networking of monsters to players and more. I'm tired tonight. So what's next? Well, I hope to have the room instances done by this next weekend. However there is actually quite a lot of work to do and enge cases to consider (What happens when someone logs out while in an instance? Can someone teleport out of an instance?...etc) and they all need to work. Then I can start working on the first instance, the starting area/tutorial. And yes, when I'm done with it I will make it optional once you have a character that went through it. That will honestly take up most of my time for the month. I don't imagine I would have time for anything else, but if I do I'll start looking at adding new features like groups (which also could to work with instanced rooms, and what happens when someone leaves a group in an instance? more edge cases) and things like that. I can't commit to another SW as of now, but I do want another soon. So maybe next month or the month after. Hopefully we can test out the instance stuff and see how that works. -iamallama Edit: I forgot to add that there is an update to the forum software. This update has a major new feature that I'm afraid will conflict with the guild groups. I'm going to hold off updating the software for 2 weeks. Between now and then, if you want to keep any of your guild posts or information, be sure to copy it to somewhere local to you. When I do the update, I'll be turning off the guild groups and doing some work testing. I'll try to restore them but don't be surprised if they get lost. I'll make a backup of everything beforehand so I can restore, but I don't want to be having to manually dig out every guild's posts so please copy what you can beforehand.
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    Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    Edit: It's over. Thanks for joining us. Be sure to subscribe to this forum to get a notification when we have news or updates. It's here! It's here! Can you believe it? Well almost. The server will be opening itself for supporters at 8 am PST. So as of writing this, a few more hours left. Everyone else will be able to join on Monday at 8 am PST. Here is the client for download: [redacted] I'll try to get some additional platforms working later today, but as of now there is only windows available. Mostly because I don't have a mac system that I can test stuff like the updater on. Feel free to take pictures/videos/whatever and share them. Post bugs you find here in this thread or send me a PM. I'll be trying to add a few things over the next days so this isn't all of it. It's just already 215am here and I've been staying up late every night this week trying to get this all working. I'm tired for tonight.
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    What Drives Us?

    Either way though, we do have an awesome community and I hope to foster that. I know that Gamer had a few people that seemed to push him around to use their payments as a way to get what they wanted. You guys might not have seen this as much as I was a moderator, but it did happen. I personally have no issue banning those twats for not following the rules. We are trying to make something fun, but that isn't easy as "fun" is subjective and you can't please everyone. So my goal is to just make something that I enjoy and would like to play. I don't know if we will go that much into the depth of "do I care about this npc" or "why am I killing X mob". There just has to be some understanding that you are good, they are bad and that's just the way it is (fun fact, someone actually wrote a book based off the lord of the rings world from the point of view of Mordor where the LOTR books were just propaganda by the victors of the war and many main characters were war mongers trying to invade their land). If someone is interested enough in the story, we do have some plot points that should be fun and allow you to connect with the main character. But I feel that most will just want to get past and get to playing.
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    Damn that was quick...
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    If the grind is enjoyable enough in this then I'm taking a dungeon vacation. Might not be heard from again. I shall become one with the dungeon.
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    you will say "this is unbalanced" but the bad guys have armys of monsters, robots and zombies, so i think is going well
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    I always liked the plain tshirts. Gamer missed an opportunity with those to make it something like buy a tshirt in real life, simple plain tee with a logo and get a version of that shirt in game. I'll likely find a way to add them to the game regardless.
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    Devblog 85: The one after that thing that happened

    Looking forward to testing out the first instance-based dungeon (whenever that may be) and checking out elements. Wondering if the dungeons will be like tears in time (rifts) that take you to a different period in time and are themed a certain way, making each dungeon unique. With really good care this could be huge.
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    profile question

    Best I can find is this: https://wavesoftime.com/followed/?type=core_member&change_section=1 Top right corner click on your name Manage Followed Content Bottom left menu click "Members"
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    Hulk and the copyright

    Yea, copyright if we offered or suggested it. However as said above, if we just allowed people to pick their skin color and pants color, there likely wouldn't be an issue as we can't be held liable for user created content. And there is a difference between user created content (as in you put different unrelated things together to create something) and what FO did which was promote complete outfits that used a copyright character, user submitted or not. Not saying we will do this, but it is possible.
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    Training skills and the relation of Food.

    Kudos to jjthejj and Joseph for the building of this concept. http://llama-quest.com/forums/topic/1481-loaf-of-bread-cooking-consumables/ Training skills is such a tedious task that requires much focus and grinding. To further add to the complexity of the game and the use of food, would be the connection of food to training skills. In order for one to train and become physically and mentally stronger at something requires fueling yourself with the proper sustenance. With this said, in order to train in a certain skill, would require you to eat food in conjunction with the proper traning. Let's use an example: Countpain has level his finally leveled his melee combat to 16. In order to procede with the level up, Countpain will need to eat 100 points of food. Some food values are higher than others. Candy 5 points. Apple 8 points. Bread 10 points. Pizza 100 points. A possible idea for buying food is from Merchants, monster drops, Premium packages, Gifts. This could be a revenue builder for the game creators also as there are premium foods or packs you can create for this. It's worth some consideration. C'est la vie!
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    Strong in the real way

    Strong in the real way
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    Moving Guild Post

    The permissions for who can do what in a guild should be set by the guild leader. And there should be by default a public and private forum (guild leaders can add/remove/modify their own forums, but that is the default) where the public one can be seen by everyone and private by only members. If you want to move a post from one guild forum to another, you should be able to just go to the topic listing, check the checkbox on the right side next to the thread(s) you want to move and that brings up a menu on the bottom of the screen. There should be a move button (arrow pointing right). Click that and it asks you where you want to move it to. Select the new forum and click "Move".
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    Hide Gear Option

    Nothing planned as of yet. If we do, it will likely be a nude outfit item like FO was.
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    Training skills and the relation of Food.

    heck no. I hated that.
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    Devblog 85: The one after that thing that happened

    This shall be useful for later, @iamallama
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    It's not out yet. Everyone once in a while there are supporter weekends and then there are times when everyone can play.
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    Any programmer nerds know of any good resources for learning python/ if that a good (Big) language to first learn, I dabbled in GML for a bit and I seem to have the basic of If/else/variables/ not really loops and arrays yet. Game Maker Language (GML) is the primary interpreted scripting language used in GameMaker, which is usually significantly slower than compiled languages such as C++ or Delphi. Thanks for anyone who answers! -DKY
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    Hello when will be llama quest released and will it have the controls same as FO ?
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    Release date is uncertain as of right now as far as I have heard. The game is still very incomplete and will be worked on by the dedicated staff. The control scheme at the moment can most likely be anticipated to be your simple point and click combat with number/symbol keys for skills. The specifics for controls I can't say because I don't think there is a confirmed one yet considering the game is very incomplete. There might be key bindings if the staff decides to add it.
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    I'm not willing to do this anymore, but I think the article section will be back for the wiki anyway? (if it's still a thing)
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    @Terrazer do we need a new article section? Not sure if you are still wanting to do updates but I'm sure we can work something out if you need a space.
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    Loot Questions

    Wondering if loot (gold, gear, and other goodies) will be harder to come by than most mmorpg's? For example the first enemy you fight (maybe it's a rat) only drops 1-3 gold at most and a low chance at some low level gear. Remember that's only an example lol, not to be taken like it's from the mmorpg bible. Also what will be considered a lot of gold? Personally, I feel that it's funner grinding awhile before you're able to make/buy/obtain that next piece of legendary gear. If you get stuff without much effort then it's kinda boring and doesn't feel rewarding or accomplishing.
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    i wonder if can be considered a "betrayal to the motherland" if i say that i hate the laws of my country i will never unsderstand how they can leave the murderers go free just because they are "sick" for consuming drugs... they are no "sick", they totally know what they are doing and they dont care if they take the life of 1 or 100 persons because there is no punishment for them, even more, i will say that they kill for fun, i stop seeing the news because there is always a video of people being shot and leaved to die for no reason, they didn't even try to take something from them or at least check if they have something funk mankind and the human rights created to protect those soulless beasts that only consume the future of everything else... incredible how people still want to have childs on this society the laws exist because mankind don't care about nothing, and this things happen when there is no law. damn human nature
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    Forum username vs IG username

    I'm going to eventually try to tie the two together. Like when you create a guild in game it creates a guild on forum. That and likely disable the create-a-guild on forum or go both ways and have it create a guild in game too. Not sure yet which direction would be easiest. There will actually be some changes soon to the forum guilds. Not sure what they will be. There is an update to the forum software as of a few days ago and apparently it includes it's own built in "clubs" feature. We are currently using a 3rd party plugin for the forum to manage that. But if the forum software gets it's own official implementation, we'll probably go with that. So I'll need to test it and see how it compares and what changes there are. In the next devblog I'll likely announce when I plan on doing the upgrade and to tell people to be sure to backup their threads/data that they want to keep. Each character name is unique game wide. So you can't have two accounts with the same character name. I know I said before all your characters would use the same name, your account name, but the new framework doesn't do it like that and I'm not sure if it is worth the time to redesign it to.
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    Well I was thinking of having a different approach to the market unlike FO casual market. I was interested in different shops with different atmospheres; would be cool do have bazaars in like the desert that sell unusual items that can only be found in that specific area. Also maybe have a different trade system with the NPC such as turn in X amount of items to receive this item. Many items could be traded at once to receive one item with greater gratitude. Of course the item that will be traded cannot be sold on the market or bought from the market for this idea will have no point. Now back to the trading, obviously you do not get 1 to 1 ratio with the trade. It will be 1.5 to 1 ratio so it makes the person work more for an item. Also trading will be beneficial since maybe something called NPC reputation which allows the player to have reputation with NPC's. Trading with the bazaar people will allow new quests to be unlocked so it encourages the player to make trades.
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    i just saw a video talking about communities of all games, the video talks about how the community is one of the importants things in games and how a bad community can destroy a game (just see almost all of the competitive games) i want to say something to all the community of WoT, be respectful with all the people, help each other and have fun. If someone needs help, help him. The good thing about WoT community is that its great, so i want all the community to know, keep doing what you are doing, being respectful and helping each other, if we all do that this game will be one of the best games.
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    "Waves of Time settles down as another pre-alpha weekend comes to an end, while the odd players stay connected and wait patiently in the background for the next Devblog to be released and spark the community once again..." *Narrator voice*
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    Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    No such thing as too much fruit, right?
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    Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    iamallama to the rescue for mac and linux users, here is a linux version (https://wavesoftime.com/updates/windows/wot-linux.zip) and a mac version (https://wavesoftime.com/updates/windows/wot.app.zip) ripped from discord server, you should really join it if u havent https://discord.gg/pVvasTh
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    how does it feel

    how does it feel
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    Human enemies

    Those characters above are NPCs, not monsters. And I don't remember reading/saying anything about having clothes that mean you don't get attacked by an aggro mob, but i do kind of like the idea. Currently aggro is just a checkbox so I would need to make it a lookup function to compare the player. Not ideal, but it can be done. As far as having monsters that look like the player, I think there needs to be some separation, but I don't mind them being similar.
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    FO Source Code

    Pixelated Games (Gamer) owns the rights, and thus, the source code. Unless a handful of mods were passed stock or something PG to my knowledge is entirely a one-man thing. He seemed pretty intent on not wanting to sell/give it away. If I fancied a guess I'd say it was more of a life decision than a financial one, and you'd have a hard time convincing a person to go back on decisions like that.
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    Someone else took the username "King" but in all caps \
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    Happy Birthday Defalt!

    Happy Birthday Defalt!
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    Pets! Pets! Pets!

    Nice readable recap! I see a third option : Raisable pets They have an "affinity" variable that goes from 0 to 100. You feed them and wander around with them to grow affection, or neglect them to lower it. The result is displayed as hearts and standardised flavor-text. Examples : Tamagotchi, Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow. 100% affinity are made shown on the profile. Does nothing. It's just for bragging rights and user investment.