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  1. While I would be proud if it did blow up, I kind of wish it wouldn't simply because the community is awesome the way it is now and I can only cringe at the thought of what it would be if there were several thousand more active players. But I guess that is inevitable.
  2. But I'm givin' her all she's got cap'n...I don't think I could feed that appetite.
  3. You must not have seen some of the stuff I did then. I'm fine with things being fun and quirky, but I don't care for large emoji heads or stupid things like that. I would rather find stuff that is less crazy and fits the theme a little better with proper shading and stuff.
  4. I think it helps foster a community when you have their input as well. This is why I want the suggestion forums and things like that to exist. I have no problems with people doing things like writing quests or drawing mobs/clothing. Just remember that FO near the end did get a little crazy with all the odd crap people were making and IMO less enjoyable. I did enjoy having my spaceship to float around in though. WoT will have a higher standard for work done, especially in the art department. And I know LT isn't looking forward to spending days on end correcting or re-drawing something that someone wants.
  5. Either way though, we do have an awesome community and I hope to foster that. I know that Gamer had a few people that seemed to push him around to use their payments as a way to get what they wanted. You guys might not have seen this as much as I was a moderator, but it did happen. I personally have no issue banning those twats for not following the rules. We are trying to make something fun, but that isn't easy as "fun" is subjective and you can't please everyone. So my goal is to just make something that I enjoy and would like to play. I don't know if we will go that much into the depth of "do I care about this npc" or "why am I killing X mob". There just has to be some understanding that you are good, they are bad and that's just the way it is (fun fact, someone actually wrote a book based off the lord of the rings world from the point of view of Mordor where the LOTR books were just propaganda by the victors of the war and many main characters were war mongers trying to invade their land). If someone is interested enough in the story, we do have some plot points that should be fun and allow you to connect with the main character. But I feel that most will just want to get past and get to playing.
  6. Pretty much that. Though it is worth saying that a supporter weekend is usually opened up to all members on the last day or so. Supporters just get a few days to play around. And the reason they are so few and far between is because for the most part, while the game is being worked on, it is in some sort of a completely broken state that needs to be fixed before even I can build and test it. Plus, I'm a big believer that people form an early opinion of something that that sticks with them forever. I could likely manage something playable with about a days notice or even drop it on early access and make it a point to keep a playable build running at all times. But I think that would sour many peoples opinion and they would essentially be lost forever.
  7. Most likely not. This is just a simple tester zone that I have been using for everything. While we have been working on an overworld map, that doesn't translate directly into individual area maps. We could throw some stuff together, but it would really just be something made quick and not in any way the final map for the game. This is the result of the framework. Unity separates different "levels" by what is called scenes. The framework, due to the way unity networking works, needs to run all in one scene. Previously I was using a separate scene to handle the login, character select and the main game. This is no longer possible. So I have made the best of it and rebuilt the login and character select. One interesting note though, if you notice in the beginning in top left of the map the "blacksmith" npc is not there and once I click "server & play" he appears. It is at that point that the "login" happens. After that you are getting updates from the server on what is going on around the world. Meaning that while in the character select screen you would actually get an overview of the map and be able to see players and mobs running around down below. I plan on in the future picking a random place to put the camera when starting up so that you see somewhere different with stuff going on in the background. Ideally though it wouldn't be a major hub because last thing people want is lag on the character select screen because you are getting updates from 100+ people standing around.
  8. Code Sorry for the delay of today's devblog, but it's better late than never. It's been a productive month. I have been working furiously towards getting the UI stuff done. Here is the list of completed stuff: Got the equipment and inventory tab done. Actually I just broke the equipment character preview and too tired to fix it for tonight. But it was working. Got the quests tab done. I would still like to have a "tracking" section for quests so you don't need the side panel open to see the most relevant quests you are working on. Got the half of the skills tab done. Well, the skills part is done, but the "stats" section needs to be added. Switched over the default framework stats switched from the standard strength/intelligence to what we are using. Still need to test this and use the stats somewhere (no where using them yet). Got the guild tab working. Lists members, leader, member count and ability to leave guild. This is currently not implemented with the same guilds as forums, but eventually will be. Got the login status panel working and skinned (looks different now). Got the character select working and skinned (looks different now). Got the NPC store working, still need to be skinned. Stuff left to do for this next month Unfortunately there is still more UI to be done. Mostly NPC dialog stuff, some other initial NPC dialog skinned. NPC shops skinned. NPC quest dialog skinned. NPC guild management dialog skinned. Player trade dialog skinned and tested. Player/mob/npc select card needs reworked and skinned. After those UI things, I need to get crafting working (already in framework, need to skin and test). And need to get the pixel market in place (once again, already in framework, need to skin and test). Skill/hotkey bar needs modified, skinned and tested. And I still need to rework the login system to work with the forums and/or any site we list the game on. Here is a gif I shot showing what the current state is (warning, I didn't embed because of large gif, here is the gifv version): http://i.imgur.com/t87UzKI.gifv And lastly, I would like to say thanks for everyone that is still hanging around. I know it's been a long time, but there has also been a lot of work. I would like to have another supporter weekend soon, but I don't want to commit to a date yet because I don't know when some stuff (specifically login related) will be done. I'm saving up some time off from work so I can take a few days to just focus on the game. Hopefully that works out and I'll do it then. -iamallama Art LT has been working on another project and so he has been busy for the last month or two. For us, he did some tile work as you can see here: And last month he had done some work on our overworld map, finishing out the north: I didn't share that last month because I wanted to expand our interactive map, but we don't have any new landmarks made up. So I'll get those added in for next month to play with. -iamallama
  9. Yes, Unity with c# as the underlying language.
  10. If you've seen portlandia, that is pretty much it.
  11. Just checked the dropbox. I don't see a complete one yet. Looks like I have the walking/standing/idle frames, but no attack, cast and bow.
  12. My goodness, he looks fabulous. And why does the bow animation look like he's thrusting?
  13. It's possible to have small buffs that appear based on where you are standing. Or even just like most other games do and have small shrines around that everyone can use, but maybe with a bonus if the shrine is your element.