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  1. Devblog 89: Bank

    lol, "two years"...
  2. Devblog 89: Bank

    There is nothing new content wise as of right now as I've been focusing on the new mechanics. I'm going to be fixing that bug this weekend and after that trying to add some new stuff. No guarantees about how bad or balanced it will be. Or maybe I should guarantee that it will be bad as I'm just doing it quick and dirty.
  3. FO question

    Unfortunately the coppa act requires a ton of work for any project. We will have to be 13+ as well. It's not enough for your parents to contact or email to give permission. There are tons of policies that need to be in place. Things like you can't log anything about children. You need to collect physical or scanned versions of physically signed permission slips. These need to be on file and verifiable that every person under 13 has one. Have a method to allow any parent to see what you have collected on their child upon request. And tons of other stupid crap. It costs lots of money to track all this stuff. And if you fill to do this or do it wrong you can be sued or fined large amounts. https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule-six-step-compliance
  4. Guilds

    I plan on converting the bank stuff over to guilds. It is pretty much the same thing except that it requires permissions and a log to let people track stuff going in/out (to allow them to do their own forensics when something goes missing and not bug me). And yes, there is a cap for guilds. At first I'm thinking though to make the cap lower to like 40-50 to try to promote increasing the number of guilds (instead of all few hundred players picking one of like 2 or 3 guilds). It really is just a number I fill in so it can be increased later with an update. I probably wouldn't do anything with auto culling inactive members, but I have no problem with making that information available to leaders and let them do their own culling. Guild level, there has to be something in place to compare you to everyone else. I'm just not sure how it can be done. I wasn't a fan of the way FO did it (or really being able to withdraw your money later just made the guild leveling a bank). I'm all for making it something like a gold sink though (never enough of those). I personally don't care for like a periodic guild tax to keep the guild open (has been suggested before), but I can do it if that is what people want and it does make sense. Guild passives, in some ways I don't care for them, but I can see their benefit. I don't really like anything that increases a luck skill (drops, gold, etc). I think that starts making things unfair for those without that advantage. And I personally don't care to be forced into a group/friends/guild just to advance or get ahead. I typically want to just be left alone. Guild areas, I like these, but there isn't anything in the framework to support it yet. So while I might add some sort of housing or guild house later on, it won't be right away.
  5. Devblog 89: Bank

    You can still get and collect them. This was just to prevent power leveling by sharing a high level pet to a low level player and letting the pet do all the work. Also, I just noticed you can see some of the lighting changes in the bank gif. I have it set right now to like a 5 minute full cycle so it goes quick. But I'll adjust it to be less of a disco later on.
  6. Guilds

    We haven't really gone into that much detail with it. I mean there would have to be some sort of cost. And some way to make it more fun or else it just becomes a glorified friends list. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like, post em and I can respond or make a decision in some way.
  7. Devblog 89: Bank

    I'm going to squash it this weekend as I imagine it will take a little time. I think it is deep in the networking and something is preventing the message going from client to server. But that means I need to like I said above, log out a message like a hundred times to see how far it is getting through the code and where it is stopping.
  8. Devblog 89: Bank

    Yea, I haven't done much work on the whole Pixel-shop side of stuff. The in game store is still just framework stock because I have to rewrite it all and I have yet to get to it. At that time I'll make Pixels more prominent throughout the game. Not to mention that for some odd reason pixels are per character in the framework instead of per account. Odd choice.
  9. Devblog 89: Bank

    @botastiac The last devblog covered that. Currently it is on the list so in the plan to be made, but isn't a priority because there is already player to player trading and a trade chat channel. Eventually I'll add it in, but for now I have other things I would rather work on. And this isn't a complete list for the game. More is planned, but this is enough to move into a more open alpha/beta stage.
  10. Devblog 89: Bank

    It's getting late and I'm getting tired (and grumpier by the minute). Before I get into the what I've done and what is left to do, I want to say that I plan on having a supporter weekend coming up at the end of December. However, I have some really annoying bug that is pissing me off. For some reason when playing, after about 5-10 minutes the player just freezes. No idea why. You can't walk, you can't use any items, monsters still walk around you, but apparently can't see you because they just ignore you. Relogging resets it and you can move again for a few minutes. And if there are two people in game, they don't freeze together or anything. But the really annoying part is that it only happens when playing with the server online. If I build a server and run it locally, no issues. If I use the editor as the server and connect a client, no issue. So I need to just put like a hundred debugging statements through the code, build and upload the files to the game server (which in itself is a 20 minutes process regardless of what changed to the server files) and restart it...then play for several minutes until it causes problems again. So, as of now there will be a supporter weekend, but it is dependent on me fixing that issue above. I don't think it will be an issue, but it is really time consuming with a lot of waiting for uploads and stuff like that. Supporter Weekend Details Currently the plan is to open the server to everyone with the supporters role at 8am PST on Saturday December 30th. I'll keep it open all weekend for supporters and open it 8pm PST Sunday December 31st for everyone. I'll keep the server up and open for everyone for an additional day or two taking it offline most likely Tuesday evening. I'll make another announcement in the news forum with more information in 2 weeks in case anything changes. What's New/Changed Day/Night cycle: Created a script to color the overlay over time from night -> dawn -> morning -> day -> dusk -> night -> repeat. The script keeps lighting times in sync with the server and handles fading from one time/color to the next. Rewrote the character selection: Now it is more like the old style. The characters stand on the cliff scene along with the empty slots. You pick a character and it shows their details. Click play to select whichever one you want. Bank: I know I said I was going to put this on hold last month. But it turns out someone already did some of the work. I was able to build off of someone elses work to implement it in game. I just had to add tabs and make a few other things work. Supports multiple tabs, 40 inventory items per tab. Currently there are up to 10 tabs available. First tab will be free. Additional nine tabs will cost Pixels (price to be determined) for a total of 400 bank slots. Banks can be shared between all characters on a single account. Can deposit/withdraw gold from the bank from any character on a single account. Bank Gifv Pets: Modified so that they stop getting experience when they reach the same level as the owner and can't be summoned if they are a higher level than you. Maps: Tiled, the map editor we use, came out with a new version that includes "infinite maps". Meaning they aren't constrained in size and are automatically chopped up into smaller pieces. While I haven't started using it in the game, I have played with the maps and map importer in a test project. Hopefully this will make it easier to make a complete world. I can't think of anything else. I did a little bit of work on a small side project for someone (interfacing an API for their game to handle logins and buying/selling premium coins). I'm also working on a side project for the game framework I'm using to convert some other addons to work with a 2d version of the framework. So keeping pretty busy. Roadmap Fix issue with repeating attacks after cooldown Add a combat cooldown and make sure things like auto-healing stop while in combat. Get AoE attacks working. Framework has these, I've just never tested them. Finish character select screen to make the characters standing on cliff again. Guilds The framework already has these, but they are not connected to forum guilds anymore. Need to get that working again. Pixel shop (premium store) Need to automate pixel sales to add to account Need to make sure the built in framework premium store works Day/night cycle Added lighting, just need to figure out the colors for transition and create a network synced timer. Admin commands /mute [minutes=5] /tp [x] [y] [player name (if omitted, it's a teleport to)] /warn [player] [reason] /kick [player] [reason] /ban [player] [reason] any other / commands I can think of Ideally I would like an admin interface as well that would do more like list online players and have buttons for each of these commands. Logging. The framework is actually really bad at this. Server side logger that stores in memory log events. Every XX seconds the log is written to database for persistent storage. Content Story/lore can be added later, not critical for beta. We can roll this out over time. Maps. A couple at lfor equipping. Ideally a set or two for each male/female and class Need more weapons for different classes. Need more mobs (art, placement and balancing) Need more NPCs (art, placement and setting up things like shops) Need more drops (vendor garbage, quest items, etc) Need lots of quests Bank/Warehouse Shared between characters on an account. Harvesting: Special mob that you can attack only with special tool Special tools that require specific skill to equip Skills and upgrades Fix open world pvp to be zones. Also fix so groups can't attack each other. Player market. Ability to set fixed price and sell an item while not online (FO style). Maybe ability later to auction.
  11. Waves of Time - Discord Server!

    sadly? you don't like that we set one up?
  12. How did you find out about Waves of Time?

    You want to see my fruits? Well...if you say so...I actually did grow some awesome tomatoes this year.
  13. Devblog 88: Pets

    yea, they attack/defend for now. And they get experience being summoned while you are attacking. They take a share of the experience and that is how they level up. Currently though the levels are nothing more than how much they can attack/defend for.
  14. Devblog 88: Pets

    start making one