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  1. they were always there. I'm not using them yet, but I haven't replaced their functionality so I keep them there as a reminder. There is one for crafting (game window is done, but there are no recipes yet), one for the item store (which isn't done yet) and one for quitting game.
  2. Yea, it is just a way to show off that guilds get their own private (and public) sub-forum here that the leader gets to moderate (they set permissions, ranks, status, can create/modify sub-forums and assign groups to view/add/edit stuff in those). Us admins still have access to them all, but they don't show up on the main page. So unless we actually go to the forum directly we don't have eyes on them. It is more of a "if someone complains, we can check it out" policy.
  3. Not to mention all the "extra credits" videos on mmo economies. Does a good job of explaining what happens and needs to happen within an mmo.
  4. The permissions for who can do what in a guild should be set by the guild leader. And there should be by default a public and private forum (guild leaders can add/remove/modify their own forums, but that is the default) where the public one can be seen by everyone and private by only members. If you want to move a post from one guild forum to another, you should be able to just go to the topic listing, check the checkbox on the right side next to the thread(s) you want to move and that brings up a menu on the bottom of the screen. There should be a move button (arrow pointing right). Click that and it asks you where you want to move it to. Select the new forum and click "Move".
  5. still moving things around.
  6. Yea, that's pretty much it. This time it will be a download standalone version. Once I have a few more updates in place I'll go ahead and release a client to the supporters and non-supporters here in the news forum. This will keep the game up to date and allow for logging in once the time comes. I'll probably be on here in the shoutbox and on the discord chat to announce what is going on and when it is live.
  7. I agree about the stupid kill [insert exorbitant number] monsters quests being dumb. It is also just how you present the quests. Saying "Hey, could you help my out by killing 10 monsters over there" and afterwards "wow, thanks, kill 20 more" is a dumb way to run a questline. Most games just wrap that into a small story that can get you interested and try to create some sort of connection/emotion. I would love to have quests that you need to pay attention to find or start. Remember the skull pieces from FO. What an opportunity lost when they turned out to be nothing. Imagine getting all the pieces together and combining them to start a quest. Or perhaps reading a book that you thought was vendor garbage but someone notices that on the inside of the cover there is a name. You find that person and give them the book and they start you on a quest. No other signal that they would offer the quest in any other way. The survive type quests like that are still just veiled Kill monster X type quests. Introducing waves or cross X area would probably be best done in an instance where the monsters are limited in where they can go and what they can do (so they have to focus on you). The ingredient quests are just a veiled gather quest. The only quest that doesn't fall into those categories is the go to quest. But even that typically is a gather quest, you just talk to an npc to gather instead of killing. Also, the quests suggested do introduce time as a factor which can be both awesome and annoying. And I was just trying to say that most quests, when broken down into their constituent parts, fall into one of quite a few categories.
  8. How many different quests can you come up with? Not saying that everything here is going to be Kill/Gather X, but there really isn't much else that other games do other than veil those two quest types into more interesting dialog. One of the better breakdowns of quests I've seen is this (PDF Warning) thesis where some guys reviewed many quests from popular games and created an automatic quest generator that seems pretty good. But really it shows that most games have quests that follow a common format and they did a great job breaking down every type of quest into tables that can be used in a flowchart to create quests.
  9. Those characters above are NPCs, not monsters. And I don't remember reading/saying anything about having clothes that mean you don't get attacked by an aggro mob, but i do kind of like the idea. Currently aggro is just a checkbox so I would need to make it a lookup function to compare the player. Not ideal, but it can be done. As far as having monsters that look like the player, I think there needs to be some separation, but I don't mind them being similar.
  10. lol. Yea, it's all possible. Forums too, but those are a little harder simply because you can have multiple characters on your account and so there would need to be some sort of interface to pick which character image/frame you wanted. This was the plan for the forums all along and why I was originally blocking setting custom profile images. Because I was planning on having a way to choose your character and frame from the game. Now I can still do it, but won't be able to force that someone didn't just PS their image.
  11. Trust me, you can. I wouldn't want to have to go through a 20 option questionnaire to customize my toilet paper before I can wipe my ass.
  12. Yes, there were a few suggestion threads that cover guilds I think. I like the idea of it all too. I just need to get instancing working in some way for this to be a thing or else it would be pretty odd.
  13. Thanks for sharing that. It's on my list to add logging as much information as possible and I think this will be a good use. I like the idea of having npcs fluctuate prices based on demand. Would help prevent people from farming the same stuff over and over. Or really having everybody farm the same stuff over and over. I probably won't go in as much depth as they have, but I can see how the logging is important just to track where money is going in game and allowing the computer to make small adjustments here and there to adjust the value of some stuff. I wouldn't allow the system to make any large changes (definitely not at first), but plan on compiling tons of log data like this for review so I can make any corrections necessary.
  14. > Be @HighQuality223 > Claim that forums can't do greentext lolwot.gif > mfw I show him the color button You can also edit the source and change most anything you want. The system will do it's best to keep it free of hacks. I assume it works.
  15. Does the color button not work?