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  1. heck no. I hated that.
  2. Unity with C# for both client and server now.
  3. Added edit to bottom about forum upgrade and potentially losing guild data for now.
  4. Damn that was quick...
  5. Code So last month was a supporter weekend (SW). I hope you enjoyed it. I kind of ran myself into the ground for the week prior trying to get ready. So much so that it took another week after that to get back into the swing of things. So after everything SW died down the first thing I worked on was getting the bugs from the SW fixed: Loot bags now go away after being looted (and won't show if there is no loot, well maybe they will but quickly go away). Loot bags don't show on the minimap like the monster does. Fixed the issue with monster focus being set on aggro. It is now set on first hit. Some issues are still outstanding: When you create a new character, on the character select screen the second and later characters are stuck with the default look. I haven't look at this one because really, it's not that important as long as the character looks fine in game. Some mobs spawn far away from their actual spawn location and then walk to their actual spawn. I actually thought I fixed this one. Turns out I didn't. It actually just dawned on my what it might be so I'll have to check it out. Unable to login when using google plus (and other) SSO login on forums. I still need to research how it would be possible to make this work. Or maybe just assign these people a password to use (which for some reason can't be done within the forum software...?!?!?). The issue lies with how the SSO works. When you visit a site with SSO, your browser sends over a cookie value. The server can use this to validate the SSO login. In the game, I don't have access to the browser. So while I could set a cookie to go with the login request, I can't access the browser's cookie. So I need some way to get that value out of the browser. I'm not sure how this would work. After messing around with the SW stuff, I started working on some new features: Added global chat. Yes, there wasn't one previously. It was always a local chat that had a wide local range. If two people stood in opposite corners they wouldn't be able to speak to each other. Rewrote the element attributes. They sort of did exist before, but they couldn't do anything. But I rewrote the code for it and while I haven't set them to modify any stats, they actually have the ability to do so and quite easily (like drag a slider or check a box easy). I still don't know if/how the element attributes will affect the characters main stats or whether they are just going to be used for determining what skills you can use and have passive stats to affect your character (or similar). I spent the last few days and several hours working on room instances. This is a little more advanced. I found myself reading some of the Unity networking source code. There is a "proximity checker" script that disables monsters, npcs and other players that aren't close to you (you don't need movement updates for someone miles away). But I noticed that works by creating a list of "observers" within a range around your character. With an extra check to see if you are in an instanced room, I could limit the other things you see around you to stuff that was in the same instance as you regardless of proximity. I did a quick test and it seemed to work. Now I'm working on making it a full blown feature. This is hours upon hours of work so far, dealing with complex networking of monsters to players and more. I'm tired tonight. So what's next? Well, I hope to have the room instances done by this next weekend. However there is actually quite a lot of work to do and enge cases to consider (What happens when someone logs out while in an instance? Can someone teleport out of an instance?...etc) and they all need to work. Then I can start working on the first instance, the starting area/tutorial. And yes, when I'm done with it I will make it optional once you have a character that went through it. That will honestly take up most of my time for the month. I don't imagine I would have time for anything else, but if I do I'll start looking at adding new features like groups (which also could to work with instanced rooms, and what happens when someone leaves a group in an instance? more edge cases) and things like that. I can't commit to another SW as of now, but I do want another soon. So maybe next month or the month after. Hopefully we can test out the instance stuff and see how that works. -iamallama Edit: I forgot to add that there is an update to the forum software. This update has a major new feature that I'm afraid will conflict with the guild groups. I'm going to hold off updating the software for 2 weeks. Between now and then, if you want to keep any of your guild posts or information, be sure to copy it to somewhere local to you. When I do the update, I'll be turning off the guild groups and doing some work testing. I'll try to restore them but don't be surprised if they get lost. I'll make a backup of everything beforehand so I can restore, but I don't want to be having to manually dig out every guild's posts so please copy what you can beforehand.
  6. Yea, it's impossible to control gold that much without making the game no fun. I can say that I didn't make the gold an integer (gamer did this originally) which means that there won't be a gold cap of 2 billion something. Ideally it will just have a nice natural progression as time goes on and new content is added. The day we add a new area and all of a sudden we see the most rich people jumping 2x, 3x, etc right away, something is wrong. The best we can do is add logging and checks to make sure this doesn't happen. Monitoring all transactions and sources of gold will give us the best way to catch something fishy or find issues that we introduce. We can setup some automated log checking to highlight potential issues and do things like review the largest transactions or review the largest wealth growth over a certain amount of time to help us balance the sources properly. No amount of preparation will prevent growth though.
  7. I'm going to eventually try to tie the two together. Like when you create a guild in game it creates a guild on forum. That and likely disable the create-a-guild on forum or go both ways and have it create a guild in game too. Not sure yet which direction would be easiest. There will actually be some changes soon to the forum guilds. Not sure what they will be. There is an update to the forum software as of a few days ago and apparently it includes it's own built in "clubs" feature. We are currently using a 3rd party plugin for the forum to manage that. But if the forum software gets it's own official implementation, we'll probably go with that. So I'll need to test it and see how it compares and what changes there are. In the next devblog I'll likely announce when I plan on doing the upgrade and to tell people to be sure to backup their threads/data that they want to keep. Each character name is unique game wide. So you can't have two accounts with the same character name. I know I said before all your characters would use the same name, your account name, but the new framework doesn't do it like that and I'm not sure if it is worth the time to redesign it to.
  8. Yea, currently the characters are all independent, meaning name, guild, gold, etc are all separate between characters. I'm still debating on some stuff about this, but in all honesty I'll likely just keep it like this.
  9. I'll update the wording to make it more clear that it isn't open. That and the news to explain what is going on.
  10. The anonymous means that the information just isn't public on the website. I still see it in the admin panel as I would need to in order to offer credits. It makes no difference as far as I'm concerned. I believe most people make their name/donation public. I offer to let them to make it more transparent as to what I'm getting in donations as you can see donations on the right of the main forum page.
  11. Paypal allows payments by major credit cards without making an account.
  12. I'll have it auto attacking eventually. The framework supports auto attacking, but only if there isn't a cool-down after the attack. I'll be modifying it to allow auto-attacking with cool-down. And you can actually see how much exp you have/need on the character screen with the stats. But I'll make a note to add it to the exp bar on hover or something like that.
  13. oh, good question. I'll have to look at it.
  14. lol, doesn't surprise me. I'm going to reset the characters tomorrow with my patch so no worries. I'm working on more balanced everything. Increasing prices, making everything sellable, making a few more equipable (non visual slots like rings, neck and waist). And balancing the damage/defense of everything to make it so mobs hit for more than 1 and player doesn't 1-hit everything after like level 3.
  15. Fixed the final quest (no patch yet), there was an issue with quest validation. The quest was originally a copy of the gather quests from arizola. I cleared out the gather item, but left a 5 in the gather amount box. Fixed it by clearing that out. Also the part that got the amount to gather did have some protection where if the gather item field was an empty string, it would just use zero as count regardless of what the count was (which should have been fine). However the item field was not an empty string, when blank it is "null" (which means a non-existent value). A different kind of empty. I was only checking if it was not equal to "". Now I'm actually checking isNullOrEmpty so it will catch both empty versions. So it is covered in two cases. I'm going to fix a few more things and we'll have a patch tomorrow with the fix.