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  1. Donations to the game

    Yea to all this. It's 150% premium pixels, fresh off the truck. Not only are these pixels better than your average pixels, we can actually accurately quantify that they are +50% better. Also, you get the title of supporter to show off and maybe some other stuff (I don't know what yet, so don't think I can tell you). It will probably be an early item or something like that, but could be anything else really.
  2. Time Setting

    top secret time.
  3. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    Yea, I was. It was getting complicated quickly and I ended up just setting it aside for now. I decided that it wasn't critical for a beta release and can be something that can be added on later. It was taking up too much of my time and I would rather focus on release level stuff for now.
  4. add voice chat

  5. Ever thought of kickstarter/crowdfunding?

    So we talked about kickstarter a while ago and I wanted to do it to bring in money. But one comment came up which basically said that we should probably only do it if when funded we could put a lot more time towards development. And while I'm not against that, it would have to be funded for quite a lot. Not trying to be greedy either, but more that I live in San Diego and it is pretty damn expensive. I'm being a realist. I can't afford to quit my job to work on this full time until it brings in quite a lot more money. And I would feel bad if it made some money, but not enough to cover wages (not just for myself) and essentially nothing extra happens because I can't afford to work any more time.
  6. Night Quests

    My plan for the cycle right now is that there are 4 states, 2 of which are day/night and the other two being transition (dusk/dawn). The day/night are going to be 60 minutes long and the transitions are 15 minutes. What this means is that a full day cycle takes 2.5 hours. The awesome thing about this is that a full real world day is not evenly divisible by the full cycle. So 3pm IRL Monday could be day time IG and Tuesday IRL it could be night. I personally prefer this as I work a set schedule every day and would be playing at essentially the same time every evening. So if say I could only play from 5-6pm IRL, it wouldn't always be day to me. If I had something I needed to do at night, instead of playing late, I could just wait until tomorrow and finish it then. In total, there would by 9.6 cycles in 1 real world day. I could use a different time offset, but this is what I was liking for now. Day/night IMO is long enough to do several things without being too long that I would be stuck in one or the other. The transition period is long enough to have monsters/npcs/whatever do their transitional thing. And the offset means that short play sessions still have a chance to see more than just one state or the other.
  7. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    Yea, that's pretty much it. I think the last open weekend had multiple characters per account. I'll eventually add in a way to buy additional slots using premium. Bank is just what was said too, like FO where you can put stuff. But the first tab is free and additional tabs are available for premium cost and the tabs can be shared between multiple characters (not accounts though).
  8. Am I allowed to swear or use HDL or 4/8ch memes?

    People often think that freedom of speech means that they can say whatever they want, whenever they want and where ever they want when in reality, it only protects you from the government making a law to censor what you can and can't say. This doesn't mean that you can't be censored by anyone This doesn't mean that anyone and everyone needs to give you a platform for your speech This doesn't mean people have to listen This site, and any other like it, are not the government. We can make whatever rules we want in regards to free speech. I don't mind a one-off curse word here and there as an expletive or to drive-home a point, but excessive use will not be allowed.
  9. Night Quests

    Eventually I'll include night features like quests that can only be done at night or even quests that have a day or night icon which will include additional steps or be harder to perform during that time frame (perhaps a boss that sleeps at night and you can sneak into his room and kill him without having to fight his guards). It won't be available in the initial beta as the work is massive. Things like rewriting AI to perform different actions, having different drops, different aggro settings, etc, all dependent on time of in game day. And this is just monsters. Imagine NPCs that close up shop at night and shadier parts of town where black market sales people come out, skills that work different by day/night, etc. There can literally be a thousand things that are affected by time of day.
  10. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    Edited to change the lighting gif into a link because for some reason, the embed code copied directly from imgur either includes an x-frame-options header that prevents the image from loading in an iframe (iframe that was copied with their embed code) or doesn't include the header to allow the iframe.
  11. Code Another month down. Another month with stuff done. Another month closer to completion. I feel like this is taking forever. It is definitely a massive chunk of my life and I know many get impatient, but in reality so do I. I would love nothing more than to have my evenings and weekends back and to take up yours with some awesome gaming that we can all enjoy. But, until I'm done (or at least far enough along that I feel good about it all), we all have to wait. As for what was done this month, the list looks like this: If you follow us on Discord, you might have seen this but I found an asset for "fog of war" style lighting and while I'm not using the fog of war part (no way to sync it with the server, at least not a priority), it does actually have a pretty cool lighting setup that looks good for the game. Looks like what I want and seems to work well. I'll probably use it as a nighttime effect and can even color the overlay to use for different effects like a textured (yes, the overlay can also be textured) white/grey for fog, maybe green for toxic fallout, red for a volcanic/heat theme or black for a darker cave effect. I can also adjust the light distance so having a specific item equipped could show more area. Check out this quick gif I made showing NPCs and the player lit up, but not monsters. I can also make monsters disappear if under a certain lighting level. https://i.imgur.com/VF2VmEQ.gifv (swapped out with link to image because imgur is dumb when it comes to embedding. You would think the embed code you copy from their site would work, but no, it doesn't) Unity came out with an update. And as typical, along with that comes a deluge of broken assets and asset updates. So that was a fun day down just doing update after update. I mentioned last month that I was working on a group system. I worked on that, but not in the way you probably think. The framework came out with an update and this included a group system that pretty much did everything my system did and included the stuff I was missing. So I worked on my system by stripping it out and just updating the framework. Good times. And lastly I've been working on a mail system. I'm done with much of the UI stuff, now I'm just working on hooking it up in the back end to actually send mail. Some things I'm including that FO was missing is for players to be able to attach gold or an item for a small premium fee. It works like offline trading because you can send someone an item when they are offline. I'm choosing to charge a small premium fee (for attaching the item, not the mail message) because it is a convenience. You can trade directly for free if you would like. Attaching an item also allows you to set a CoD price. For those that don't know or remember, CoD means "cash (or collect) on delivery". Which means you can attach an item and set a price. When the other person tries to get the item out of their mail, it will charge them that price and the money will be sent back. Which means you can sell stuff using the mail. A percentage of the collected amount will be taken as a fee for the service. To the right is an example of what the send-mail UI looks like. This is what the base framework looks like. I often work within that to add a feature and then port it over to my project just to keep things clean. Plus, when a feature like this is done to a point, I can actually sell it to others using the framework (any proceeds made from this would go back into the WoT fund). One thing that I forgot about last month was that I worked on a map importer script. What this does is allows us to place mobs, npcs, starting/spawn points, graveyards and more. Basically anything we need in game. We can place it on the map in the map builder and when the map is imported into Unity it will place the mob/npc/whatever in that spot. This allows us to quickly add stuff to the map. This is a test map I was using to test the importing. This would be map editor (Tiled) that we are using to draw maps. I have created a special "object layer" that we can write to and has all the icons necessary to add anything to the game. Finally I know recently I've been saying that we are getting close, so for this month I'm just going to post my full roadmap for what I would call a beta. Fix issue with repeating attacks after cooldown Add a combat cooldown and make sure things like auto-healing stop while in combat. Harvesting: Special mob that you can attack only with special tool Special tools that require specific skill to equip Skills and upgrades Fix open world pvp to be zones. Also fix so groups can't attack each other. Get AoE attacks working. Framework has these, I've just never tested them. Bank/Warehouse Shared between characters on an account. Guilds The framework already has these, but they are not connected to forum guilds anymore. Need to get that working again. Pixel shop (premium store) Need to automate pixel sales to add to account Need to make sure the built in framework premium store works Day/night cycle Admin commands /mute [minutes=5] /tp [x] [y] [player name (if omitted, it's a teleport to)] /warn [player] [reason] /kick [player] [reason] /ban [player] [reason] any other / commands I can think of Ideally I would like an admin interface as well that would do more like list online players and have buttons for each of these commands. Logging. The framework is actually really bad at this. Server side logger that stores in memory log events. Every XX seconds the log is written to database for persistent storage. Content Story/lore can be added later, not critical for beta. We can roll this out over time. Maps. A couple at least. Starter area, starter town and a few hunting places to begin with. Need lots of items for equipping. Ideally a set or two for each male/female and class Need more weapons for different classes. Need more mobs (art, placement and balancing) Need more NPCs (art, placement and setting up things like shops) Need more drops (vendor garbage, quest items, etc) Need lots of quests There may be more that I'm forgetting, it is getting late. Especially in the bug department, I might have several things that still need fixing that I can't remember right now. It's also likely possible that not everything here might be done. For example, the PVP zones might end up just being removed in favor of disabling PVP for now. I won't know until I get in there and start writing code. There are also several places that will need balancing. Anyways, this is my list. This next month I'll be finishing up the mail system and likely working on a harvesting system. After that I'll likely play with the day/night cycle and the bank/warehouse. -iamallama
  12. Holy **** I excited

    yea, be sure to let us know when it comes available
  13. Devblog 86: This time for reals

    it doesn't look like much work, but it sure as heckin feels like it. I promise that I wasn't playing games all month.
  14. Code Sorry about that, especially if I just spammed you. I'm used to a code editor and ctrl+enter does something completely different there (inserts a line above or below depending on what editor). Here it submits. Anyways...It's me again. Last month I left off working on an instancing solution to allow for dungeons and things like that. Well that got really complicated really quick (it worked, but had bugs galore) and I was spending too much time on it. So I stopped wasting time on it and figured I should do some actual work that can be done. Let me check the repository to see what changes have been made. And that looks like: Friends list Party groups They are both exactly what they sound like. I downloaded a pre-made friends list add-on for the framework that someone else wrote and installed it. Turns out it wasn't working...at all. And so I had to go through and make it work and practically rewrote the whole thing. But now it works and does the usual. I also added groups. I still have to work out all the specifics as to loot sharing (most likely free-for-all at first because that is how it works by default), experience sharing and things like that. These changes also prompted a small redesign in the player select card UI. It essentially added two new buttons below the player select card (others were trade and guild). They didn't fit and so I needed a fix. I asked in Discord and they suggested a dropdown sort of deal. Sounded good so I knocked that out. Now there is a single "+" button below the player card and it shows a menu instead of the old single word buttons that didn't really fit well. Other than that there were actually several small bug fixes and one annoying as heckin stupid bug that I'm about go fix right now. I'm pretty sure I know the issue, but attempted fixes so far have caused far worse bugs. And there are actually two parts to the issue and I'm not sure how I'm going to get the second part done. This is all related to the "floating monster" problem that some people reported before. I've been able to reliably reproduce it and the first part has to do with after killing a monster and looting it, they get disabled on the client to hide. However, the server tries to "warp" it back to it's starting point before showing again on respawn. Because it is disabled, it never gets that warp command on the client, but does warp on the server. So when it is shown again to the client, it is standing on the spot it died and then tries to "float" back to where the server knows it should be as part of a server/client syncing routine. And having this be an issue over network doesn't help with lag and all. So function calls can be delayed because of client/server communication. I'm getting annoyed just talking about it. Later all -iamallama
  15. Quest Rewards!

    I read every new topic/post that isn't in the off topic forum at least once a day. I just don't always respond right off because I don't want to...sort of...close the topic. As in when I say something is going to be like X, I don't want other people to not respond thinking that is final. I try to let the community talk a little bit and then come in after some discussion. As far as dailies go, there will be something in place eventually. I'm at the point now where I would rather just finish up with what we have for features and not add anything new. I can add new stuff later. I'm going to be wrapping some critical feature/stuff up soon and then moving on to working out content and actually forming a game.