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  1. *stalks people’s profiles*

  2. Holy **** I excited

    I'm interested too
  3. Happy Birthday!! 

  4. Happy Birthday :) 🎂 

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Updates?

    @Terrazer do we need a new article section? Not sure if you are still wanting to do updates but I'm sure we can work something out if you need a space.
  7. No password?

    I don't know if this is fixed or not but maybe you could post in Support and I can help you with a password. Make sure you include your email please.
  8. Loot Questions

    If you buy something and don't have the funds, I would say don't be surprised when that item disappears from your account. I haven't heard of someone glitching a prepaid card though, but something for us to look out for! Thank you
  9. Anyone got huge plans this summer?  I am going to visit my friend in Vienna in a couple months!  I will also have a long layover in London so I will get out and see that a little too.  Then back home to work work work lol... 


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      Buying a house is a pretty awesome thing!  I love diy projects :) 

      and my trip is coming up so fast!   Nervous about the London stop since all the stuff that's been happening but I have high hopes :) 

    3. Terrazer


      London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, wherever else, its the same, dont stop living just because of that.

    4. Seph


      @Terrazer Made me think of this song 


  10. Devblog 82: Another week

  11. Riptide's Comic Thread

    Things will pick up once the game is finished and out
  12. How do I start?

    It wasn't an issue at the end of the game.
  13. Another month gone! We hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween Don't forget to send me all your candy as it still needs to be inspected The majority of this update revolves around the World Map, and the making of the NPC characters for WoT. This is the current biome draft that we have. It should be stressed that it's an extremely rough draft and will very likely change and become much more detailed and presentable in the time to come, but it portrays the variety of what we were trying to get at with the worldbuilding aspect. If you're wondering why it looks like it was made in MSpaint, that's because it was The worldmap shown above will have a lot of different cultures, places and peoples that the players will be able to react with and influence. A few are listed below with a few of their respective sprites to match. The Ebal: Navigators, traditionalists and weather-tamperers. Desert raiders who can find an oasis in the middle of nowhere and then spend 400 years killing each other over it. With precious little farmland and seasonal floods causing problems for the Ebal, they've adapted by simply not letting nature control them; Ebal tribes and settlements are ruled by the mages, engineers and ecologists who bring them life and prevent adversity. Despite being seen as spear-toting farmers and nomadic magi, the success of their civilization is a cause for envy from the less stable nations outside the Torn Lands and of respect from practically all of their neighbors. Strong culture of magic, particularly weather-magic that manipulates the skies above the dry and dusky Torn Lands. Such magic is vital for controlling harvests and floods in the canyons. The Ebal are otherwise indifferent towards most other forms of magic, relying more on the desert tactics and strategy they're well known for. The Dalonnians: Inquisitors, moral police and humanitarian helpers. A very bipolar nation, sometimes containing the best and worst of those around them. Blessed with plenty of resources, trade and power, they project it less on issues relevant to them and more on their ideological creed -- the destruction of anything and everything they find "dangerous" or "unclean", the main offenders being magic, gambling, and foreign influence. Technically, this has worked well for them -- their citizens enjoy less hazards from magic and tend to make wiser decisions due to its absence. They genuinely see magic as a threat and work on helping those negatively affected by it, although sometimes the more radical Dalonnians do more harm than good in this regard. Portrayed as strong, just, overreaching and often cruel in their pursuit of morality. Always under the impression they are under attack or that other nations are always scheming to take them down, even when it's misguided; this impression has saved them on a number of occasions, though. Magic for domestic use is outlawed as a result of the Testaments of Dalonnis, its main set of laws. Personal use of magic, if discovered, tends to result in a rapid execution if lucky. Even magical mutants are shunned. The only acceptable form of magic is in industry (manipulation of water and air being key) where they see it as a necessary evil. The Vrennans: Taxmen, extortioners, governors and administrators. The world is a messy place, and the Vrennans have traditionally taken it in their duty to organize it and profit off of it. They are known as the Capitol for their ways of handling disputes between countries as a mediator; in reality, it's really in favor of whoever pays a higher bribe. In the olden days, Vrenna's fearsome navy and command of the seas would make them admired by their constituent states, but as of late, the failing Capitoline economy has caused rivals to pop up rapidly. With enemies abroad and dissenters on its very own island, the Capitol may cause a bloody power vacuum between the states of the coasts. Magic is often used to manipulate storms away from the key trading ports of Vrenna. Mages are also featured in the armed forces, where they help the Capitoline navy dominate over the seas with the might of the elements surrounding them. The richness and splendor of the Capitol also allow them to hire mercenary mages from elsewhere to support their ranks. Code I've been getting tired trying to fix some of the boring stuff and decided to take a suggestion from LT and play with some lighting related stuff. I have to change a few more things before it will all work properly, but here is a preview: Sorry for the crappy gif. The actual colors, fading colors, light colors, timing, etc. is all up in the air still. I just really wanted to prove that a day/night cycle is possible along with torches and glowing things. The lighting isn't perfect by any means though. In Unity there is really no 2d lighting solution that works as well as the 3d. Sprites don't have a real depth to them and so are just evenly shaded regardless of their position to the light (I'm fine with that as it doesn't look too bad). I can add a "light cookie" image, which is a grayscale image that determines the shape of the light (lighter areas in the cookie are brighter). This allows me to make additional shapes for stuff like on the building is a half circle. I have to sync the cycle with the server and have yet to decide on the actual timing for it all. Off my todo list is deleting from your inventory. I need to work on a validation prompt to ask "are you sure" but stuff is actually being deleted. My todo for this month is to finish that prompt, work out the rest of the issues with lighting and syncing that with the server. Aside from that, I'm sure you all saw that we moved servers again. We are now on the bigger server as it is actually cheaper than a smaller virtual server that is about 1/5th the size. Let me know if anything is broken.