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  1. Roarzor

    Q: Stats and classes

    I can understand the concern for the game becoming too "complicated", but I don't think the other tasks and additional features would really affect stats and classes too much. Having those additional things, in my opinion, would make the game more interesting and help players invest more into it. It's adding more elements for players to explore. Although I do hope it is optional (if it does get implemented) and the game can be progressed fine without dwelling into any extra features such as smithing or alchemy. It would be nice that they provide some sort of benefit that is substantial yet not necessary. But all in all I think the gameplay will without a doubt be simple enough to pick up for any player that's willing to play the game for a few minutes.
  2. Roarzor


    Release date is uncertain as of right now as far as I have heard. The game is still very incomplete and will be worked on by the dedicated staff. The control scheme at the moment can most likely be anticipated to be your simple point and click combat with number/symbol keys for skills. The specifics for controls I can't say because I don't think there is a confirmed one yet considering the game is very incomplete. There might be key bindings if the staff decides to add it.
  3. Roarzor

    When can we play the game

    The only way I can imagine this being completed quicker is if the game got more support. If the game were to receive enough support and donations for the developers to work full-time on the project then it would be faster as most people want. Unfortunately the supporting community and income from donations is not super high. I'd just be glad that the developers are committed enough to keep working on this for so long. It just shows how much they care about this game.
  4. Roarzor

    Item Decay

    So if durability becomes a mechanic in the game would it just be rendering a weapon useless/unusable or would it actually affect the weapon's performance such as making attack speed lower or attack damage lower depending on the weapon's current durability.
  5. Roarzor


    Gift cards would be absurdly difficult to implement considering how they would need to contract different providers and transportation/delivery of the goods. Mainly considering how small the group and community of WoT is, I doubt many people would like to help us out in a business manner. I doubt we could afford the whole packaged idea of gift cards. If you look at all the gift cards at stores, they're all from popular/financially successful companies and businesses, but this is an Indie project with a smaller community than other games. Memberships could be done probably through online pay per usual though.
  6. Roarzor

    PvP Suggestions

    How about a sort of different approach to a PvP system in which players would try and capture things to get temporary buffs which could give them a hand in the battle. Perhaps different arenas have different types of buffs. Since the game is 2D skill-based combat is harder to see done, so with these buffs, it's a race to get to them and you'd also fight each other along the way.
  7. Roarzor

    Devblog 70: More Inventory and Items work

    Despite how long it has been, I'm glad to see the staff is still working just as hard as they were at the start. I've seen that often times when a project of fewer supporters and workers is being worked on, people sometimes begin to give up. It's nice to see that we're still moving full speed ahead. The more progression there is each week just makes me more and more excited to see what comes next. I'm sure everyone else is just as or more excited than I am to see the game travel towards completion. I'm glad you guys have stuck around working on this game, as always, keep up the good work!
  8. Roarzor

    Devblog 69: Return of the Thief!

    Oh wow. This interface is looking superb. Good luck and best of wishes to all.
  9. Roarzor

    F2P or P2P?

    I'd say that what is planned is already fine: free to play and have fun, progress without spending money will not be that much of a burden, however, most cosmetics and aesthetics will obviously be paid for with money. A Premium currency would most likely be a way to progress slightly faster as I'm guessing they could make some things that are purchasable via regular currency also purchasable via premium currency during "events" maybe or even just normally. This could be beneficial because it's not like it's exactly unfair, but rather that it's just an easier way to get things without all the grinding I expect for regular currency.
  10. Roarzor

    FO Similarities

    Although WoT is independent from FO, I expect to see a few references from FO. The game was inspired by FO after its demise.
  11. Roarzor

    Devblog 66: 6 new updates. It never ends!

    Ermagherd. It's all coming together now. That was one exciting update considering that you've got the basics of the games down: attacking, moving, and mobs. Of course there's plenty more to go, but still, it's amazing. Good job LlamaStaff!
  12. Name was Roarzor in FO and will always be Roarzor. Been here for the whole FO Legacy thing or just about the whole Legacy. Played FO for I suppose perhaps 1 year before it shut down, maybe less (9 - 10 months?), but I was a dedicated player. I got to ascension, somewhere above level 60 I think. I don't come by too often, only occasionally to check out the development. It's been a long 4 years or so with the game still growing. I believe it'll make it through and the long development will eventually show a great game. It's true that our community is fairly small, but it's to be expected from a game in extremely early development. As said before, I'm sure that once the game is really out there (if you know what I'm saying) our community will grow many times over. Just like anything else, it's all due in time.
  13. Roarzor

    Devblog 65: More mobs making moves...moo

    I'll say the game will be released by 2020. At least the beta. Hey, maybe it'll be in beta for life like FO.
  14. Roarzor

    Devblog 65: More mobs making moves...moo

    Oh wow. Mob development! This is looking very promising. Excited to see this head into a decent beta, even though I'm pretty sure we all know that'll take a while. You still have my support nonetheless. As always, good luck and pace yourselves however you see fit, I'm not one to judge how fast you work because I'm sure it'll be brilliant no matter what.
  15. Roarzor

    Devblog #62: Something and Stuff

    How long has it been since this all started? We've made a lot of progress. Glad to see things being done and moving forward. As always, good job to the WoT Staff.