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  1. Supporter Preview: Build - Alpha 81

    The game is looking good, guys! Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the actual release Edit: Sending some bug reports to you guys.
  2. Happy Birthday Wamser!

  3. Guild Art Contests

    Period added, original post edited.
  4. Guild Art Contests

    Thank you! I'm uploading this to my portfolio. Does it need to be in a gallery to be used as a group logo?
  5. Wamser's Imagery

  6. Guild Art Contests

    Since nobody else is participating, how's this? And resized to fit the actual avatar dimensions: Colors taken directly from the banner.
  7. Shananigans

    Awesome! Sooo... Yeah. I'm Wamser, I also like pixel art and I never had pie.
  8. Shananigans

    The semester is finally over, so I'm back-ish I see a lot of people joined the group! How's everyone doing?
  9. Happy Birthday Wamser!