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  1. DerZerknitterer

    GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

    and don't forget the most important thing: It's 100% free open-source software
  2. DerZerknitterer

    Might be no blog

    The project itself might be developed very slowly but after all it got our community together for 4 years now, I stopped getting excited about it like 1 or 2 years ago tbh but I'm 100% sure 4 years of work won't simply be turned to waste.
  3. DerZerknitterer

    3D Bushy

    That looks so cool!
  4. DerZerknitterer

    Client is available for download (2017/18 NY test)

    Thanks for releasing it! Man I can't wait to play it!!!
  5. DerZerknitterer

    Come Play December 30th

    Hooray for linux support!
  6. DerZerknitterer

    Rename Blacksmith/Edelstein

    Baldemar This name is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Baldemar is "bold and renowned; famous ruler". Saint Baldomar was a blacksmith who became a monk, and is the patron saint of blacksmiths. Kovács [ˈkovaːt͡ʃ] Common hungarian name, translates into "Blacksmith"
  7. DerZerknitterer

    Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    Works great in Wine, good work, Llama! Text input is a bit weird sometimes and I can't see what I type but it's not a big deal, and doesn't happen often
  8. Quake Champs is AMAZING. I hope they add a more balanced gamemode though, with all champions having the same hitbox and no powerups

  9. DerZerknitterer

    How about an android version for Fantasy online

    Android does support unity. Sheety 3D android games are usually written in unity
  10. DerZerknitterer

    before you ask if the game is out...

    cuz its denk af
  11. I'm a more efficient maniac with two feet in the grave

  12. Reply with the cringiest thing you've ever read here

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    2. NickBuscus


      The Yahoo one? It is pretty cringy.

    3. Numinex


      i suggest we continue this conversation in the chatbox.


    4. DerZerknitterer
  13. DerZerknitterer


    omg it's rin!!!
  14. That's sick... quite literally though