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  1. Mechanine

    Week 27 - Art(ist) Reinforcement

    I tried to try the notbuild, but I don't have a DX9 level graphics card and I neither know what that means or if I can fix it.
  2. If I play the downloadable version will I need unity? Also my computer is 2004, do you think it will be able to handle it?
  3. Mechanine

    Class-specific Items

    Oh. That's a lot more complex and developed than I anticipated. I guess you can close this suggestion then. Thank you.
  4. Mechanine

    Class-specific Items

    Well I meant like only mages can use wands, only warriors/whatever can use swords, and so on and so forth. Not necessarily all items, just main equipment and weapons. It may work better with more specific requirements, you're right. I just think that most players will just use their class specific items if they are what's best for them, so perhaps give each weapon/armor type an edge that makes it more effective for their class to use? Like, intelligence boosts attack with wands, str increases attack with swords, or something more balanced or of the sort.Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. Yeah you're right, the stat inflation was the problem, not necessarily lack of restrictions. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.
  5. Mechanine

    Class-specific Items

    I think that items should be class specific. By that I mean that equipment can only be used by certain classes. This would prevent a lot of the problems that happened in Fantasy Online. In Fantasy Online most people just used huge stat boosts from their equipment to use the best equipment available. Everyone used the best sword for the best DPS, and the best armor (not necessarily from their class). This caused a lot of classes to be overpowered seeing as they were supposed to be limited by their weapons but they didn't have to use their own weapons so it didn't matter anyway. Thank you for your time.
  6. Mechanine


    Your images or .gifs have to fit the size boundaries. I believe my image signature is the exact width allowed for images.
  7. Mechanine

    Guild Suggestions

    This is a rather generic and simple suggestion, but I'd quite like the idea of guild clubhouses/halls/flats. Every guild starts out with a small space but you can upgrade it to have more features as your guild grows. Perhaps instead of individual people spending their own donations on guild items like in FO (which kind of made you want to donate the money required in private instead of looking like a jerk and saying "Oh that was just for a guild item") the guild clubhouse itself could give a small boost to all those in the guild. Nothing too large so as not to be overpowered. Here, let me re-organize my thoughts to try and make this more sense. Guild donations all rack up in the guild's treasury. Guild clubhouse upgrades give a small boost to all those within the guild. The guild's donations work as funding for the leader. The leader can only spend the guild donations on guild upgrades. There are multiple upgrade paths to the guild paths which do different things. Some have stat boosts, passive effects, etc. I have another idea: guild democracy. Instead of just having one leader and several underlings who keep regular members in check, a group of people could join together to start a guild and have equal power over it. Kicks in this game could be more like a chatbox, you get kicked out of guild chat for x amount of hours, and then if the leaders want to permanently kick the person, they could take a vote on it. This could be particularly effective if two people are arguing in guild chat but you don't want them to leave forever, just to cool down. Also this could prevent people from getting kicked because they don't get along with one of the ULs. Those are two of the only ideas I had worth typing. Also please if you know why this wouldn't work, elaborate so I can take it into consideration for further suggestions. Thank you for your time.
  8. Happy Birthday Mechanine!

  9. Mechanine

    The Start

    I hope it isn't the case but I imagine only supporters and staff will be testers. It makes sense logically and whatnot for them to do that, but me being selfish hopes its not the case.
  10. Mechanine

    Week 25 - An Exposition of Elements

    So have we ruled out sub-elements or does each main element have a couple of sub-elements underneith it? (Water has ice and water, etc.)
  11. Mechanine

    Screenshots Thread

    I imagine so. I imagine so.
  12. Mechanine

    Visitors of the night

    I actually liked it Actually me too. I kinda liked to know if anyone was reading my witty profile information. Although about 9/10 people who did clicked on my name by accident.
  13. Mechanine

    Screenshots Thread

    That bridge seems a bit cracked. You should probably just build a new one
  14. Mechanine

    Moving dev blogs

    Personally I'd like weekly updates even if there isn't much to say. It makes it look like more stuff is going on, instead of there being long periods where people assume nothing's going on but actually a bigger patch is coming up.* *at least that's what I think.