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  1. Rin


    omg it's rin!!!
  2. Is this project any closer to completion?.. EDIT: oh god, I forgot about the mediocre signature I'd made years back...
  3. Rin

    Factions or Reputation?

    had no idea what i was thinking 1 year ago but now that I see it again this is a pretty cool idea, +1 it'd also be cool if within those factions and reputation levels you could earn titles unique to the faction you joined etc.
  4. Rin

    Totally gonna create a counterpart to this guild in which the members are only a select few idiots with a goal to aggrovate the wot community, gg.
  5. Rin

  6. Rin

    Bosses that drop a 10K-50K Reward

    accounts are limited to 1 per email its possible to do it if you really want to be a scru, but other than that its way to time consuming.
  7. Rin

    This is a goodbye, not a farewell!

    Then who will eat our nuts
  8. i saw that, nice work on the air nomad tiles btw.
  9. Rin

    Forum Suggestions

    no we need a /lenny command for automated lenny faces
  10. Rin

    The3rdDuke's Gallery

    great improvement compared to your last artwork, i can see some shading and somewhat a visible lightsource, maybe if you get better ill come to you for my ssc
  11. the music is nice but it doesnt sound like it fits into a 2d pixel mmo like FOs did, when i hear it i think of a fancy 3d mmo or some big company game.
  12. Rin

    Am i lucky to claim this username?

    mods stole my wizard namesnipe :"(
  13. Rin

    Pics ideas ressources bank

    nice drawing
  14. Rin

    Kick-Starter/CrowdFunder Campaign?

    "special supporter" would define me im special ;d