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  1. SOOO BORED AND TIREDDD. Dont know what to do....


    1. KingAruthur


      play world of tanks

      Lit graphics and gameplay physics

  2. z.z so bored theres nothing fun to do


  3. waitting for new FE moblie game x.x

    1. DoOArcher


      playing it right now, reminds me when I used to play FE on the gba


    2. Seph


      Mobile gaming is just ruining the industry with its in-app purchases, energy systems, timers, and just poor design choices overall. 


      Southpark also did an episode on this: 


  4. -listening to Styx Helix-

  5. super smash? Pm if u wana battle bored right now.

  6. Timspark

    PvP Suggestions

    As well as for pvp we can do a arena battle depending on skill for example you have to physically use the arrow keys and have one button to be used to attack. Both sides can only use swords. Skills and level do no matter whoever gets hit 5 times loses the fight. We can do this like a guild on guild sparing arena or 1v1.
  7. Y'all gota watch this new anime called erased o3o

    1. PlasmaMan150


      I've seen the first 2 or 3 episodes i love it!

    2. Mystogan


      haha, you're lacking.

  8. =_= im hungry

    1. Terrazer


      Patience, the dinner will be ready maybe next year.

  9. Happy Birthday Timspark!

  10. Timspark

    Skill Suggestions

    Counter: (passive): whenever enimies attack you u counter ranges of 10-25 percent of that damage holy cross: (active): A lazer holy cross that uses a good enough mana and deals damage execute: (active) attack enemies with a 100% crit damage Reverse: (active) poision?burned? this attack helps heal u with status effects and hits them back at enemies blaze: (active) fire based attack huge chance of burnning enemies flame blitz: (active) Muti-flame attack requires abit much but huge muti attack heal: (active) recover one's health points Stormus: (active) a attack used from the skill below (maybe used for only even skill?) rush: (passive): extra speed and faster attck speed Call of the gods(active): Super rare skill which can can be dropped by only the god boss (heals, does huge damage, AOE attack too) ALOT OF MANA Mana heal(active): recover mana sacerfice hp... x blade(active): 2 hit attck doesnt seem strong however u can steal some if lucky of enemies loot dragon breath:(active) summon a dragon with your simple hands deal great damage Pray( passive): increases random stat God's blessings: (passive) adds huge stats to everything must kill god boss this can be only gotten once lifelink: (active)attack and gain hp sueside(active): ur a quitter? us this move self destructs and kills a enemy u get only 1/2 exp no loot charm (passive): increase luck rarity
  11. # Ryu from street fighter joins Super Smash bros!!!

  12. Not really a newcommer just kidding

  13. Timspark

    Playing offline

    yes ty for ur comments