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  1. praise our new rusin mem lord
  2. shouldn't 6 be sad thunder cloud? Unless that isn't lightning underneath...
  3. Can't wait to kill stuff in the starting area >:), and can't wait to learn more about Ebal. Keep up the good work everyone
  4. Wow, that's amazing. All of your work is really good, I especially like the reflection for the pastel on black paper. You should defiantly keep it up!
  5. @@mathcong Thank you, and sure I look at some pixel art but mostly the stuff on here. I'll check out some pixel artists on twitter now thanks!
  6. @@Mystogan thank you, compliments mean a lot
  7. So, a while ago I tried doing pixel art ,I wasn't very good and I wanted to improve and get better. Sadly my schedule got busy and I found it hard to practice and at least try making something decent. But today I was free and made this, I still want to get better so any criticism would be helpful and hopefully I can try making my work less of an eyesore , Thank you! Like I said, anything helpful would be lovely .
  8. Happy Birthday Atum!

  9. I don't know if anyone noticed but
  10. We could have it in like poe and one a certain month there are achievements and if you complete one set you get one piece of armour and if complete all the others you get a really nice set of armour.
  11. What's bad about cavemen? underwear/loincloth can look cool....sometimes.....
  12. If we do have any of those Ideas I want the second one. But I would be cool if you had to go through one of these rifts to battles bosses like from dark souls but instead of mist there would be a rift and after you killed the boss you get to close the rift. But after a certain amount of time the rift opens again for you and this time with a different type of boss to battle.
  13. Thxs Mathcong I was getting really puzzled on how to use it.
  14. So I have made something in pixel shop and it's an animation and I was wondering how do I change it into a .GIF. I have only very recently started PixelShop for pixel art, and I'm not familiar with the whole type of program thing for it and how to use it. Thanks