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  1. I've been making raps haha :P

    check them out if ya want




  2. @Bingboy33 its lit brah

    1. Bingboy33


      Should be bruh, we all lit like a beacon



    2. Mula


      you already know-_-

    3. Bingboy33


      All day everyday ;)

  3. Heyy I love it man, you really know how to code that's awesome, keep up the good work mate!
  4. Anyone playing runescape at all recently?

    1. Mula
    2. Numinex


      boring and repetitive.

    3. Terrazer


      im back on rpg mo, a game like it, fully free to play and enjoy c:

  5. It would be a lot easier for people to find the release date, instead of people getting mad at others for asking 24/7.. this could be a good solution !
  6. Sweet, I'll just be finished my soccer game by then
  7. Thanks to all the staff for helping out on the forums, you guys are the best! Also, a big shoutout to @iamallama and @Lighterthief for making the game spot on!! this wouldn't have been possible without all you guys EDIT: sounds like I just won a grammy award LOL but I'm just happy you guys got this far:)
  8. ohhh my mistake ahh well cant wait for august 9th then haha, yall been doing a good job with keeping this game together! just sayinggg
  9. I missed every single alpha weekend ahh, I realize your hoping to release the game for supporters on August 9th.. But think there will be a chance of one more before then? getting too excited Either way I'm happy with the way things are going, this would just be a bonuss
  10. Hey that's useful!! If you wanna check if your suggestion has been suggested then click on all currently suggested suggestions hows that for a suggestion..haha @juraija, but thanks! I'll check it out right noww
  11. True say, but I think we're on track here
  12. Ahh I see what your saying, so there gonna take there knowledge they have from FO to make WoT better and more improved. So.. All together WoT is a better more improved version of FO, Am I right?
  13. Okay and obviously there gonna be unique and keep it not completely alike, but it does seem like they got FO in the back of there head. and yeah I noticed that, stuff like that grabs my attention Its looking quite amazing if you ask me
  14. Heyy! So I was thinking alot about this, and I was just wondering if WoT will be alot like FO in the way you level up and get rich. Meaning like walking around from quest to quest for exp, or even grinding to get rich. Will all this be possible? cause I loved the old concept, and all these updates are getting me pumped.. **EDIT - not just those things, but like the hole concept if ya know what I mean.
  15. Giveaways were my favourite, I loved hearing someone was doing a giveaway and I'd run to the market and refresh like a mad man. And when I made that Bob Marley SSC and never got to pay the maker for it... that was pretty fun too Also loved leveling up and trying to get on the leaderboards. (getting ban a couple times didn't help)