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  1. space documentaries help me sleep at night, its crazy

    1. Hero


      Because they're so boring that you pass the heck out!

    2. Mula


      pretty much.. but I did watch one last night that was out of this world :firefirefire:

  2. Mula

    FOers and FO heroes

    found a picture!
  3. Mula

    Rename Edelstein (or not)

    well I thought mr smith was a good name. I'll just bring my google search skills elsewhere
  4. Mula

    FOers and FO heroes

    my usernames were mighty1, mighty3, and most commonly 'Amityville'
  5. Mula

    Come Play December 30th

    what about mr smith ?
  6. heyyy, I had an older account on FO named 'mighty3' and my newer more active account was 'Amityville'. (nobody remembers me, but maybe you do ) and glad you found us again, I felt the same way..
  7. fool me one time, shame on you.

    fool me twice, can't put the blame on you.

    1. Enigma


      Fool me three times, screw the peace sign, load the chopper and let it rain on you.

  8. @Aridosa how you doin

    1. Aridosa


      This works. Thanks :) 

    2. Mula


      No thank you 😉

  9. I literally bored myself from hanging out at the market in FO, went back online to try getting into it when I came across that bold red text saying it was shutting down:/ Then I wish I got into it more but then again maybe it was better this way... Anyways, after a couple months I needed something like it again. kept updating myself with kong and the main website hoping it would jump back up, but nope. Then I tried looking up fantasy online private servers haha (there are no such thing). but googling that brought me here:) The End.
  10. Mula

    Donations to the game

    In a sense yeah, the beta release comes before the official game release. I believe he's just trying to speed up the process so we can start playing the beta
  11. Mula

    Donations to the game

    True true, better to donate early considering the llama could use the money during development.. but still, that 50% tho hehe I doubt the game is near close to 'complete' so saying it needs stuff really isn't a valid statement at this point, And most games start with an alpha (mainly for testing). next, follows the beta for mass player testing (cherry on the top), and finally the release.. which will still consist of updates here and there. Annd I believe you misread what iamallama said, he was saying how instances were a lot of work and could be pushed aside for now during the beta release, therefore giving him more time to work on the more important stuff ("level stuff")
  12. Mula

    Donations to the game

    that means when the game is in session you will receive your donations back as a premium in-game balance (pixels). at a rate of 50% more than the average player would be receiving from donating after the game is already in session. Donations before beta: 150% premium rate (50% more pixels) Donations after beta: 100% premium rate (regular percentage) Correct me if I'm wrong,