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  1. lovee it, good touch with the global chat btw
  2. "Waves of Time settles down as another pre-alpha weekend comes to an end, while the odd players stay connected and wait patiently in the background for the next Devblog to be released and spark the community once again..."

    *Narrator voice*

  3. iamallama posted this a while back: so pretty much after every "milestone" there will be another supporter weekend released, and now that all the basic playable features are in place.. you'll most likely see more of them.
  4. So to sum it all up, this game wouldn't be here without supporters. shout out to all the supporters, you're awesome:)
  5. hey, do you remember how you got that marley hat?


    1. Terrazer


      it was from biggest supporter pack iirc for a week or day, there was 14 in-game i think

    2. Mula


      ahh okay, I remember buying SSC rights and creating a "Marley SSC" that sold for quite a bit.. Feel like no one remembers me here so I'm tryna find someone who does lol

    3. Terrazer


      nope i dont remember that

  6. In the top right corner you will see "Create", from there click "donate". donating a minimum of $5 will give you the supporter title, Paypal only atm, will most likely change eventually.
  7. lets go
  8. yeah just a little slow here and there, got kicked off a couple times but only when I spam clicked
  9. well don't think there planning on paying for a lag switch until its really needed, that'd come out of the donations, and since the servers going to be offline for a lot of the time that'd be a waste of money. Also, probably knew this but the +5 slots from the new bag won't take any items:P
  10. Yeah I believe its random, the lower level monsters will generally drop the least amount of gold while the bosses/tanks will drop the fat stacks
  11. so "coin(s)" are like gems and regular currency is "gold"? ..just noticed that's why the bottom right shop won't sell to me lol also, not sure if you meant too but the "Fatty" drops a ring that looks like its from his ear, description says "I think it came from his belly button" probably meant too, thought id just put this here.
  12. Thought making a topic for monsters loot would be useful.. quest items will have a star* __________________________________________________ Red Guy: Grapes* (eatable) Banana (eatable) Cookie (eatable) Gold (10-19) Golem: Rocks 1-3 (craftable maybe?) Dust (bone/remains) Gold (10-19) Fatty: Ring (wearable) Toenail (future quest item?) Gold (10-19)
  13. few things: I noticed "The Red Guys" aren't red on my screen yet, I can't seem to attack some monsters while there attacking another player thats afk. also I noticed the "level up sprite" was made but its not in the game yet, but probably just due to lagg So far so good
  14. Ahh love it, gotta keep it fresh Looking forward to the first release !!
  15. It sounded like it was suppose to be playable for the 2016 summer, but that turned out too be a weekend thing.. As long as the staff team stays honest and keeps us up-to-date, I don't see a problem with waiting another couple years tbh