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  1. Numinex


    whoever revived this thread thanks now i can look at my cringy younger self.
  2. Numinex

    add voice chat

    it was supposed to be ironic, but yes, your points are true.
  3. Numinex

    add voice chat

    i meant as an in-game feature. also can you give me the discord link yes? edit: nevermind, found it.
  4. Numinex

    add voice chat

    i dare you.
  5. ok tell me where a gold mine is in africa then i can get some au.
  6. Numinex

    Riptide's Comic Thread

    that necrobump nice.
  7. i will pay 100 tons of NaCl to get a shirt with pepe on it.
  8. Numinex

    Sanctus Exceritus

    1. i love how he made the thread on sep. 11. 2. they way you typed everything about your guild/clan makes you look like a war clanner from roblox. (no offense).
  9. Numinex

    How to change your default avatar?

    you should consider fixing the "change profile picture" button. because half of us cannot do that, unless you made profile pictures supporter only.
  10. Numinex

    Soldier-Mercenary Guild!

    mate i have a 6.9 inch steel half pipe i get laid with all the british birds if you know what i mean eecks deee.
  11. Numinex

    How about an android version for Fantasy online

    oh wow rocket league rip off games. what has humanity come to.
  12. Numinex

    How about an android version for Fantasy online

    no way. need to check that sheet out.
  13. Numinex

    How about an android version for Fantasy online

    wot will run on the unity engine, well, thats how it looked like when i runned the launcher thaat time llama released the link to it. android does not support unity, therefore, you cannot run wot on android. not to mention your phone needs to have good specs in order to run it, not some crap $50 nokia with a 2 inch screen. - le end.
  14. i love this guys grammar lol.