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  1. Dead game

    Well that is a shame. Back to waiting for WoT.
  2. Dead game

    If Gamer just wasn't so selfish to keep FO to himself.... But seems someone made a FO followup before.
  3. Might be no blog

    I believe it will come out....When my son is 21yo. (I don't have a son yet)
  4. Devblog 84: A day late...

    *Jumping up and down on chair* Reading this makes me so happy~ said like a child. In all seriousness....I am even more excited then I was back in 2014. Reading what the game will hold is more then FO could wish for. Can't wait.
  5. Youtube Any1?

    I won't record it but I'll sub to your channel as a sign of support.
  6. Devblog 72: Inventory is almost done!

    Getting more & more exited with each Dev post. Just waiting for that post that says Pre-Alpha is going live.
  7. The lore of WoT

    Don't get me wrong, I love story rich games. But it must just be implemented the right way Wait....Awkward cuddling?
  8. The lore of WoT

    With this mouth full it already indicates to what type of lore we are heading towards. As it seems it will not be a by product but rather originality. I personally just hope that it won't go overboard with lore and stories that you lose sight of the main idea. Many MMORPG's fall into this dilemma and it ends up being a spider nest of confused story lines and conspiracy(Not that it's a bad thing). But this is just my opinion. Just glad it won't be half arsed like FO in this regard.
  9. Waiting for years D:

    Well...I log in now and then to see if it launched yet. Other wise I study, work, play TW and spend time with my Fiance. Time goes by faster then you think.
  10. Happy Birthday FO12!

  11. Job Postings (Gormittie's idea)

    Im not sure..atleast until the game is out
  12. New Leader

    Im not going anywhere and if terr is to be the new leader then so be it. Going on about a new leader should not be a problem.The game is not out yet so why rush it?Let terr lead until game comes out atleast
  13. Welcome Everyone (Guild Chat Thread)

    Hey guys I finally joined up(was abit afk).First off Hello to everyone and thx for having me..For those who dont know me im Adrian from a small country in southern africa(no im not black ).I started playing FO in 2009 but took a long break and started in 2011 again I think.So im a old timer of FO. But enough of FO its lama time!Anything I can help with just say the word.Any questions towards me?then just ask FO12 out!