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  1. DumbNoob

    Devblog #61: Another one bites the dust!

    It is very unlikely that I will be able to make supporter weekend cause I have to take my son back to the burn center that Friday and he may stay the weekend/week.
  2. DumbNoob

    Migrating to new domain

    What is a domain....lol JK.
  3. DumbNoob

    Onion Knights Reborn

    Welcome fellow lurker... you are in good company.
  4. DumbNoob

    Charging Up Bonus Stats

    cool idea but I think this would encourage bot use
  5. DumbNoob

    My Suggestions

    I am specifically against people making their own servers because the more data that is stored locally the easier it is to cheat. I like classes I like your crime and thievery idea.
  6. DumbNoob

    My pixel art :V

  7. DumbNoob

    Quest Suggestion

    Instead of looking at the end of FO with the disgust we all have likely felt I choice to think of it like this. Non of us would have had the experience if Gamer had not brought us all together. I wish him well and have no bad feelings toward him.
  8. DumbNoob

    Quest Suggestion

    I know Gamer has nothing to do with this game but I feel he was very influential and it would be neat to have a quest to find him in LQ, or maybe an NPC named Gamer that hands out quests.
  9. I suggest a zero tolernece no nonsense no warning ban
  10. Onion Knight Reborn Guild- Recruiting

  11. DumbNoob

    Onion Knights Reborn

    ABOUT US: We're not virtual-world conquerors (real world . . . who knows?), we're not hard-asses who take LQ too seriously (okay, maybe a little), and we're not power-hungry profit-mongers (most of us, at least). We're just a collection of guys and gals looking to have fun playing our favorite pixelated MMORPG. Previous iterations of this guild include Onion Knights, Soul Knights, Soul Squad, and Faux Nominal. RECENT UPDATES: The Knight: Vulcan27 Exalted Knights: 0o0o0o0o0o Insignia Sazjnk Viperina DumbNoob (previiously WeakNoob) Former Onion Knights Leaders and ULs: (Gone, not forgotten) Vempty-GL Ninjaxue- GL Rae7- UL DG24-UL Pitfallrush-UL lrpr21-UL fgdgdf-UL kidokica-UL Whickur-UL Onion Knights Reborn Guild Rules: 1. RESPECT: Show respect to fellow players, Onion Knight or not. Pretty self-explanatory, but I'll expound anyway: no slurs, no harassment, no discrimination, no spamming (including tiny guild donations), no excessive profanity. 2. EARN YOUR KEEP: Besides asking for buffs or help on quests, no begging allowed. Other players work for their coin and in-game possessions; no reason you can't, either. Besides, playing with integrity is more likely to curry favor than annoying others with request upon request. We're a team and we help each other out, but we won't tolerate parasites. 3. WE'RE A GUILD, NOT A BANK: We appreciate member donations, but please donate only well within your comfort level. If you really need to access the money, whisper Vulcan27 or a Exalted Knight (or PM one of us on the boards if no one is online) and get our permission before you do it. It's bad form to use the guild as a piggy-bank, and repeat incidents will probably mean you aren't welcomed back. Violation of the above rules will likely get a warning. Repeat offenders can expect to be kicked. 4. Be Active: With the guild member limit, we want to make sure that our spots are occupied with those who will actually play and contribute. This will be pretty lenient, but if nobody has seen you around for say, a couple weeks (without prior notice), don't be surprised if you eventually get the boot. If you come back after a while and find that you've been kicked, just message Vulcan27 or one of the Exalted Knight and as long as there aren't other underlying issues, we'll try to add you back ASAP. Applying: First off, if you think you'll find it difficult to follow the above rules, spare yourself the eventual ejection and don't bother trying to join. If you just make a post with: your in-game username, level former guilds and reasons for leaving, usual play time (how much/when) and time zone, any Onion Knights you know would vouch for you, and A little statement about why you want to join our merry band, including anything interesting you want to add. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: Hardyharharness? Attractiveness? Likability? Do you know the truncated and rounded sum of pi? (Please don't be scared of us... ) After submitting an application navigate to our guild by going to the social tab at the top of this page and initiate a join. This will notify The Knight you have applied and are awaiting a response. Vulcan27 or one of the Senior Knights will PM or /w you if we want to proceed with your application. We currently do not have a level requirement but, of course, Thanks for looking, and GO ONIONS!
  12. DumbNoob

    Fatigue System

    I am for a fat system simply because it still allows people to play but kind of lets people use bonuses when they come back from taking care of real life issues. This is good in stopping people who use a family member, freind or paid service to play while they are away. Gaming is great but having real life is too and logging out should be encouraged (not forced) so that young gamers dont develop bad gaming habits. This is a game not life.
  13. DumbNoob

    Eh. I tried.

    Dont be too hard on yourself bud its cool. Also even if it wasnt, the sharing of ideas goes a long way to developing a strong community.