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  1. Not bad idea, I know how donation tiers were thought about recently. Maybe each donation banner changes for every tier. My question is do the Early Supporter Titles still kept?
  2. Bean Greens Potatoes Tomatoes 

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      Death on taco banquet unanimous Joyous reprisal

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      tree on a dank meme fredonia mixed in with bell of tacos and the narcos of escobar

    4. DerZerknitterer
  3. I'm sorry, I would add you onto the list but if you were a staff member because I don't want to trigger other players like "Oh I think I deserve to be on there since Seph is on it". There will always be that one person, otherwise I am definitely up to adding you onto the list.
  4. I agree with that it, starting off with simple things is a lot better because the player will have to build up their vanity. The items that Shunsui said are pretty complicated and too much vanity. Thats pure pimp right there. I can see supporter vanity to be a great idea though.
  5. Sure, haha
  6. Yea I agree with that, It does not have many layers of instruments which makes the music sound more graceful. It sounds great either way just a suggestion ya know.
  7. I think it should be kept as in water, wind, earth, and light because having other elements such as lightning and blood are too specific. What exact stats would those elements even have? Also Im sure that Blood manipulation would not make too much sense in Wot, I don't even want to know how the animations would look like for their skills.
  8. Not bad m8, yea it is pretty similar to most mmo's like arcane said, I think these ideas were already set into place for WOT, such as bosses and open world roaming. I do like the holiday idea which would be nice to implement.
  9. Currently Waves Of Time is a work-in-progress, it is coming out greatly and to be able to play the game you'll need to be a supporter which is a minimum $5 fee. Even being a supporter only gets you maybe 1 or 2 tests per month. Also donating gets you in-game currency which is explained under the "donate" tab.
  10. Okay Russian Leader Lets combine Putin+Num+Lenin+Stalin= Numlenlintin Dankest Russian leader name
  11. Now when you say "get paid", do you mean get paid by pepe memes? or ya meant IG money.
  12. Yea almost all games have login rewards, I heard someone say the use of daily quests to earn the rewards. I think that just breaks the point because daily quests are quests not login rewards. The quest to get the reward is to login to the game, see what i'm saying? I think the increase of difficulty mechanism is nice though because its a little different than just a daily quest.
  13. Or instead slav tracksuit use the Russia Ussr Gorka suit used in Spetsnaz, make sure the vodka is the left hand and a Ak-47 in the right. Also don't forget the Russian must be riding a bear that has a USSR flag on its back. Better look like this.
  14. noice music m8

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      Thanks man, I appreciate it.

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      haha thanks, but seriously great job on that