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  1. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Ya its noice but its been 4 years and this hasn't been completed yet, the main dev is currently busy with life. Stick around though since its nice to have new people.
  2. Might be no blog

    Yea, don't worry I promise you it will be out before your 600000000000 years old. Just come back every month for updates and thats about it, don't stalk the website like I do since its a waste of time xD.
  3. games free to play coop pixel graphics

    Lol Fantasy Tales Online hasn't been updated in 2 years; dead game and people actually still waste their time playing it.
  4. Release?

    sorry but not in a WHILE, i've waited 4 years and its barely done so I say check online like once a month for updates.
  5. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Wait? Your alive????? Also your a good artist lol.
  6. Current game?

    Mirage Realms on mobile
  7. Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Wow perfect devblog for my morning, woke up, read this, got excited, and gotta go to my track meet. Well done
  8. Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    I doubt since iamallama is been really busy lately, I'd say just continue doing whatever you got in life. Just check back on WoT every once in a while.
  9. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

    I thought is was the "Gimp" from Pulp Fiction, I was like who makes a discussion on the "gimp". If you don't know what i'm talking about don't search it up unless you want to expect something strange. Also Pulp Fiction is the best kind of movie...
  10. Changing my profile name

    Hmm, I emailed the admin a while back ago he said to go into settings but obviously doesn't work. Try sending Iamallama a message and ask him.
  11. Known World

    I actually love this idea, I feel like it would be discovered quickly thought. Maybe add some special easter eggs or something as a incentive. But I do like this idea so far so +1 follower xD.
  12. MoonLit Black Cats

    Congratz on your new guild, good luck.
  13. 3D Bushy

    Lol nice, I tried using that software but its pretty darn confusing to learn and wayyy harder to use than I thought.
  14. lol 1304 content count 134$ donation lel


  15. Dead game

    Don't even start the game, devs gave up on it and it is uncompleted and glitchy. I got the best items in the game and is very boring to play now. Don't waste your time lol. It hasn't been updated in like 2 years. It will be in early access forever.