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  1. app

    This website is long way from an app, it needs to have some developments first. If it was released it can potentially help but getting a forum for this is like killing 5 birds with one stone.
  2. I thought it would be cool to maybe implement faction wars for guilds, to increase power fight another for land. This isn't easy but it would be cool maybe to dedicate a entire server to factions that is interconnected with the player world. Having guild wars with a army of classes would be awesome. Maybe ranking in guilds make it better, like an officer that controls a small platoon of an army. To help balance out maybe something like a guild shop where purchasable items are made with only special currency gained from winning battles. The stronger the army the better the rewards. This would be hard to implement in a pixel game but it would be nice to have something similar to this. Maybe even release it and see what public thinks of this. Now this seems like just guild wars but in my mind faction wars are larger not just like 20 players. Im guessing the wars wouldn't be as thrilling since the strategy will most likely be standing still and watching who dies first. To fix this the guild shop should include small power ups to increase damage or teleport away or spawn in a small minion to help. Now I was thinking of towers in such but thats just a knock-off of league so I want to keep idea cool. If you ask,"well, what happens when a army gets to strong and is unbeatable". Haven't you ever heard the quote,"the bigger you get the more problems you face". So what i"m saying is expanding a club will cost funds or taxes to balance out power. If not paid land will be lost and max member count will decrease. Thanks for reading! -King
  3. this account gottta be a joke

  4. What a B what a Doo its ya boi Idubbz with a legiitttttt food review

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      @Terrazer But you played League with us? I think your PC should be able to handle that.

    3. Terrazer


      that was my old one, and it couldnt even run cs:go properly either. at my surprise, i gave paladins a go and it works wonder on this toaster, wtf... at least i got something to do now.

    4. Terrazer


      aaaand its gone.

  5. Thank you fredonia for your response, I totally agree with you, all my suggestion is to help the game stay in business longer I don't mean to "trigger" anyone. I don't want to see this game fall into the shadows like other games.
  6. Sorry for my confusion, thanks for the reply I hope I didn't harm or offend anyone.
  7. Welcome everyone to this topic, this idea I have in mind is mostly for the developers to worry about. I understand that this topic is a little early to suggest but also good to have in mind, well I have read almost all of the developer blogs and I have realized many things in common with each blog. There isn't something different from many other games, I can describe this game as cliché. I am not saying this is bad game, personally I think its fantastic, but games like this don't stay in business to long. Take my word for it I seen many games come and go like Fantasy Online most known. I do love the story idea for the game so I will not say to much, but business wise the main goal is to keep the player continuing the game. The story does help a lot with keeping a player into the game which is a great idea unlike FO. As learned from Fantasy Online there was a point where the game was basically done after ascension, there were things to do but were not fun such as grinding. Now each story has a end to it an after the end is usually the achievement of the game, if this is intended for the game this topic is no longer needed for be read. I'm pretty sure some of the readers reading this will dislike my topic but it is something to consider while producing the game. I do not make any of the choices but I hope this helps. -King
  8. Thanks Iamallama, Once transactions through gift cards are available I will definitely be looking forward to it.
  9. Yes, thank you!
  10. I've been trying to contribute to the development of the game like donating but there is only one gateway, Paypal. I'm sure many people don't use Paypal or have the time to set an account up. Like me I dont have a credit card so it is difficult to contribute. Maybe adding ways such as Visa, Master Card, and maybe even through Amazon pay. Please take this into consideration, thank you. -King
  11. Well there aren't many devs on the team, if there were an entire group of devs, programmers, and artists maybe this game would have a faster pace in production.

    1. Numinex


      man how come i didn't thought of that.

    2. KingAruthur
  12. Please read other music suggestion, file accidently posted twice.
  13. I've been thinking about music making since I seen the recent post, I've also listened to many songs. I see that many of them do not match the theme like electro in a medieval/tribal game. I also been reading a suggestion about dungeons. Well since music is an important aspect to include in a game, maybe different theme songs to each part of the world. Example: Music types 1.Underground world:Dark and eerie soft music 2.UpperWorld(like crab city):Joyful music I also have a suggestion to anyone who is making music. 1.Never ever put lyrics in music for games. 2.Stick with the theme, dont put dubstep in a MMORPG game. (gets annoying) 3.Keep the music at a decent pace, dont go berserk on the chorus. 4.Keep the song clean, avoid messy sounds (many instruments at once) Unless your that good. 5.Try using unique sounds don't always put those same old instruments, try adding a harp.(example) I hope these suggestions will help for your music success! -King
  14. Salve!!! (hello in latin) If you are interested in joining my guild feel free to question. My guild is based on Roman techniques and knowledge. As the SPQR we are "great" in strength and will build up power in time. "I rather be the first in a village than second in rome"-Caesar When this game is released all members are invited in-game.