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  1. becky can I smash, can i get sum poon becky, no ron
  2. What is senpai???
  3. What is the answer too 3424+34259-451289+342*34^254=?



    1. Yuval2B



    2. KingAruthur


      That is correct! Well done you received free education at Ohio State University

  4. I'm sure this is already going to be implemented into the game
  5. Yes about the transaction log you were talking about what out for prepaid visa cards since they act like credit cards, I seen someone buy $100 worth of in-game items but didn't pay anything at all, if they have 1 penny on them they sometimes glitch out and allow you to buy 1 item over 1 penny for free. Still a current bug nowadays so closely watch the logs.
  6. You cant really choose whats considered a lot of gold, it all depends on the market supply and demand and how much a player is earning the gold such as from grinding. There is only 1 aspect that can really change this and that is probably preset markets.
  7. So I um plugged a potato into a monitor and somehow worked better than my Fx series 4.5 GHZ octo-core cpu. /w 32g of ram.

    1. ApathyBear


      Filthy PC peasant. Everyone knows consoles > potatoes.

  8. yea i was thinking of that, i'm definitely looking forward to the idea.
  9. Thanks! That cleared things up for me
  10. I had a simple question about the username in-game, was wondering if the game comes out and I log in that I could choose a new username instead of my forum username.
  11. Well I was thinking of having a different approach to the market unlike FO casual market. I was interested in different shops with different atmospheres; would be cool do have bazaars in like the desert that sell unusual items that can only be found in that specific area. Also maybe have a different trade system with the NPC such as turn in X amount of items to receive this item. Many items could be traded at once to receive one item with greater gratitude. Of course the item that will be traded cannot be sold on the market or bought from the market for this idea will have no point. Now back to the trading, obviously you do not get 1 to 1 ratio with the trade. It will be 1.5 to 1 ratio so it makes the person work more for an item. Also trading will be beneficial since maybe something called NPC reputation which allows the player to have reputation with NPC's. Trading with the bazaar people will allow new quests to be unlocked so it encourages the player to make trades.
  12. Actually same thing with the guild, if you already have a forum post click create new topic. You should still see a poll option, I have one for my guild.
  13. Well in order to make a poll you have 2 options when making a new topic, content or poll. Click poll and there will be slots for answers and questions. You can simply add them by clicking add. Also you will not be able to submit the poll if the content section does not have a title. Make sure you have the same title as the poll title or it won't work.
  14. Well supporters did pay money to help this game out so it would make sense if they got a early advantage.
  15. Oh, nice; im sure college is more important than games. Also you will have time to play games, won't be a lot but some unless you study 24/7 then you won't get any.