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  1. KingAruthur

    A Break

  2. KingAruthur

    A Break

    It's not, they got sued for copyright issues. Highly doubt they are coming back.
  3. KingAruthur

    NPC companions?

    I would put this in the suggestions tab but good idea, would be nice but the devs are not even working on the game currently so...
  4. KingAruthur


    See since the devs are on a lonnnnnnnnnggggg vacation wouldn't it make sense for FrozenSoviet to pick up on this? He knows how to code, people of WoT I think we'd rather have some progress than none. Sadly the devs did not give Frozen rights to develop the game further.
  5. KingAruthur

    A Break

    Couple years lmao
  6. KingAruthur

    A Break

    Thanks for an update Aridosa, + 10 morale
  7. KingAruthur

    WoT comming out.....?

    Yup same, oh well. Only a bunch of time wasted on this site lol
  8. KingAruthur

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    tell me he owes me 3 strips of bacon.
  9. KingAruthur

    Searchbar bug?

    pretty mug, I don't know why I even get on.
  10. KingAruthur

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    If he ever returns lmao
  11. KingAruthur

    Wow no updates

    Don't worry a while back ago I make a poll if it looked like a bear or a wold; the community confirmed it as a wolf.
  12. KingAruthur

    Wow no updates

    Anyone else feel like the dev's left us and will never come back?? Feels lonely without much activity on the server.
  13. KingAruthur

    Hello old friends

    Thanks for the notice, looks pretty garbage; I downvote. Its horrible to advertise on other websites.
  14. KingAruthur

    a timeline till completion of this game

    It's unknown when the game will be completed, the devs are busy. There isn't a "scheduled" time to when the game will be completed. There is a timeline if you read Patch Notes.
  15. KingAruthur

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    lol the fact that you made another account called "trashaccount" just to criticize WoT is funny. I'm not gonna judge your thought but you got me a good laugh lol.