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  1. Lol, thanks for the link. Looking forward to it.
  2. Oh boy, in ukraine they offer to lift paper with Putin's face on it, don't get me started with my to toliet paper collection.
  3. Yes once we will get older by time and we will look back at these times and have them good 'o' stories to tell our grandchildren about technology and the legendary game known as "waves of time".
  4. It's been mentioned that "reborn" will not be implemented in the game but vanity is something that will be offered especially since this game will avoid pay 2 win features.
  5. yup more and more progress in each one, i feel like something huge is coming towards our way.
  6. Kinda reminds me of the game Fate, it a old game but definitely was a great example of working your way up, I think it would be cool to start off with to most basic clothing like a dirty t-shirt and underwear with a stick as a weapon like FO did. Also that heavy armor set you posted is extremely unrealistic, I'm pretty sure no one wore boots that weighed 70 pounds each. Here is a example of what kind of armor was used.... I see your looking for some really cool looking armor but it's a game so you can always edit things a big to make it look a lot better. Also note that making these armors on such small characters would be very difficult to add all the detail.
  7. Remember this might have a good chance, some people do not like these games with pixel graphics, many people these days are looking forward to good graphics like shooter games. Before we say whatever here are some things to think about 1. Why should the player continue to play this game? 2. Is this worth my time? 3. What will I get out of this
  8. Indeed, At the end of the month I usually loose hope until a new devblog comes up every here and there.
  9. Good thinking I got mind blown when i read this.
  10. Hey anyone else noticed that the server leaderboard was set? Quite happy about it?

    1. Izzy



  11. Happy birthday today (again)..... My gift is an unlimited supply of air

    1. Archangel


      Enough air to fly endlessly on, my wings thank you.<3

  12. okay, thanks: solved my issue
  13. Hello I have a quick question about the "All ready suggested suggestions" under the suggested section. Just wondering when that is going to be updated? Since I can see the newer posts. I know mostly all since I read posts everyday but it is for the newer people.
  14. Yes I do like that idea, having more options is quite the fun. Instead of having the casual quests.