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  1. Remember this might have a good chance, some people do not like these games with pixel graphics, many people these days are looking forward to good graphics like shooter games. Before we say whatever here are some things to think about 1. Why should the player continue to play this game? 2. Is this worth my time? 3. What will I get out of this
  2. Indeed, At the end of the month I usually loose hope until a new devblog comes up every here and there.
  3. Good thinking I got mind blown when i read this.
  4. Hey anyone else noticed that the server leaderboard was set? Quite happy about it?

    1. Izzy



  5. Happy birthday today (again)..... My gift is an unlimited supply of air

    1. Archangel


      Enough air to fly endlessly on, my wings thank you.<3

  6. okay, thanks: solved my issue
  7. Hello I have a quick question about the "All ready suggested suggestions" under the suggested section. Just wondering when that is going to be updated? Since I can see the newer posts. I know mostly all since I read posts everyday but it is for the newer people.
  8. Yes I do like that idea, having more options is quite the fun. Instead of having the casual quests.
  9. Well in history the "enemy" though they were the good, here is an example Isis and the United States. The isis believes they are good for spreading islamic religion while the Us thinks they are good for stopping this problem. It depends on what side you are, the isis think the US is bad while the US think isis is bad. Especially when wars are won, since there are no witnesses on the "enemy" side, the supposedly good side has to make this up, usually making the other side seem bad so society thanks the forces and to achieve what needs to be done.
  10. Kindly get your avatar out of my mouth, please. You taste like metal and memes.

  11. Oh yea, definitely respect the art standard, I know I am no where near as good as LT but it was a suggestion for others. Also yea Fantasy Online did do much crap, sometimes I couldn't tell if the game was focused on iron age or the future. They did have some ridiculous items but I guess that is what made FO a game like it is.
  12. Haha, somewhat though iamallama needs to fix lots of problems and story lines in order to get it actually started. But yes the game is getting it's shape.
  13. I see where you are coming from, the contribution section is mainly where I fall when it comes to how long I stay interested in the game, I love to contribute because it expands my knowledge of the game and helping/answering questions is always interesting for me. Maybe I could be a server moderator since I love talking to the community as you described. We are all waiting for the gift, which is the game but when it comes I see bright fates above to come. When I think of FO it always brings me back memories and warmth since the people who were devoted to the game were a large chunk of the community. So I am also trying to accomplish that so I can continue the success of the game. I wish these platinum games would stand around forever but no community=no success.
  14. Here is a wrap up for you, currently Alpha and Beta testing was closed due to overwhelming sign ups according to iamallama (Founder/Owner). You cannot play the game currently since it is under development. The only way you can play rarely is by donating 5$ minimum donation which allows supporter weekends every here and there. Devblog 83 states that there will be one soon but only for a short time. Only accessible to supporters but I think it is worth the money. Also supporter weekends are quite rare so expect maybe 2 times a year. Hopefully that will pick up as the game develops. -King