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  1. Crafting?

    How is that game still alive? Especially the market, im surprised people still play that ancient game.
  2. Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    Lol, you literally made me throw my phone across the room. The camera fell off the phone lol.
  3. Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    Wow nice promotion lol, also nice work I am excited about the supporter weekend even though I can't play it.
  4. Hiring Scripters?

    This is why I like you . No homo
  5. Possible New Classes

    Um there are classes btw, I'm sure it water, earth, fire, and wind or something. But there are classes which I can guarantee that.
  6. Artifacts/Extra Equips

    I know this is the most random comment but I remember 2 years ago I was hyped for the game to come out, 2 years later not out lol.
  7. Hiring Scripters?

    Ah, I thought about money. Trust me if I had money I'd gladly pay for you. Thats why I was thinking it would be late game when profits are going to be established from the shop.
  8. Hiring Scripters?

    Just wondering if any other scripters would be ever hired to help Iamallama do his work, i'm not specifying this towards any time period for the game. Just wondering if this will ever be a possibility; I don't want this game to be a unfinished piece of art like many other games. I know that Iamallama looks for quality work but maybe scripters can help to optimize scripts and fixing bugs. Many large games have script teams to help fix errors or any bugs that occur. If the game becomes released and many bugs occur this will be a massive problem for Iamallama to handle by himself. Of course thats what tests are for but who knows what can happen when 100 players are on at the same time. Plus no one likes when your favorite game is under maintenance, just wondering. Signing off- King (Feel free to ask questions)
  9. Artifacts/Extra Equips

    darn the image wont load for me :C
  10. I know this is old but thumbs up for Mathcong for the profile photo.  I just greatly appreciate his art.

  11. WoT Mobile

    Yea I've always thought about a mobile app for waves of time. It would be very nice on a tablet with finger controls or a stylist pen; this is obviously something later in the stages of game production if its going to be a possibility. Also I liked the fact that you mentioned playing in a relaxing hot tub. Honestly I love that idea I would just add some Champagne to the picture,
  12. Crafting?

    I did like the fact FO made you travel in-order to get what you needed. Do you remember Onyx? You had to mine it in a cave to craft tiered items. Once the item was achieved it did feel great to finally get it.
  13. Possibly Silly Question

    True, thats what the main difference is between FO and Wot. FO was wacky with lots of different added things which got confusing. WoT focuses on a story and keeps things real by avoiding skins from facebook or twitter
  14. FOers and FO heroes

    Yea I am I old player, played since the game came out. I was in the guild monarch's and I used to be a merchant with like 400,000,000 gold. I just bought and sold stuff on the market, I didn't grind often though. I got level 95 reborn and thats it, I just loved earning money.
  15. Dev Blog 90- Bugs Bugs Bugs

    XD lol