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  1. Devblog 89: Bank

    Im happy about the supporter weekend, can't wait until its open, you've got me excited.
  2. Waves of Time - Discord Server!

    Well, thanks for at least giving a shot at it. That mission was quickly aborted lol.
  3. Devblog 88: Pets

    It would be cool if pets evolved through researching them from combat experience and feeding them, leveling them up would open up a brand new system to work on.
  4. Devblog 88: Pets

    I agree with this so much, especially in new games when you don't know how to build your character correctly or what to get. I've reset so many times and also regret many decisions in the past.
  5. Devblog 88: Pets

    Same, I hate the feelings of when I have nothing to contribute. Worst feeling in my opinion, i'm sure anyone would help to speed up the game production. Also I don't mind if it comes at slowly because I choose quality over how fast this game will be made.
  6. How is "hate" going to work?

    Well keep in mind that this game isn't even beta yet, thats why there are testers. Great idea for sure but I'm guessing this will come after beta because there is already a roadmap made my Iamallama. Also this would require a lot of testing.
  7. Devblog 88: Pets

    lm Ukrainian I could go all day trust me, also thanks for doing the counting!
  8. Devblog 88: Pets

    Great excuse for drinking, ill give it a shot!
  9. Devblog 88: Pets

    Great update and a lot of progress completed, I did not expect having pets out this early but fine by me. Actually happy there isn't pvp; in most games pvp is never a success, only rarely. If there was a pvp I would feel like no one would do it just like in FO.
  10. Daily Rewards

    It's an okay idea because some people actually have lives and may not be able too, it could work but some people dont have the time to spend.
  11. Quest Rewards!

    I think a full month is a whole lot better because it keeps people coming since they will want to log on since the rewards would be greater. It's a incentive for people to log on everyday.
  12. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    I'm still on, I lost my interest for like a solid week and then got back into WoT. Its a constant cycle for me.
  13. Happy Halloween everyone, anyone dress up?

    1. Terrazer


      in the dark you dont need any outfit

    2. KingAruthur