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  1. who knew dank meme admins knew about this stuff
  2. You didn't get my point did you? xD
  3. Thanks for liking my elephant

    1. juraija


      i was going to ask "how did you know that?" but i realised that was going to leave me in evidence, so i decided to give you a point and post this lol

    2. KingAruthur


      lol heres another point for you


  4. Don't seem very communist
  5. Most i've seen under the interests box.

  6. Yea, no one here like P2W; it simply takes gaming experience away and makes it unfair for everyone else. If your wondering what @Seph mean't about "convenience" they are objects such as inventory bags or small objects such as teleports and so on. I'm sure many people won't sponsor this game since it is not competitive and is not something where they're are college leagues who play to win money aka League of Legends. Sponsors don't pay if they don't get little advertisement.
  7. So many of you under this discussion ask the same questions such as ,"when is the game going to be out?", "Can i play while it's in development?","This is boring can it be released early". I am here to find your answers. There is an easy solution to this mess, you cannot simply rush the developer since i'm sure people are waiting for a game but also a quality game that will last. Asking when the game will be released does not really help, my answer? If ya like to help please contribute and share ideas to make this game better, wining and complaining does not solve problems at all. +5 triggered people -king
  8. You must be a developer to test the game...
  9. I see what you mean by the music xD!
  10. Bet you won't since Wot offers new ways of playing and has elemental skills implements. Unlike FO Wot brings a new story experience to the player, lots of small details and tweaks are added to make Wot a fun experience. I do not know all of the added features since I am not a developer, other features are a surprise.
  11. _..--""-. .-""--.._ _.-' \ __...----...__ / '-._ .' .:::...,' ',...:::. '. ( .'``'''::; ;::'''``'. ) \ '-) (-' / \ / \ / \ .'.-. .-.'. / \ | \0| |0/ | / | \ | .-==-. | / | \ `/`; ;`\` / '.._ (_ | .-==-. | _) _..' `"`"-`/ `/' '\` \`-"`"` / /`; .==. ;`\ \ .---./_/ \ .==. / \ \ / '. `-.__) | `" | =(`-. '==. ; \ '. `-. / \_:_) `"--.....-'
  12. Hail master Iamallama, god bless you. This will save me so many times since I use a trackpad.
  13. Thats not a sure thats a guarantee. I can't wait either but we all got lives so the progression is pretty fast for a small team.
  14. Well who knows you could have been secretly dedicating work I didn't know about (top secret).
  15. The page must have pepe incorporated also make sure that national trigger alerts are on the page.