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  1. fox

    Dead game or?

    This game is already looking so good that it must come out, at some point. We just have to wait for the good stuff. Actually, I wouldn't mind waiting for about 18 years. That might be the next time I have free time, if this baby is ever going to move out...
  2. fox

    Dev Blog 90- Bugs Bugs Bugs

    We should fry the bugs and eat 'em!
  3. fox

    Dev Blog 77 - MAPS! Arr!

    Someday I'm going to settle down to one of those islands and start my anthropology studies about these different cultures with the light from the fire. Exciting!
  4. fox

    Art Contest #24 - Futuristic Weapons

    I added more halo (: Your spacesuit looks really smooth!
  5. fox

    Art Contest #24 - Futuristic Weapons

    Back in business! Here is the saber: Can we use background color?
  6. I'm pretty sure that the beta is closer than before..

    1. iamallama
    2. DerZerknitterer


      Still laughing at iamallama's reply. Not even he believes that!

    3. joppelarius


      I shall consult the acorn reader for guidings

  7. I got this feeling that the beta release is closer than ever before!

    1. Crab


      Tomorrow it will be even closer

    2. Godpwner


      Then the day after that means its only two days less than the actual release! SO EXCITED

    3. Seph


      More than a feeling~

  8. fox

    Art Contest #18

    @ Thanks (: It's fun to play with the new palette. I managed to pick the lock and opened it:
  9. fox

    Art Contest #18

    Here's one:
  10. fox

    Art Contest #17

    Bogeye An eye of the swamp.
  11. fox

    Devblog #57: UI! UI! UI!

    Looking forward to spend many hours in those woods.
  12. fox

    Devblog #56

    Export to Web is a different button. I think RedError is talking about the button on the Sprite Sheet window. Which is working, at least with me.
  13. fox

    Devblog #56

    I'm having this same problem. The version is Blue Edition (Beta Build 4.0.0) Like a week ago it still worked fine.
  14. fox


    He's getting ready to go under water!
  15. fox


    I know that feeling Well, next Sunday it is...