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  1. For some reason I always go here at the end of the day... I should really fix my schedule. 

  2. JoellTheThird

    Devblog 89: Bank

    Feels nice to see the game is finishing the race it's been in for years now, of course without all the time it wouldn't have looked as great as it is currently, amazing work guys.
  3. JoellTheThird

    Devblog 84: A day late...

    Awesome work, a steady race will win first place.
  4. JoellTheThird

    Devblog 83: Mostly UI and then some

    Like the fact that there's apologies everytime when you show something in the gif lol, it all looks great plus the game still hasen't reached alpha so there's no need for worries. Keep moving no matter how long it takes.(And thanks for the supporter weekend!)
  5. JoellTheThird

    Devblog 82: Another week

    Much work has been done with new improvements! That's a win win right there if you ask me, do the best you can everyone.
  6. I officially changed my name to Adolf Trump

    1. Terrazer


      dolan hilter pls

  7. JoellTheThird

    Dev blog 78 - The one that was missing

    The game is still going strong, new year new game, who knows?
  8. Have a happy Christmas!

  9. JoellTheThird

    Devblog 73: Equips for everything

    Wow great work on the game so far, I'll probably donate to support!
  10. happy birthday!
    7k3dgFY.png BP828jv.png KwTRFyK.png

    (maybe your name has nothing to be with "Lupin the Third" but here they are lol)

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    2. JoellTheThird


      Oh and I heard of that anime before, got some inspiration from it for my name, don't mind if I use one of them a an avatar?

    3. juraija


      That is the why i put them here :D (the suit was already made i just change the colours, the same with the hat i used a part of another hat lol)

    4. JoellTheThird


      Oh ok lol, thanks again! :D

  11. Hello! It would be better if you call me Joell makes it much easier, I've played FO way back and have been watching the development of WoT for sometime now, and it's been quite the journey; can't wait till this game is finished keep up the good work!

    1. Tementhy


      Hi Joell! Welcome (back) to the community :D

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    1. Aridosa


      I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  13. Happy Birthday JoellTheThird!

  14. JoellTheThird

    Week 45

    Happy birthday have fun