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  1. How's everyone been? :)

    1. Aridosa


      Good you?

    2. Sean


      Great, thanks for asking

  2. Kind of sad to go through these threads and see people losing hope. I don't blame them though. Seems like we're always "almost there." Plus, this community used to be lively with people on everyday. Now you can see it dying out. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but this game is starting to seem more and more like a mirage. You see it in the distance, make a little progress, and find out it isn't actually there. Who knows, guess we'll see what happens in the coming months/years :S

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    2. Cyrus


      @FraZM The game is not dead. From what I have observed the game's progression is slow due to lack of other programmers and coders. Which is not a bad thing because @iamallama has a very strict view on what the game should look like right now.

      I'm sure as the game draws closer to its open that the hype will grow and we will see a skyrocket in community involvement.

    3. FraZM


      Ooooh ok. For how long has it been in development ? Some tests have been made ?

    4. Terrazer


      since january 2014 if im not mistaken, tests have been done over time both via the closed alpha where a few selected people have access and also publicly 2 or 3 times through the years. waiting for the next stop now :P

  3. Wondering if it would be possible to change my title? I would prefer nothing at all to my current cringy/arrogant one I set two years ago. if anyone knows, please tell me, thanks :) 

    1. Seph


      I was wondering about this awhile ago. There's currently no way to change as far as I know. It used to be under "edit profile."

    2. Sean


      Ah, okay. Thank you @Seph. Yeah, it seems strange that the option just sorta disappeared.

    3. Seph


      No problem. Might have to do with forum updating awhile ago, sometimes things just become lost.

  4. Anybody getting Wolfenstein 2?

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    2. KingAruthur


      Have you seen the gameplay on this sequel, its amazing

    3. Sean


      Yeah, I have seen some. I actually bought it myself but my computer cannot run it so I refunded it. It looks awesome though from what I've seen, loved the first two games as well.

    4. KingAruthur


      I watch gameplays on it, graphics are extremely good.

  5. I apologize about that last post for any who have seen it and taken it as me being kind of angry. I was just making a joke, I have a weird sense of humor. Just to be clear, I do not really mind whether or not I am a supporter or early supporter, so just ignore that post. Thank you :)

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    2. Archangel


      You're just fine dude. No worries.

    3. Hey


      Hey, my name is Hey.


      I don't know what post this is, but its okay.




    4. Aridosa



  6. Wow I've had 3 birthdays since I've joined. Pretty crazy

  7. Hello :)

  8. you promised that no man's sky was gonna be multiplayer.


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    2. NickBuscus


      Another game down the drain.

    3. Sean


      I'm sorry. Hey guys, at least there's 18 quintillion planets that all have absolutely no substance whatsoever..

    4. Numinex




  9. Happy birthday Sean!

    1. Sean


      Thank you :) Sorry haven't been on in a while.

  10. Thank you for the profile picture juraija! :D

    1. juraija
    2. GuilhermeAlves


      "Juraia is the best one"