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  1. Blizzard seems to be reshuffling their WoW staff after recent abysmal performance. Let's hope some good comes of it.

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    2. NickBuscus
    3. Numinex


      they don't care, because there is a lot of people playing that pay 10 dollars a month, multiply that by the amount of people that play the game, they make a pellet load of money.

      oh you should also check out the interesting roblox devs, they never listen to the community and always make pelletty updates gg. (not like i play roblox but i feel bad for them lol).

    4. fredonia


      It's not that WoW doesn't make money, it's that it's stagnant if not shrinking. Pressure was put on the devs to perform, and when they didn't they got sacked. Underperformance can possibly mean a lower budget, especially now that Blizzard has other cash cows. Every expansion sees a population spike, but drops exponentially afterwards. Blizzard can't brag about subscription numbers so they don't report them. All of this adds up to a potential death spiral, there is very much a reason for them to care. 

  2. Pretty expansive to implement but at a high level of abstraction I like it. I once spitballed a similar idea with a tower that would continuously add floors. If llama and co still plan on sticking to conveying as little information as possible when it comes to world interactions and such, then suddenly things like mysterious locked doors become community-wide endeavors. I always liked stuff like this, it encourages player communication and reminds me of the Nintendo rumors of the olden days. Imagine something like the hunt for the Exposing Compass! Plus, all that information is server-side so it can't be datamined Continuous dungeons can also be a good, easy method of supplying content in-between big updates. Wanna tease new gear/lore/mobs/whatever? Throw it into a dungeon floor addition and gauge the reaction. More game for players, early feedback for devs.
  3. I'm always down to group up with people. I don't play MMOs so I can quest by myself
  4. I wanna play yugioh but I already know I will have no sense of fulfillment 

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    2. fredonia


      It's the most recent PC release. Pretty good, has a story campaign for every series and is the most up to date card-wise. It's not perfect but it's pretty good.

    3. kidokica


      Well, I'm not up to date to any cards that came after GX, so yeah. I tried out Dueling network a year or two ago, and was baffled by all the cards and the fact that people actually knew to play the game, thus ending my Yugioh adventure without a single win. d:

    4. SpiderOfAnarchy


      I love Legacy of the Duelist. Pretty empty once everyone got through with it, but since Dueling Network (or whatever the name is) went down, it's more than likely the only/best alternative. I'd give it a go, you play with a large arsenal of decks and learn a lot about the game. Satisfaction? I can't guarantee that.

  5. Huge update. Management may not be very stylish but it sets the scope of any project, good on you guys for looking to step things up. I'm excited to see how this new direction may expand the potential of the future.
  6. Actually yeah I think that's it. Post edited.
  7. Game is pretty far from any kind of release. Occasionally a testing server is opened up to run around in but they always come with a public announcement, so if you stick around and keep an eye out you shouldn't have to worry about missing the next one. Supporters ($5+ donators) may get earlier access to these test events, but you shouldn't have to worry about donating to be able to play. Welcome to the forum, booq.
  8. Old map for reference.
  9. Really enjoying the new Final Fantasy™ game, Final Fantasy XV! This huge open world makes it feel so alive! Plus with cooking, a zany cast of characters, beautiful graphics and an amazing story, I'm sure this is the game for new and old fans alike! And at $60? What a steal!

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    2. Terrazer


      cant wait for Final Fantasy XD

    3. Seph


      Got to finally watch Angry Joe play the new Final Fantasy and haha.. he ran out of gas in the car while watching it drive like 6 minutes or so, had to walk the rest of the way. In the end he kinda drank too much though and it got awkward.


    4. Seph


      He enjoyed the game much more than I did though. :P

  10. Pixelated Games (Gamer) owns the rights, and thus, the source code. Unless a handful of mods were passed stock or something PG to my knowledge is entirely a one-man thing. He seemed pretty intent on not wanting to sell/give it away. If I fancied a guess I'd say it was more of a life decision than a financial one, and you'd have a hard time convincing a person to go back on decisions like that.
  11. Then the concept wouldn't really apply to you, yeah. I was saying hypothetically, if you limit the number of quests a single character can do (or anything else), some people will want to start new characters to see all of the content they missed the first time. Eventually if you keep this up, it would mean some of these people would have to buy premium slots to see all of the game's content or delete their characters(and who would really do that if getting to these quests takes serious investment?). I believe free slots + extra slots for $$ is confirmed for WoT but I don't know the specifics. llama sidestepped all of this by just making the other quests harder to do, but still possible.
  12. That's why you Apparently llama is nicer than me, though
  13. I was thinking about a day/night cycle like two days ago, sweet. Glad to you know you guys are confident that something like it could be pulled off without 80 million sprites or something crazy like that, Unity's working its magic Any ideas on where we as the players would be starting in this game? Or which regions are the most "playable" atm?
  14. I'd say for the devs it's on the table. This is pretty outdated info but there have been staff-sponsored art contests for things like steampunk and modern names in story teasers. In LT's early, early concept art there were junker orc-type guys. I think the plan is to start out vaguely medieval fantasy and then branch out into other stuff. All subject to change, of course.
  15. I get what King is saying, the only thing I find disagreeable is worrying about people getting triggered. If you cut the fluff off of WoT and all you find is FO+, I'd say you're clicking around in a glorified chatbox. It's true though, like some chats, WoT will probably have a pretty good community. If that's what you're playing for you can stop here. I support WoT's narrative direction and effort, but I'm also not shy to say there will be times where I don't care about what NPCs have to say, or the music playing in the zone, or how my weapon looks or who I can chat with. There will be times where I'm here for the game, using my numbers to kill other numbers and hitting buttons and stuff. If that process is not somehow entertaining to me I will log off. Enemies, skills, gear, etc. help quench that thirst. Because there is a dominant design philosophy of the market, the conventional features most of us are thinking of are boring and cliche. It's okay to incorporate some or even all of these conventional standards into the game, but a "done again" mentality is death. I think staff already understands this but its good to have this conversation in writing. Chronicles of Elyria has aging. The Black Death has disease mechanics. Things CAN be different and even successful to boot, EVE is exemplary on that last bit. The last mechanically-focused update I remember was in 2014 (please prove me wrong). Like King, I would appreciate more thought being put into how players will be interacting with the game itself, and would have more confidence in WoT's odds for success if attention to design was more regularly vocalized. Theory is always better than nothing.