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  1. Come Play December 30th

    Lightning AoE, bank and day/night cycle look incredible! Ready to get back into bank tab art . I also freaked when seeing that pet spawn in for the first time. Health pool, exp, pathfinding, it's all there. Its even got its own light source! What do you have going on with those share gold/exp functions for guilds?
  2. How is "hate" going to work?

    For informational purposes this is a good write-up for how hate/aggro mechanics function in EQ: Has a lot of investigation on different factors for aggro and managing aggro within a party.
  3. Devblog 88: Pets

    New drinking game: Go through the last five development updates and read the original posts out loud. Take a shot every time the word "framework" or "server" is said. Hard mode: Include all llama posts in the thread
  4. We

  5. Character Border

  6. Character Border

    I like it. What about element specific borders? I can also see borders unlocking for special achievements/events. Maybe make them selectable in an options menu?
  7. Devblog 84: A day late...

    Dynamic gold dropping, dynamic shop prices, bank taxes, oh my. Some of it even makes sense in-universe, if everyone's buying potion x buy not y, why wouldn't the shopkeep adjust his prices? Why would goblins who are constantly getting pounded have any gold left? This "global controller" seems pretty sophisticated. I suppose it's cheaper than hiring your own economist like EVE does.
  8. Greentext.

  9. Greentext.

    W H A A A A T
  10. Devblog 84: A day late...

    What is that bar on the bottom right corner? And do the potions work?
  11. Devblog 84: A day late...

    Wow. All of the hard work being done in the background is finally beginning to peep out. The steady approach taken for development is now bearing its fruit. It all seems very polished and clean. I'm glad that you didn't compromise on quality, llama, even when others (including myself at times) were skeptical about your approach. Compare this to the sprite rips of FO's alpha or even during its final days and already WoT proves humbling. I'm very excited for July.
  12. Test of the Century

    Basically "sub" board posts contribute to the post count of the "parent" board. It's not revolutionary information but if you're trying to get a cool XXXXth post it's a good distinction on fast moving boards. Sadly iirc getting the post id is a pretty obtuse process so you wouldn't really get to share it with many other people. It's worth a suggestion, online communities often give cultural significance to specific sets of post count digits. Something to joke around with. Not denying I wasn't bored tho
  13. Test of the Century

    This is a test to see if posts in 'Test Zone' contribute to the post count of 'Forum and Shoutbox.' At the time of this posting the post count is 558. Result: The post count is now 559. Requires further research.
  14. Major Suggestion: Be original

    The thing with tropes is that they're always a decision between novelty and old familiarity. You've got to hit it somewhere in the middle so your work isn't boring or incoherent (in which trying too hard to be unique is a usually tiresome trope in itself). None of these really bother me but I get the feeling we'd be playing for different reasons. I wouldn't care about story cliches like amnesia but only because I don't care about the story. Stick/joke weapons I'm 50/50 on. I don't think the team is interested in too many throwbacks or FO's tone, so I'd take the stick and leave it at that. Keep it subtle. The color scheme I actually have more of an opinion on. It's good because everyone uses it. When you see that scheme on gear you immediately know what it means, it's job is to communicate value and it's very good at that, so you can get back to playing the game instead of processing the specifics. Using some special snowflake scheme for no other reason than to be different comes off as tryhard and risks confusion, bogging down the game because everybody has to translate the deviation. If you're saying you don't like the design philosophy though I agree with you. There's also a lot more nuance to that specific sequence. "Hot" = good is the gist, shuffling that means shuffling those subconscious color meanings.
  15. I don't know what to say

    1. Odimor


      Tell us your gender you sexless freak

    2. fredonia
    3. kidokica


      Did you just assume he was sexless?