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  1. It's possible to track him down but it'll take some research. Not really worth it tbh but if you're bored one afternoon go for it :\
  2. Oooo mystery asset. Enjoy your vacation llama, I know I'll be enjoying mine next week.
  3. Hopefully now that the team has a more structured management system something like this is possible. Understandably there's some anxiousness about having a scale set in stone, I think a gradual checklist is a good middle ground between keeping it loose and having a sort of development calender. No dates required, it's just nice to know what's left to be done. Afraid that there might be anger if progress is made public or the list is changed before release? There could be some disappointment, maybe, but after sticking around for so long I thinks as a community we've proven our loyalty. We want to see this done to the end.
  4. Having combined sets be unequipable didn't even cross my mind. Merchant players wouldn't have a problem with this, but for others set combination forces the question of "Am I going to be wearing this in the near future?" If the answer is yes the set won't be combined, and then the player won't be reconsidering it until their bank storage is filling up, and then you're competing with yourself on combination costs vs. bank tab costs. Basically, unequipable combination can be either a blessing or a curse depending on the situation, you'd be banking on a cycle of the average player combo'ing a set and putting it away for a time, then having the old set strike his fancy enough to where he wants to put it/pieces on again. I don't know if "outfit nostalgia" has ever been polled among MMO players but I'd say while it's definitely there it's in the minority, especially in a market where new outfits are being constantly introduced. If your questions aren't rhetorical then humbly yeah I would say my model would be more profitable. Merchants are a guaranteed sell either way, they want as much stock in as little space as possible, but having equipable combined sets with added flair gives average players a motivation to acquire instead of a utilitarian balance of pros/cons. Take away flair and just have combo be equipable and I'd still say it'd be more profitable. This is for premium fee, though. Unequipable combo system for gold/coin sink? May slightly cut into premium combo/definitely into bank tab sales if they coexisted, but still worth considering.
  5. wow what a buncha babies
  6. @iamallama Very creative, especially that second point. I don't see why the normal armor principle couldn't be expanded to weapons, though if weapons were added to vanity sets I'd probably recommend against putting them in set combination. Set combination could be marketed to even more than just collector types if additional aesthetic qualities were added to combined sets.
  7. Maybe make vanity weapons an ingame unlockable/coinsink? Either a flat (premium?) charge for the slot or fee to add a 'vanity' quality to a weapon?
  8. @MarkAnthonyCaesar "As far as I know" (I know KA was asking it too but w/e)
  9. Ay @iamallama hmu with those wiki credentials fam

  10. @ShunsuiKyoraku The old market trick?
  11. Bloodborne had earlier areas change after certain events triggered in the game. A blood moon rises, and in every past level all the monsters have changed and new paths have opened up for exploration. Countless other games do this in some form, and they do it because it's a good idea. No reason not to add even more meaning to the game world.
  12. Real talk here for a second. Out of the pages of lore that have been revealed to us and are no doubt behind the scenes, Pink's teaser Q&A from years ago was still the best thing the writing staff ever put out: @Seph is right, there is literally endless potential with the concept and honestly I'm afraid that the writing staff will dig itself too far into the current setting we're getting glimpses of and lose sight of this beautiful thing (which no MMO has ever attempted btw). WoT doesn't have to be shy about being a videogame and can embrace cyber dragons and wind monks if it's allowed to. Only time will tell, I suppose. Of Pink and Pear was my best shot at examining the two writing philosophies that seemed to be clashing in this game instead of coming together, and I'm sad to say that I still think it's just as applicable now as it was then.
  13. Once again I recommend Bartle Typology: Avoiding the "what does 'best' even mean?" question, your typical biggest damage weapon could be desired for three(more unlisted) different reasons: to kill better, satisfaction of completion(crafting), satisfaction of will(grinding). A player who wants to kill and be the best at killing is not interested in crafting or grinding. A crafter who wants the apex of creation isn't necessarily interested in killing, but will craft the ultimate weapon to validate the effort of the system, a system grinding does not match. A grinder isn't grinding to kill a lot, but to test his determination in getting a drop so he can reflect on his efforts, crafting(without grindy material rates) is an easier and unworthy test in the eyes of the grinder, or possibly too complex. You satisfy this trifecta by making each player necessary at different points. The best ice weapon is crafted. The best fire weapon dropped by a boss. The best earth weapon from grind. Comparably, these weapons are more or less equal but optimal in different situations/specs. When a player wants a weapon from a process he doesn't enjoy, he may sidestep that process with commerce(introducing yet another player archetype interested in the weapons). The proposition's not bullet proof, improper spec balancing is a fixable hurdle that comes to mind, but this is what I can come up with. EDIT: Hybridizing approaches, such as Best Sword is dropped by boss then crafted into Best Sword+1, imo is a middle of the road alternative that won't piss anybody off but won't be incredibly enjoyable to anyone either(maybe for commerce players). By all means have it in a game, but it shouldn't be the go-to for what you want as the peak of a type of player's enjoyment. You want to be satisfying the player every step of that climactic process.