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  1. I wanna play yugioh but I already know I will have no sense of fulfillment 

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    2. fredonia


      It's the most recent PC release. Pretty good, has a story campaign for every series and is the most up to date card-wise. It's not perfect but it's pretty good.

    3. kidokica


      Well, I'm not up to date to any cards that came after GX, so yeah. I tried out Dueling network a year or two ago, and was baffled by all the cards and the fact that people actually knew to play the game, thus ending my Yugioh adventure without a single win. d:

    4. SpiderOfAnarchy


      I love Legacy of the Duelist. Pretty empty once everyone got through with it, but since Dueling Network (or whatever the name is) went down, it's more than likely the only/best alternative. I'd give it a go, you play with a large arsenal of decks and learn a lot about the game. Satisfaction? I can't guarantee that.