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  1. Am i lucky to claim this username?

    lol hey its yielmo
  2. Art Contest #25

    ah, thank you haha
  3. Art Contest #25

    Missile Toe made it up really quick, not sure if it counts as "christmas themed" haha this is my final
  4. Art Contest #25

    Maybe I'll try this contest
  5. Hi I'm Yielmo, started playing FO in June of 2011, up until the very end. Nice to meet you all :-)
  6. Art Contest #21

    Hm, maybe i should give it a try
  7. Happy Birthday Yielmo!

  8. It's been so long :o so much development

    1. Noless212


      yes yes we love the development

    2. Seph


      Yielmo used to be on the art staff, he did a really good job too.

    3. Yielmo


      @Joseph- I requested that I leave the staff since I was too busy in real life.

  9. Sorry for the inactivity, school is here.

  10. Week 33

    woo for the wiki staff!!
  11. Week 32: The Russian Revolution

    Awesome, can't wait to see it in game
  12. WavesOfTime Art Dump

    I don't think you can post the Zombie one because it uses the FO base sprite
  13. Transit System

    I like this idea better than teleports. It's a good coin sink and people won't just be teleporting without any costs, other than the 1 time purchase. I don't like that it takes 30 seconds though. Maybe 5 seconds at most
  14. WavesOfTime Art Dump

    The second one has some cool textures going on, nice!
  15. Screenshots Thread

    New fonts? Expect everything to look different in the closed alpha release