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  1. megamanfan

    Youtube Any1?

    No YouTube but I will be streaming on twitch when the game comes out but it will be awhile before that happens (the game coming out that is).
  2. megamanfan


    @@Terrazer you should check out this video if you want to improve your landscape drawing. It is about perspective which is important when drawing almost anything. You only need 1 pencil, I suggest a HB but a normal #2 will work as well. This is a good video on creating a gradient which will help when only using a single pencil.
  3. megamanfan


    charizard lol
  4. megamanfan


    Here is some of my old stuff. I haven't drawn anything in a long time. one two three
  5. megamanfan

    Art Contest #28 part 3: Head

    @@mathcong I just need the combined gif with all 3 parts @@juraija in game the shirt layer will cover the leg layer so you might want to move the belt to the shirt layer. Also I need a gif of the 3 parts combined.
  6. megamanfan

    Art Contest #28 part 3: Head

    Hey guys I need each of you to either post here or pm me your full set of 3 items. @@Cizalto You can send it in with the head you just wont get the extra points from this round.
  7. megamanfan

    Art Contest #28 part 3: Head

    @@iamallama Its my fault I got busy with life and forgot.
  8. megamanfan

    ART CONTEST #28 Part 2

    They are not required to match. The points of each round will be worth more than the ones for voting at the end when there is a full set.
  9. megamanfan

    ART CONTEST #28 Part 2

    you have till the 24th
  10. megamanfan

    ART CONTEST #28 Part 2

    Ok guys and gals welcome to Art Contest #28 For more info on this contest see here There is are a few changes so please reread the rules ect below! ART CONTEST #28 part 2: Top Description: Create a shirt All views are required You are still able to submit pants to the other post however you are no longer able to earn the points for doing so. Here is the base sprite sheet: When you submit your final work you need to have: The full animation. The sprite sheet with out the base layer. Example: Color palette: You can use the full palette. <= Ps3k <= 256 indexed <= Pyxel Edit The contest will run for 10 days Submission deadline: 02/24/2016 at 8pm EST To submit a piece post it to this thread and mark it final! You can still post previews for feedback just make sure to mark your final one before the end date! For the winners we need to have your spritesheet so make sure to include a link with your final version. Basic Requirements: Submitted piece: - Can only have colors from the given color palette for this particular contest. - Only one submission per person - Must be presented in this form: => Size x2 (pick the middle one If animation : 1200 miliseconds per frame (1.2 seconds) Only images marked final will be voted on. * Spritesheet as a link with the final image •How to get the base sprite & files : go here •Points can be gained by merely joining the contest and submitting a piece. Top three get extra points. See Hall of Fame.*points are on hold at this time •Vote for the future contest themes and post ideas on the Theme Vote Thread. •Post previews of your work here for feedback. Good luck with this week's challenge, and ask me any questions! LT & RedError http://wavesoftime.c...rt/contest.html All images (spritesheets, animations, previews, sketches) are property of Lighterthief and iamallama. Submitted images become the property of Lighterthief and iamallama and are covered under their copyright. Use may be made of these sprites for non-commercial purposes without permission from the copyright holder. Commercial use of this material may only be made with the express, prior, written permission of Lighterthief and iamallama.
  11. megamanfan

    ART CONTEST #28 Part 1

    Voting has started. Late entries will be added to the poll on Friday night.
  12. megamanfan

    Voting for ART CONTEST #28 Part 1

    Cast your vote for Art Contest #28 part 1. Description: Create some pants. Late entries will be added to the poll on Friday night. Voting ends 02/14/2016 at 11 pm EST mathcong juraija Cizalto
  13. megamanfan

    ART CONTEST #28 Part 1

    there isn't a missing frame? looks strange going from left to right and then teleporting back to left without moving through the middle Ya I think I missed one when I did it lol
  14. megamanfan

    ART CONTEST #28 Part 1

    Thoughts on my wind legs?
  15. megamanfan

    ART CONTEST #28 Part 1

    You have to change the size. You need hit file, new, custom and make the stats width:32 height:48 X:9 Y:4. Then in the Sprite Sheet window hit the import arrow and select the image I posted above. Or you can pm me your email I can send you the ps3k file that is ready to go.