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  1. i just dont know what to play, i need recomendations, if you can recomend me any game like sea of thieves or one similar to Waves of Time i really really would apreciate that.
  2. i like your picture, daredevil :)

    1. empeoror


      Thank you! Daredevil is one of My favorite shows. :) 

    2. ExpertDrah


      yeah, im waiting for season 3

  3. i just saw a video talking about communities of all games, the video talks about how the community is one of the importants things in games and how a bad community can destroy a game (just see almost all of the competitive games) i want to say something to all the community of WoT, be respectful with all the people, help each other and have fun. If someone needs help, help him.

    The good thing about WoT community is that its great, so i want all the community to know, keep doing what you are doing, being respectful and helping each other, if we all do that this game will be one of the best games.

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    2. Seph


      A lot of us have known each other for 3+ years as we used to play another game before all this development, so we've been a community before. Will the community stay this friendly when the game is out and we have a lot more new members? Let's hope so.

    3. dookillyou


      Lets hope it stays this friendly 


    4. Mugwa


      The core community have been friendly with each other going on 7 years - I reckon we can manage it ;)


  4. Here is a video of the last suporter weekend:


  5. i love the community of this game, if the community keep the same way they are, i think this would be one of the best games ever made

  6. i really need this game!

    1. KingAruthur


      We all do,just not completed 

  7. im still waiting this game, im really hyped

    1. NickBuscus


      Like the rest of the forum. :P

  8. ExpertDrah

    Supporter Preview: Build - Alpha 81

    i cant join its says: "Initializing ..." and thats all, dont join