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  1. IEatLouis

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    That is a pretty big update on the world map nice nice I like it looks very intriguing, I can't wait to explore it :3
  2. IEatLouis

    Rename Edelstein (or not)

    I like how the votes are spread out so far, if it stays as evenly spread between Edelstein, Gorton, Schmitty and Baldemar, we could vote again between the four of them :3
  3. IEatLouis

    Come Play December 30th

    Let me just say how much I freaking love the lightning. P.S.: the music is awesome.
  4. IEatLouis

    Rename Blacksmith/Edelstein

    I think Edelstein is a nice german word so I vote for letting him stay like that. It means 'gemstone' btw.
  5. IEatLouis

    Devblog 88: Pets

    butbutbut PvP was soooo fun It's really cool to see Bushy. I love Bushy. I want Bushy. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the game, llama!
  6. IEatLouis

    Devblog 79: Happy new year

    next devblog comes tomorrow, right? I heard someone say in discord that it's on the first sunday each month. I'm looking forward to it
  7. IEatLouis

    Your weapon of choice

    I'm a big fan of Kama, Akali's weapons of Choice. And although I've never actually seen them in the kind of game Waves of Time is going to be, I'd certainly like to
  8. Hi, I'm really looking forward to the release of this game and so I'd like to support you buuut I only use paysafecard for all these online donation things or even when buying stuff on Steam, because it's so fast and comfortable :3 So could you add that possibility or is that a problem?
  9. IEatLouis


    Ok, no. Either make Lightning its own thing or leave it out. It makes no sense at all to incorporate lightning into air/wind because theyy have no relation with eachother. Lightning is great, if for no other reason then I'd want to be a Lightning mage just to have lotsa sparks coming out of my body like an electrical aura. \(°u°)/ Lightning energy is also good for attacking multiple enemies since it can just jump from enemy to enemy through the air. But it's also good for powerful single taarget attacks like the one pikachu constantly uses you might even use it to electrify yourself before a battle to raise your agility and/or damage output. Also for the Blood Manipulation, yea having no mana is a given ^^ you use part of your hp to use spells and then you can either heal everytime you deal damage with a spell or you can tie the healing to a specific spell that deals damage and heals for the same amount ... or something like that anyway Blood Manipulation has a lot of potential because the basic form is a liquid, kinda like with Water Manipulation. I just thought a lot about Blood so now I'll go into League of Legends and play Vladimir xD P.S.: thanks for reminding me of Deadman Wonderland and Kyoukai no Kanata, I gotta reread/rewatch those again in the near future ... such great manga/anime. *sigh* :3
  10. IEatLouis


    Hi, I just read that week 49 recap in the news section, and it was written there that elements will be a core part of gameplay. So, my question is if there will only be the most classic 4 elemental manipulations of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth; or also some of the more uncommonly seen like Lightning(Electricity), Light, Darkness and even Blood Manipulation I've been reading a lot of Chinese Wuxia Novels recently and they nearly always have those 3 supplementary elements and sometimes Blood Manipulation is a thing too I actually like these 4 additional manipulations more because imo they're more exciting and because they aren't as mainstream. :3
  11. IEatLouis

    League Of Shadows

    So, basically: I love the name of the guild and I wanna help you make it great!