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  1. from the lead dev of FO.

    1. Aridosa


      What lead dev?

    2. noobgod
    3. Aridosa


      Still confused lol

  2. noobgod

    Hiring Scripters?

    I was just thinking about this. RIP
  3. noobgod

    Devblog 84: A day late...

    Trading! God bless this day Also, is the skill bar in that place only for the gif or permanently? needs more crabs still
  4. noobgod

    Devblog 83: Mostly UI and then some

    needs more crabs
  5. noobgod

    Devblog 82: Another week

    Ver nice, ver good
  6. noobgod

    Devblog 82: Another week

    Vernice post
  7. noobgod

    Devblog 79: Happy new year

    The map though, it's gorgeous
  8. Probably in beta, I remember FO being in beta until the end...?
  9. noobgod

    Interactive Sprites

    Boy if that snowman doesnt make it into the game
  10. noobgod

    Devblog 74: Come play with us...

    FIRST Also, that one pick look like the gril from avatar :^) easter egg references i like it!
  11. noobgod

    Devblog 73: Equips for everything

    That .gif at the end is badess and the sword too! Are those auras only for GM's or could be used as buffs (the outlines i think) and i really really really like the static one and hopefully can get it ingame :^)))))
  12. noobgod

    Devblog 72: Inventory is almost done!

    Punching animations when? noobs dont know how to equip weapons ya know
  13. noobgod

    First thing you gonna do :DDDD

    Well i did have top gear most of the time in the game so eh, tanking cats while afking was my jam
  14. noobgod

    First thing you gonna do :DDDD

    I'd probably just get max level and then chill in the noob areas with noobs and give them money for free because i don't have friends pellet Edit; BTW that is what i did in FO sometimes
  15. noobgod

    The lore of WoT

    Bamb's comment is like a devblog, dream made come true today