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  1. Released my first game yesterday and it did better than I thought. It got over 10 downloads! Which seems small but it's a good start


    1. Terrazer


      yes i did, not sure what to say about it tho

    2. DoOArcher


      Don't need to say anything about it Terrazer, as long as you enjoyed it or hated it and that people are playing a thing I made, that's all that matters. :)

  2. DoOArcher

    WoT in Steam Greenlight

    @Terrazer they will still be there, just not as much if it's not Freemium @UNIT15 Going away sadly
  3. DoOArcher

    WoT in Steam Greenlight

    I get that @Seph , just saying as greenlight is being taking out . Tdlr : "Replacing Greenlight will be a more direct application process for developers, called Steam Direct. The votes are gone, and in their place, developers will have to pay a publishing fee direct to Valve, as well as complete some “digital paperwork”. The fee is up in the air, with Valve mooting figures between $100 and $5,000, while it promises the paperwork will be no more complex than applying for a bank account."
  4. DoOArcher

    WoT in Steam Greenlight

    With how the progress is and with how much content there is atm, I don't think it would meet greenlight before it closes sadly
  5. DoOArcher

    Market Snipes/Bots

    A good way to stop bots is any New accounts should have to wait x amount of days before accusing the market or have a level cap to use it. Rip me buying my friend pickaxe for 1gold, never forget.
  6. Man the artwork is so lovely, keep it up guys
  7. DoOArcher

    Serious Banana

    What's up megaX.
  8. DoOArcher

    Dev blog 78 - The one that was missing

    Stares at clock, watching the time ticks by.
  9. Why do bears have fur coats?

    Because they'd look stupid in anoraks! 

    To get the Joke, This is what an anorak is

  10. DoOArcher

    Dev Blog 77 - MAPS! Arr!

    Dam the Dalonnians have some sexy sprites, Good job guys. Can't wait for next month. Also @iamallama will the different cultures react differently with you when you favor one over the other, Like for example: To say like you have a good connection with the Ebal, will that differ to the way you speak to the Dalonnians and how they speak with you. If there is rivalry between the two different cultures Thank you!
  11. Why don't bears like fast food?

     Because they can't catch it! 

    I'm back :D


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    2. DoOArcher


       "I'm going to try a bear joke every month and here it is."

      This one is a little rushed like fast food..

      Just a monthly bear joke @Seph 

    3. Terrazer


      wew lad, unbearable


      (lets not beat the dead bear here)

    4. Seph


      Beary nice, I like.

  12. DoOArcher

    Waiting for years D:

    I often kill time doing homework, studying, drawing or spriting; or just procrastinating.... I should be getting ready for my art test on Tuesday, now I think about it.
  13. DoOArcher


    Took me 5 minutes to do this on my computer free Paint app Can't wait to get my wacom tablet soon edit:( I'm also a majoring in Visual Art)
  14. Its coming to gather, slowly but surely. Keep up the great work guys!