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  1. Riptide

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Great job LT!
  2. Riptide

    Dev Blog 90- Bugs Bugs Bugs

    Could I please get a link to the discord?
  3. Riptide

    Devblog 89: Bank

    I've been here literally from the beginning and even though its been two four years, I'm really glad that you have stuck through with this game and continue to give us updates. Love the work!
  4. Riptide

    Riptide's Comic Thread

    Riptide's Comic Thread Hey guy's, I'm not sure but if you remember but Malice72 used to have a comic thread and it was really cool how he kinda brought the community together through some simple laughs. I'm gunna try to keep that legacy alive with my own comic thread and hopefully you guy's will enjoy it. If you ever have one of your own comics feel free to PM me it and I'll post it here. I'll try to make at least one every week once the game comes out. Watch the quotes people. OK, enough said here. 7/11 Suppporter's Weekend
  5. Could someone please PM me a link to the .zip with the old FO sprites?

  6. Just uploaded my Baby Dragon, please go and check it out!

  7. Riptide


    The Revival Hi guys, Just trying to get back into pixel art and I'm going to be posting my projects here. My goal is to get at least one piece in-game! Update: 4/1/16 Finished!
  8. Riptide


    Lol I didn't think the girl was any good so I took it off. Should I keep working on it?
  9. Just started to pixel art again. :)

  10. Riptide


    Update: 7/22/16 (notes in first post)
  11. Riptide


    Update: 7/15/16 (notes in first post)
  12. Riptide


    Looks great man, only thing is that I feel like the lighting may not be exactly correct though. (left top)
  13. Riptide

    Art Contest #25

    @@mathcong Looks great man haha. I've noticed your style has changed a bit since you first started, looks good.
  14. Hey i'm Riptide, nice to see ya. Because of FO I am attempting to get better at pixel art to one day maybe make art staff or get an item in-game.
  15. Riptide

    WavesOfTime Art Dump

    The Scarlet Speedster Feedback please!
  16. Riptide

    Download WoT Sprite

    @@Lighterthief Do you have a image for the base avatar frame? Edit: Nvm I have it. Here it is guys.
  17. Riptide

    Devblog 66: 6 new updates. It never ends!

    I can feel's getting closer and closer haha
  18. Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for the great team working on putting this game online!

    1. Aridosa


      <3 We are thankful for our wonderful community :)

  19. Riptide

    Art Contest #24 - Futuristic Weapons

    Dang... this contest thing died out.
  20. Riptide

    Art Contest #24 - Futuristic Weapons

    He's probably busy with college again...
  21. Riptide

    Art Contest #24 - Futuristic Weapons

    Nothing special... Mech Arm
  22. Riptide

    Devblog #63: UI and Inventory V1

    Is the game going to be browser based, client based, on Steam, or like a mix?
  23. The anticipation for the devblog is real.

    1. DuckyMoho


      When will it be release, when will it be seen .... find that out next time on DragonBall Z

    2. Terrazer
  24. Riptide

    Art Contest #24 - Futuristic Weapons

    @@RedError I hope you finals went aight. Is there anyway you can update the Hall of Fame chart?
  25. Riptide

    Art Contest #23 - Evil [char/monster]

    I hope your exams are going well! Do you know when you'll be able to be active again?