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  1. Happy Birthday zooropa!

  2. zooropa

    will any attacks require aim?

    This was taken from Recap week. Wait whats that mean? Active time based? (Sorry I feel like this is a stupid questions) I think it refers the cooldown for skills.
  3. zooropa

    Record mobs data.

    I haven't edited the original post. That's just what I mean by recording/ gathering information in an individual section of each player/ user. I really apologize if I can't find the right words, since maybe I don't handle english very well.
  4. zooropa

    Record mobs data.

    It could be an active/passive skill. Basically, the players have the ability to record data from monsters. This information may be the level; the maximum life; resistances and weaknesses; all or part of the drops, and could be stored in a special section of each player/ user. Each time a player kills a monster, that player can use a skill to discover a feature of that monster randomly, or simply fail, and each time it is used successfully, increases experience. The probability of success is linked with the level of the skill and the level of the monster against which it is used. Just that. Cya! Edit: I don't post it in the skills suggestions thread, because wouldn't be just a skill. It would have an extra content beyond the skills.
  5. zooropa

    Devblog #57: UI! UI! UI!

    That scene is a complete masterpiece. Congrats.
  6. zooropa

    NPC Battle Assist

    No me gusta demasiado que un NPC actúe todo el tiempo como otro personaje, pero si me gusta si este comportamiento es parte de una misión. --- I do not like a NPC acting all the time as another char, but I really like it if this behavior is part of a quest.
  7. zooropa

    Rarity Colors

    Gray (or white), blue and purple would look great.
  8. Happy Birthday zooropa!

  9. zooropa

    Week 45

    Nice update. Keep good work, relax and happy birthday.
  10. zooropa

    *LQ* - NPC Naming Competition

    Name: Rose Stern & Will Grantz. Taken from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Hamlet). Gender: Female and male, respectively. Job: Partners/ couple in the bad way. Personality: They do not value the feelings of people. Lazy, good at starting things, bad at moving on. They are not model citizens. Appearance: - Name: Alcides Aquinno. Taken from Aquiles/ Achilles. Gender: Male. Job: War commander. Personality: Hard worker. Observant and methodical. Loyal, would die for his teammates. Appearance: - The job performed by each NPC refers only to the original source of the name. Also, if any name is to your liking, it can be used any way you want.
  11. zooropa

    *LQ* - NPC Naming Competition

    Name: Hanzen Bax. Taken from 'Johann Sebastian Bach', baroque composer and musician. Gender: Male. Job: Young troubadour. Personality: Excellent artist and team player. Optimistic. Focused on the present and dislikes thinking ahead. Enjoys the little details of life and hates routine. Appearance: Smooth brown hair. His clothes are simple and prefers them to be nature coloured. Always accompanied by his guitar. Name: Calbal Akrav. Taken from 'Kalb al Akrab', or 'Qalb al-Aqrab', which means 'the heart of the scorpion'. Gender: Male. Job: Animal trainer. Personality: A lone worker. Perfectionist. Is distanced from his family and handed over to the beasts training. Appearance: Wavy blond hair. Always dressed in his camouflage clothes. The job performed by each NPC refers only to the original source of the name. Also, if any name is to your liking, it can be used any way you want.
  12. zooropa

    Week 41 this evening

    Eso es correcto. Chrome tiene problemas con Unity y se rompe facilmente. IE, por el contrario, no se rompe con Unity. Al menos asi me sucede a mi. Edito: Tambien tuve problemas con Firefox. ----- That's right. Chrome has problems with Unity and crashes easily. IE, by contrast, does not crash with Unity. At least it happens to me. Edit: I also had problems with Firefox. Eso suena como la solucion optima. Cronometros dinamicos creados y desechados cuando sea necesario. ----- That sounds like the optimum solution. Dynamic timers created and disposed when necessary.
  13. zooropa

    Boss Spawn Killing

    Good point, I had not thought of it that way. It makes more sense.
  14. zooropa

    Boss Spawn Killing

    This is an interesting topic, and I think that never talked about it before. In some mmo, the bosses respawn system is handled by a fixed interval, adding a random interval. For example, when a boss dies, an algorithm is generated. Which, considering a fixed interval, for example 48 hours, performs a calculation next to a random interval, for example +/- 8 hours. The result could be between 40 and 56 hours. That would be the time of respawn of the boss.
  15. zooropa


    Me refiero a una funcion comun donde, manteniendo presionada la tecla shift, baje la opacidad del nombre y, al soltar la tecla shift, vuelve a su estado normal. Obviamente, yo digo tecla shift como ejemplo. Edito: Ahora que lo pienso mejor, esto tambien se podria desarrollar como una habilidad donde, un personaje, pueda hacerce invisible por algunos segundos, bajando la opacidad del personaje. Aunque eso iria en 'Sugerencias'. --- I refer to a common function where, holding down the shift key, the opacity of the name is reduced and, by releasing the shift key, returns to normal state. Obviously, I say 'shift' key as an example only. Edit: Now that I think better, this also could be developed as a skill where, a char, can become invisible for a few seconds, reducing the opacity of the char. Although that would go in 'Suggestions'.