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  1. So, it's been 4 and a half years now. This game should be called "Waste of Time".

  2. I've been waiting for this game, since Fantasy Online closed, and I'm not willing to wait any longer. I always said to myself, be patient, the game will be released eventually... But it's been so long, I'm sick of keep waiting. This is over. 4 and a half years have passed, and I'm depressed that Waves Of Time hasn't been released yet. I thought I could continue my old adventure, I considered this game to be my second chance, but I was wrong. Close this website, you don't need it. Nobody is that determined to wait a half of a f***ing decade for an MMORPG flash game. 

    1. KingAruthur


      I feel, dont even know why I waste my time on this.  Also wasted 20$ on donations.

    2. DustinPlays


      I agree with you, because when FO closed down I was devastated and when I saw that this game was being created I saw hope. Developers need to return to the legacy of FO. 

  3. NewGame666

    Changing my profile name

    Hey, how can I change my username as well as my profile name? NewGame666 is my oldest profile on this site, and I've already donated some money using it, means that NewGame666 profile is a supporter. I would like to change my profile name since it's related to a my own closed youtube channel, and I don't use this profile name anymore. I'll be glad if I'd be able to change it to Mr. Wow. Thanks.
  4. Hey, I've a question. When will the game be released? Or will you publish a beta version?

    1. Numinex


      release date = not know

      beta, in august, possible.

    2. Mula


      Dominuss knowledge = accurate

    3. Numinex