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  1. Weapon

    A Break

    ?? since when have you all been working for like the 6 months? how long of a break do you all need? just close this forum down and end the saga that never started.
  2. Weapon

    Might be no blog

    It’s weird lama was wanting to put something out pretty quickly a couple months ago but it seems he has forgotten about what he should be working on and forgotten about the community that has supported him to where he is now, i dont know if he can’t do this himself then hire a team. Simple.
  3. Weapon

    Dead game

    I haven’t even heard of this game lol so I’ve been missing out, i just wish gamer would’ve sold the rights over to someone else instead of waiting 4 years which will turn to 20 for something that honestly won’t come out
  4. Weapon

    Might be no blog

    Yup all you guys in here are so correct like honestly I don’t see why he can’t just get other dedicated and people with talent when it comes to making stuff for the game like he could get people like lighterthief to do the outfits and maybe Aridosa and some other coders to help program when he can’t, and it sucks because we have been donating to what feels like a empty game that will never deliver
  5. Weapon

    Might be no blog

    Eh it’s been 4 years and I understand he’s doing this by himself but he says he’s trying to get it done quicker and he has these dedicated people who have donated to his monthly costs and he’s not even keeping up anymore. Ridiculous...
  6. Weapon

    Dead game

    Not much of anyone on these threads nowadays nor are the dev blogs even being kept up with so I don’t much is gonna come of our new game.
  7. Weapon

    Might be no blog

    Go figure not too much happened in the 4 years this has been worked on so this happening is no surprise, I doubt a game will come lol smh.
  8. Weapon


    I hope thats a joke lol
  9. Weapon


    We gonna have the old boxes and sets like before? That’ll be dope asf i loved collecting different outfit sets
  10. Weapon

    Alpha, beta or what?

    What is the game currently in lol im super confused
  11. Weapon

    Daily Rewards

    Oh well the people who cant thats their fault because dedicated people should get something too. Besides 5 mins a day thats not hard to include to a busy schedule homie
  12. Weapon

    Daily Rewards

    I have no clue if this has been made a suggestion but the daily rewards should get better every 2-3 days or something that way it encourages people to log in daily. Like xp boosts could increase from small to medium to large
  13. Weapon

    Donations to the game

    Appreciate the feedback guys, thank you, but since we are talking about beta, i have a question towards that and alpha, i had posted it on a post asking another post, but i dont think anyone who could answer saw it but here is the question if someone could verify(: Quick question. So i know how gamer in the early days had an alpha for the game before it was complete, is that what the beta will also be, im noticing a lot about the game can have stuff worked on after beta so is there a 3rd form of the game? I thought Fantasy Online was in beta form when it was shut down Because Lama said something wasn't really needed for beta release and that it could be added. so can someone help? thank you
  14. It says 150% toward premium if you donate what exactly does that mean like you get gems or pixels when the game starts?