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  1. When is the game coming out?

    oof got one-upped right in the gut
  2. When is the game coming out?

    Hi, Josh! We don't have a set date for the game's completion, but iamallama (lead coder and fancy person) keeps a running list of things that still need to be completed for a working beta. The lists are available in the more recent devblogs, found here: https://wavesoftime.com/forum/17-news-and-patch-notes/ The FAQ page doesn't seem to be up, but you can click here (https://wavesoftime.com/faq.html) or find it under the 'forums' tab when it decides to come back.
  3. Quest Rewards!

    We've been spying on you too, don't worry
  4. Game Completion Percentage

    Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, the only clues we get to the game's development and completion is through our devblogs where @iamallama explains what has been done and what needs to be done, often with lots of confusing techno-babble I'm sure only 4-5 people in these forums understand (here's the most recent one). Since this work is being done in off-hours, that makes it difficult to put a time limit or even a percentage on progress toward a working beta. To the second question, being that there are some really good, quality writers on the team, I'd expect not only humor on the level of FO but also a much deeper sense of worldbuilding and presence. Expect less random humor and more fantastical, in-world jokes and motives. Here, have a FAQ if you're interested in learning a bit more, and feel free to ask more questions in this sub or in the chatbox (edit: faq seems to be missing, and I think the cause is some recent forum work being done. Check back in the future.)
  5. Game

    To add to that, there is no set date for release as of yet. Check the FAQ first if you have any other questions, and if it isn't there, someone'll be happy to answer in this subforum.
  6. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    @ColeIsKing The event has ended, mate. We'll have another in the future when we hit a development milestone.
  7. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    So... how about that Mac version, speaking of? Just sitting on my hands here...
  8. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    *looks at .zip* Pfft, I didn't wanna play anyway... Gonna mess around with Wine for a while to see if I can get things working.
  9. Character Death

    Debuffs make games unfun. We have timers in MMORPGs to discourage players from just jumping back into an ongoing fight with no consequence, forcing them to reset or miss out on the drop if they were partying, and for that I think a simple boot back to hub would serve fine. Though I have seen fun instances of the "Heaven" concept in games like Runescape or Fate. In the latter example, you had a choice of booting back to hub or continuing on at the cost of items/gold, but I think this only works in dungeon-based games like that.
  10. I say we build a wall around this game until we find out what's really going on. Oh, and this game will be grindy, obviously. With the very simple/casual persuasion to play, I'd predict that the dominating playerbase would match that. I personally can't wait to meet more normies like myself.
  11. Community Driven Content/Admin's please read

    I'm fine with keeping LT locked in the basement shading every piece of SSC we all buy, but at some point we're going to have to consider what happens when different artists with different styles submit their pieces. Some will be dumb, like giant emoji heads and a twitter bird, but so are people. That's just the beauty of expression: free and good and awful and wonderful all at the same time. So, how do we decide what outside content stays or disappears? Competitions and votes? A simple 'yes' or 'no' from the mod team? Pay LT full-time until he keels over and dies? FO was nice in letting things fall in and out of fashion in their own time, offering box sets and discontinuing them after a while or bringing them back due to popular demand, and I take little to no issue with that model. I think your generic pixel pusher with a soft spot for art might deserve a little more credit, too; if they feel it won't fit in the world, in the theme established by other artists, they won't want to see it in the game. (These questions and points are addressed to nobody in particular; feel free to jump in and tell me I'm wrong) (also that twitter bird was super fly)
  12. Kindly get your avatar out of my mouth, please. You taste like metal and memes.

  13. Community Driven Content/Admin's please read

    I liked the odd crap. FO was quirky and fun in that regard and I hope LQ doesn't lose those elements of ridiculousness just for the sake of keeping something 'worldly'. Obviously, a community item should match the established theme, but I feel that even the odd things in FO were kept under reason and were in the interest of fun, as they should've been.
  14. Devblog 83: Mostly UI and then some

    <sparkle> <sparkle> *ooooooh!* *aaaaaaah!* Where did ye olde Character Select screen go?