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  1. ApathyBear

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Bit of a relief to have a note from staff that Llama's doing alright, vague as it is. I'm sure most of us thought he disappeared (I did, at least), but it sounds like he's been in contact with some.
  2. ApathyBear

    Might be no blog

    @torious Really shows how much of the initial 'hype' was just empty calories from boredom. Let the thread die alongside this weak sentiment.
  3. ApathyBear

    How do i play the game?

    Two year old memes are the best kind. Unless you're being serious. Read the thread.
  4. ApathyBear

    Might be no blog

    Wow, one devblog goes missing and suddenly we're playing "Who can be the best @Mystogan?" (all the love, brother) You guys are so quick to turn face that it's a little sad. Maybe I'm not reading every little thread that comes out, but I swear this sentiment wasn't floating around until this news came. And if this is some 'silent majority' argument, one we all agree with but just were too scared to talk about until now, then I'm not sure why you're still donating x dollars a month to keep a forum server running. You have the right to complain, and are probably justified in doing so, but it really seems too much too soon. Relax and just go do something else. Come back in a month and enjoy Llama's techno-babble over some tea, then go back to whatever else it was you were doing.
  5. ApathyBear

    Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    Llama's in charge of some big NSA project? Hmm, I wonder who got assassinated at the office... Maybe he hired a hitman with all our donation money! IT'S ALL A FRONT BOYS. GET DOWN!
  6. ApathyBear

    Could we have some map files?

    And all you rappers in the top 10? Please allow me to bump thee...
  7. It'd be cool to have some full map images for the new fan wikia (http://wavesoftime.wikia.com/) as well as for the 'officially unofficial' one we'll have for the forums. If it's something that can just be snapshotted and tidied into a .png, could we have it?
  8. Cute little 'early' counter. It's like one of those idle games, I just tap and watch the number go down...
  9. hi

    well, someone closed the topic so i am not able to post there, but here it is


    happy xmas :D

    1. Archangel


      These look great. Well done. :) 

    2. Terrazer


      ahah agent smithy, got a bit beefed up, neo would have trouble

    3. ApathyBear




  10. ApathyBear

    Rename Blacksmith/Edelstein

    I second Agent Smith. We'll need more than one blacksmith for multiple areas, right? Each one can be a Smith persona (or Smithsonas as I like to call them), with one in particular wearing black clothes and sunglasses. Same character shape and everything. I need someone to draw this for me. Where's my husbando @juraija when I need him...
  11. ApathyBear

    Rename Blacksmith/Edelstein

    Eyesandearsandnose McChin Chicken McNuggets And I'd like to put in a serious entry that we should all seriously seriously consider in a serious fashion: McLovin'
  12. ApathyBear

    Known World

    Well, it wouldn't be big enough to support that kind of thing, I don't think. And I'd want to show off LT's pixel map of goodness as early as possible. I'm trying to think of games where I've seen something so we can just chat about it in a design aspect, but the only one that comes somewhat to mind is the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, and I don't think that quite fits. Anyway, the map would need to be constantly re-blanking itself so some parts remained hidden to players that come in later, and when you need maps for map purposes (like finding your way), then it kinda ruins experiences. Maybe in more couch-multiplayer or instance-based dungeon crawlers/survival games I could see that happening (thinking RotMG and DayZ), something where the map is going to be different every time a group of people sit down to play. A static map where people are playing constantly (like in an mmo) seems like the worst choice. I'd also say that exp for discovering a new main area seems a bit redundant. Usually in MMOs, you're led to the next place by a quest anyway, where the completion of that quest gives a number of exp and other rewards and opens up that new area. In the super open-ended games like <insert Bethesda title here>, where you're not really led to do anything or even have a pick of major questlines (and therefore a pick of area progression), then an exp gift for exploring the off-areas or discovering the more major ones make more sense. But MMOs aren't Fallout. Let's make an MMO that is Fallout. I'd play it.
  13. ApathyBear

    Rename Blacksmith/Edelstein

    Unspecifiedsmith WeDon'tDiscriminate-Smith
  14. ApathyBear

    FOers and FO heroes

    Hey, hope you find some of your klansmen lying about while you spend some time here. There's a running paypal that's good for donating here: https://wavesoftime.com/donate/make-donation/ And the only good projection we common folk have is "sometime next year." @Archangel made an awesome post about this that I'm gonna start linking people to here (since our faq is broken):
  15. ApathyBear

    When is the game coming out?

    oof got one-upped right in the gut