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  1. superpam

    AeR / AeA

    It's so great to see you guys! Happy holidays wherever you are!
  2. superpam

    AeR / AeA

    Hey @sausageboy, sorry for the late reply... Yes I'm still on KOTR. Look for me in p4 r12 under the nickname minipam.
  3. Happy Birthday superpam!

  4. superpam

    AeR / AeA

    Hi!!! I'm so glad to find you here to!!! FO does indeed have an afterlife!
  5. superpam

    AeR / AeA

    OMG saussy!!!! How are you?
  6. superpam

    AeR / AeA

    Hi Funny you mention AeR so I thought I'd create a user to respond. I also miss the game. Cheers superpam