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  1. you are all cute :)

  2. I feel like this game isnt ever going to come out. Kind of losing hope.

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    2. KingAruthur


      You realize that this isn't a big team working on it unlike call of duty where you got a giant team.  This is also pixel art focusing on great mechanics.  Good things are crafted from time and skill, you want the game fast? Don't expect it good.

    3. King


      Why did you reply to a status from last year?

    4. KingAruthur
  3. Happy Birthday King!

  4. Still can't get over the "i've been stalking you a few days, my villiage is in danger." If your village is in danger wouldn't you get help ASAP instead of waiting days?

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    2. TheExoticFjord


      Your name sounds like Samosa

    3. Aridosa


      lol its my cats name and I've never heard that before.. usually its "ooh a Pokemon!"

    4. juraija
  5. King


    He wishes he was the real "King"
  6. Someone else took the username "King" but in all caps -_-\

    1. juraija


      and when people are welcoming him they quote you instead... XD

  7. How Beith Everyone?

  8. "I've been stalking you for days, my village is in danger."

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    2. Aridosa


      I was too busy stalking you

    3. Seph


      Ari cares more about us than her village, ;-; aw.

    4. King
  9. Any new DevBlogs coming soon?

    1. Riptide


      Usually they are every first Sunday of the month.

  10. Happy Birthday King!

  11. Dang no updates in a month, curious of whats going on.

    1. kidokica


      They are monthly Devblogs now. Still hasn't been a month :P

    2. iamallama


      And I try to do it on a Sunday close to the first of a month. So this sunday there will likely be an update or like before where Sunday was the end of the month.

  12. "I've been stalking you for days. My village is in trouble." This makes no sense, why would she wait days to tell someone here village is in trouble. By the time she gets to him, her village will be gone!
  13. Can anyone give me a link to the files used in FO?

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    2. Riptide


      I have all the .gif files but its not any good in ps3k since you need .ccp files

    3. King


      dang. Thanks anyways ladies ;)

    4. Alo


      I have all the sprites and icons in .png files which can be loaded in ps3k, but my question still stands though: why you need them?

  14. My rep is at 0, i must not be liked.

    1. Seph


      Rep has to be earned. Doesn't mean you're not liked though.

    2. iamallama


      not all forums assign rep as well.

    3. Terrazer


      I got rep but I'm not liked by much people. It means nothing, man.