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  1. Hazlitt

    best loot chance by disadvantage area

    I would expect xp rates to vary based on level, but loot %s by element would require 4 sets of drop rates per enemy and by level would require some sliding scale, both of which don't sound practical...at least early on. Edit: or 3 depending on whether the advantage and disadvantage have their own and the two neutrals share the same rates
  2. Hazlitt

    your favorite thing in FO.

    My favorite part was the evolution of the community. Watching OA rise and fall, watching oxide grow to the top, the people and the story of it all was just amazing to watch. The exciting times when you finally got the rare item from a box set and put it on right away in hubtown for all to see or when you and your aussie friends finally found a wonky mushroom back when it was hard. That game was home for so many people and it'll be fantastic when I finally get to move into this one. #FOrever
  3. schizm722 I see you!

  4. Happy Birthday Hazlitt!

  5. Sonic and Tails, or Sonic solo...no Knuckles for this playthrough.

    1. Hazlitt


      Then I wasted two huge rings in a row trying for the seventh master emerald first #disappointedquit

  6. This llama is questionable for sure.

    1. Hazlitt


      Oh its a LlamaQuest? Who would have thought?

    2. DerZerknitterer
  7. Hazlitt

    Week 30

    They will look better than less bad, they will be absolutely fantastic!
  8. Just think, in two years we will be blabbing in-game about how things were now!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Alteria


      haha, so true

    3. Tementhy


      Then no one will believe that we really saw the making of the game x)

    4. Shade


      everyone on the forums when the game comes out should get something to say we were here before the game existed

  9. All hail Snowman!

    1. mvp


      Nice try germany :) We're not falling for that one.

  10. Hazlitt


    Because everybody loves a halo! Be like the halo and shine on!
  11. Wild minche, I think I love you....

    1. fossile


      I can add a comment to dis

    2. Hazlitt


      Comment! I dare you!

    3. boshed
  12. Hax0ring purdy avatars.

  13. Hazlitt


    This all keeps getting sexier by the day <3