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  1. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    Well, kinda hoping for something soon. Even if it's just a "hey, we're alive and still thinking about this game."
  2. So is this still a thing? Quarter of a year gone by with no news from anyone. 

  3. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 91: The SW writeup

    Is there any way we can do direct credit/debit card transactions instead of through PayPal? Not a big issue, but it's a little more direct, and satiates my PayPal paranoia.
  4. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 89: Bank

    Of course, since still here and there, I might as well self-hype. I'm loving the direction thus far, and I'm glad to see you all doing well. I got a job about 6 months ago, and have been working very intensely since, so look forward to me donating a lot more often. See you guys in a few.
  5. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    I've been gone awhile, but I'm starting to get back into this groove. New people I see, old people still checking in. I'm glad you're all still working on this. We all appreciate it, llama and crew. And the hype might not be showing now, but it will. I'll keep working on music, and I'll see if I can put out anything of worth to this project.
  6. I wonder if Llama and the other admins have any ideas on what they'd like to do in terms of browser game sites. I remember FO being on Kongregate, that's how I found it, but does that entail some of the lesser desired people? If so, how would you spread the word? A multiple-year project only for <5000 seems a bit of a small goal, but I also understand the sentiment in having a decent community. Interesting conundrum.
  7. I would just like to thank those of you who've listened to the music that I've been creating recently. Destruction, I, seems to be the most liked song, and I have almost 200 views on that one track. So, thank those of you who listen to it. I appreciate it. :D

  8. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 82: Another week

    HAHA! I finally finished ("finished") a track that was...pretty much just a challenge to write and organize. It was a pain from start to end, but an enjoyable one
  9. Big big big big track coming up! Four and a half-minutes of just...nonstop strings.

  10. For the 3 people that acknowledge the existence of my music, I'm sorry D: I'm not ready for now. But this stuff is insane. 74, 34, 44, 78, 72, 26. Be weary.
  11. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 80: Managing time

    No problem. Sick, I'll try my best and find things that you may like I'm not sure where exactly they'll be, but probably in the "Music and Sound Effects" thread. And I'm not worried if the sounds I present aren't useful or necessary, I just want to try and make things a little easier by presenting a catalog for when the sound portion of development comes along.
  12. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 80: Managing time

    I just want to know if I can help find cool sounds ;-;
  13. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 80: Managing time

    Thanks Yeah, I've been having a lot of time conflicts for the past 3-5 weeks and so I had to take an unfinished product and make it into something suitable for the time. Frankly, I wasn't prepared enough for them to release a devblog this past Sunday, even if it is the scheduled time.
  14. noice music m8

    1. SpiderOfAnarchy


      Thanks man, I appreciate it.

    2. KingAruthur


      haha thanks, but seriously great job on that

  15. SpiderOfAnarchy

    Devblog 80: Managing time

    Hello everyone, me again, with another month of music spam. This is a little bit of a filler month for myself, as I've been busy with school. ALSO/MORE IMPORTANTLY: Staff doods, I asked last month without response if you guys needed someone to collect sound effects for later portions of development, or even if menu button noises are needed relatively soon. I'm willing and capable to look for sound effects. Thanks