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  1. Stop doing lifey things. Bad minche.

  2. minche

    Change Avatar (Simplified)

    yeah I will look into this
  3. minche


    http://wavesoftime.com/forums/topic/403-all-currently-suggested-suggestions-click-here-to-check-if-your-suggestion-has-already-been-suggested/ http://wavesoftime.com/forums/topic/403-all-currently-suggested-suggestions-click-here-to-check-if-your-suggestion-has-already-been-suggested/#4.010
  4. minche

    Website Direction

    added the link to FAQ under Q&A forum. should add auto greeter soon. if anyone wants to update and format FAQ please feel free to do so! either create a new thread or PM and I will update it and probably give you the permission to update it yourself!
  5. minche

    Website Direction

    ditto. front page will be redone almost completely. I will see about leading new members to either front page or FAQ page. Also, Q&A forum has the mark answered feature and most threads there shouldn't have more than 3-5 posts. So it's really no problem if questions get asked over and over, just answer it and mark as solved and topic will get closed.
  6. for feedback we will most likely use some tool for suggestions (as you can see on a lot of indie games). Suggestions forum right now is mostly for discussion, but we're expecting to have a nice flow for suggestions and feedback in the future. Upvotes/downvotes of course, and tagging suggestions like 'doable' 'too complex' 'will be added' and so on. So that should create a nice overview for players and staff members.
  7. minche


    Click My Prefs (under shoutbox) set Disable sound on new Shout? to No
  8. minche

    Donation Tiers Discussion

    I don't think stuff like bank tabs or character slots would be subscription based (because as you say, what happens when subscription runs out, delete items and characters!?). It would most likely be something extra, like cheaper items in $ stores, some special events maybe (like supporter weekends...), access to special shop maybe and so on.
  9. minche

    Money Sinks

    moved to suggestions
  10. minche

    Donation Tiers Discussion

    Well custom item in PoE is a functional one, so for that price you get to design an item and consult with developers so that you get an item that fits you wishes and doesn't break the game and fits with the game. There are still supporter uniques being designed (and that reward was 'disabled' like over 2 years ago I think simply because there is too much work). With SSC or any other item that is personal or merely cosmetic there is no such constraints, it is basically 'I want pink tutu' and then the artist needs to make it fit the game style and that's it. It can only affect the market maybe, but that shouldn't be anything too drastic. So yeah, in PoE's case price is someone justified. It is high, but there is so much more work needed to get a 'usable' item in game vs purely cosmetic. Now if there would be some rewards to get custom item in game... And, since we all keep using SSC (Super Supporter Club, and it will most likely be 'renamed') I thought that Super Supporter could be both someone who donated a lot and someone who keeps donating however much they can. However much shouldn't just be that freely defined though, we should come up with something tighter, someone donating $1 a month vs someone donating $20 a month isn't the same but it could all be as much as that person can spare to donate monthly. I don't think that donating $1 a month each month should qualify someone to Super Supporter Club but I also can't think of any bottom limit. I guess for some cases it could work person to person, or we could just set a fixed price - $xxx total donated gets you a custom cosmetic item in game, $xxx total donated gets you a special cosmetic item in game, $xxx donated at once gets you another special cosmetic item, and so on...
  11. minche

    Donation Tiers Discussion

    Custom art is problematic again because it needs to be moderated and it most likely won't be in same style as the game style. There is already issues with custom avatars (there were some problematic ones, and most of them are unrelated to game). It helps to have a same style for everything and have a visual identity. Just open any forum for almost any popular game. Most use their own characters as avatars and don't allow signatures. It is because of those two issues (moderation and visual coherence).
  12. minche

    Donation Tiers Discussion

    for anything art related (custom avatar, SSC, banner, border) you need to know that art staff is extremely busy and that there will be a long long long wait line for those things. title, yeah it's already done hehe. starter weapon/armour can't be anything that adds stats, there most likely will be some purely cosmetic item for early supporters
  13. minche

    Migrating to new domain

    Yeah only supporters can access it. But it wouldn't be bad to have that discussion for non supporters as well, could get some people to donate knowing it's not all 'now or never'.
  14. minche

    Migrating to new domain

    yeah I've been working on that before, but then i got busy with RL stuff hehe I will try to add it soon yeah, I like tiers, or just how PoE does tiers and special titles hehe. Also I think tiers (if they're implemented) and rewards should work based on total amount of donations (unless otherwise specified). So for example if there's a tier for $100 donated it should apply both to someone who donated $100 at once and someone who donated 10 x $10, and for SCCs for example it could be a reward for constant donators as well, rather than spending a lot of money at once. I also think it would be nice to have some 'special' titles, like if we would set up some specific goals then reward donators for that goal somehow. These are just some random ideas hehe, but I would love to discuss them more, feel free to create a new topic in suggestions (if there isn't one already) where we can discuss various tiers, rewards, mechanics and such
  15. minche

    Migrating to new domain

    yeah most likely. we might also introduce like event titles, or special titles. need to work on how doable it is with the plugin hehe, but don't worry, you will all be notified of it I still need to add guild name hehe