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  1. Emi

    Devblog 92 Tiny Art Update

    FO was so magical that I'm going to stick around until I die of nostalgia.
  2. Emi

    Enemy battle dialogue

    Tis but a flesh wound.
  3. Emi

    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    My grandmother did rhubarb pie too! It's been 30 years and I can still remember that sour tartness.
  4. Emi

    Everyone's Favourite Dessert

    Empirically I guess it'd be wine. But, in the spirit of the question... I'll say vanilla ice cream.
  5. Emi

    Enemy battle dialogue

    Speech bubbles with the damage markers? "Oww, you hit me in the knee!" "Watch where you're swinging that thing?"
  6. Emi

    Weapon outfit slot

    The average Jane/Joe isn't the target audience for a storage bank. They will likely be served with active inventory expansions.
  7. Emi

    Premium Maybe?

    I'm very supportive of making money; either in a subscription model or a F2P with currency. Even P2W. Since this is a love project, subscription model is a poor choice; content won't come out fast enough for the hordes and no snacks for the whales. P2W keeps the whales in the lead and might be the best choice IMHO. Sure, the hordes won't get cake but as long as you're laughing all the way to the bank... Here's how I'd do it: F2P - Login gets you server time. + Premium currency - Prints money for as long as your artist is inspired and the base level interest in the game is maintained. + Subscription Tier - Don't listen to the people who aren't paying you. Add access to additional options (+/- Exp gain +/- Gold gain +/- drop rates, etc.) Exclusive area if art and dev permit. Small monthly stipend of currency, not enough to complete all the content introduced that month. + Freemium users - Sure FO had premium currency transfer options but how many conversions did that make? I'd give them a month of premium for every sign-up referral they give and a 10% off their premium subscription and a unit of premium each month for as long as their referral pays. With stacking. Free premium if they have 10 active paying referred subscriptions. Cap at 10. If they want to go out and recruit more money for you, they can do it on their mule.
  8. Emi

    Weapon outfit slot

    Of all the FO outfits, I found the vanity weapons the most lacking. The cutest one I could find was the flowers, and even that one blocked too much of the rest of the outfit. I would've liked to have seen more small wands, dick rulers (5.5"), laser pointers, chopsticks, fans, hand mirror, la chancla, etc. that fit with a variety of vanity sets.
  9. Emi

    Dev blog 78 - The one that was missing

    On the fifth day of Wavemas, Lighterthief gave to us, ~five map reveals~
  10. Emi

    The hyperinflation of FO

    I would think that it would be easiest to make a balanced game for your target default difficulty - as if single player with no trading - and have a variable adjustment for the trading economy at time of trade. (eg. Queen's trade tariff) This variable would be dependent on player level and state of the economy. (Avg:total common/player level/number of active players<>x). When a player steps out of the balanced 'single player' common currency game they are assessed a trading fee designed to re-balance the effect of the trade on the total economy; softened for low level player and harsher on higher level players.
  11. Emi

    Daily gifts, and rewards

    Punishments are an interesting idea. I think it should be opt-in only though. i.e. "Try our consecutive login challenge for double exp! Gold halved if you miss a day." Opt-in ensures that casuals won't be turned off. I played an Indonesian dance MMO (XDO) and they turned off the weight mechanic SUPER fast into season 1. Your character would get 'fat' if you didn't login regularly. The clipping issue with the clothes and the larger character model didn't help any as well.
  12. Emi

    New Forum Suggestions

    Try https://wavesoftime.com/discover/?&view=expanded
  13. Emi

    Crabs Inc.

    Scumbag crab is like a metaphor for FO closing.
  14. Emi


    Nah, Just trolling site All Activity.
  15. Emi