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  1. A game becoming popular because of how good it is, the art style, animations, and just everything will draw people in and sometimes they won't be the greatest additions to the playerbase. If you've played many mmorpg's you tend get used to this sort of thing and tune it out. I'll just say it's a good thing we have an ignore list. I imagined WoT would end up on Steam and possibly Kongregate at some point. It would be nice to get enough people contributing to its future so that Llama might be able to work on this full time. I didn't think they had a decent community even before that.
  2. I found it to be highly satisfying playing a sith lord in Star Wars: The Old Republic and make light side choices. This way I didn't have to be a bad person to enjoy the powers of the dark side. It doesn't make the most sense, but it was an interesting path to go down. Basically a Jedi, who instead of fighting calm and collected, used their hatred and rage to go insane on the deserving, but had just enough control to prevent from harming innocents. Personalizing your character is always fun.
  3. Appreciate all the replies guys. Personally I've always felt like I need to rush right to the end of things and that's when I come to life. I'll max out as much as possible until I'm in a comfortable position then start doing things with other people, whether it's endgame raids, helping with early random quests, or sometimes even quicker leveling for friends. I very much agree with @Archangel. The community is quite a big deal in terms of your overall experience within a virtual world. You wouldn't want to be surrounded by toxicity, but rather people you can actually care about in some way or another. As for the giving back and contributing, generosity is its own form of fulfillment apart from personal accomplishments. It's a good feeling to be able to reach out to someone else and complete goals together or know that you're able to brighten things up just a little for someone else. @IzzyYou said it man. Only thing better than loot is even more loot. Sweet shiny legendary, ancient, exotic, seraph, pearlescent loot. While I would like to know the staff's opinion/answers on these, I'm glad I got to hear everyone else's thoughts.
  4. I find myself often wondering about the deeper reasons of a game's content, especially when it comes to mmorpg's. Emotion - Will we care about NPC's and what happens to them? Will they cause us to feel something? Purpose - Will our characters kill enemies for a specific reason other than "we are a hero and it's our job to protect the innocent and defeat evil"? Is our purpose deeper than that? Reward - Do we complete these quests just for the gold, loot, and xp? Is there more to it? Story - Is there something particularly special about this story, will it be different from all the others? Endgame - Unfortunately every game has one, so what makes this ending worth experiencing? What will keep us going? I don't expect answers to all, it's okay. I'm sure I'm giving these things a little too much thought and I should remind myself that it's just a game, though I can't help but wonder. If you're like me and you've gone through way too many dungeons, forests, villages, castles, and etc. then you might be looking back and asking yourself what was it all for? It could be a simple answer such as "I was bored, I wanted to accomplish something, or I just like to play games". Anyways, thanks for reading. I was bored.
  5. *Sees the Ari heart, siggy, location, and rank* Hmm.. this might be a trap.
  6. Thank you. Ah yes, death animations. I had forgotten we discussed those awhile back and how it might be possible to purchase different ones with premium currency.
  7. Not sure if this has been discussed yet or not, but I was wondering if there would be more than just basic attack animations. If so a few thoughts come to mind. Debuff - enemies being on fire, frozen, rooted, petrified, bleeding, and etc. Buff - basically the first example with positive effects instead of negative. Healing - healing over time aura surrounding the target, just a simple basic heal that glows and fades instantly and etc. Others - fire ball, arrow volley, "aoe/single target damage insert here" etc. pretty self explanatory. Leveling up - player is surrounded by light that rises up and yay Gathering/crafting - mining, woodcutting, smithing, fishing, cooking, and etc. Skill level increase - similar to leveling up. Teleport - another aura similar to leveling up except it charges up until you recall back to town or wherever. Death - whether it's the player, enemy, or boss, death has many forms Loot chest - opening, yep
  8. I think they were talking about Dragon Quest Builders. Trove is okay to goof around in for a little bit. I felt more compelled to see just how high I could build my house with staircases and stuff to jump off of than actually grind dungeons. I found myself spending more time traveling to the dungeon than actually fighting the enemies in it.. so yeah. I stopped at Uber 4 or 5. Ended up spamming the shadow towers for shadowy gears. Gets a little too boring as hell. If you want to just focus on building then use a boomeranger for their bomb skill to quickly mine bricks. You can get around 170ish with each bomb if you go 6-7 bricks straight down to place it. After that build the brick converter thingy to change colors.
  9. Sometime this year or the beginning of the next wouldn't be too unrealistic, but any longer and..
  10. I kinda want to go to the place where they filmed the old tv show Twin Peaks. Seemed rather appealing, also I could use the rain.
  11. What about my black hoodie? I don't think anyone would recognize me without it. :c I'll also pay.. wait I already have. Okay I'll pay more at some point heh.
  12. It does seem like they were asking the developer, but I'm hopeful it will end up there at some point. Have a little more faith.
  13. Master Yi and Elmo. I'm not sure why I didn't see that before.
  14. That's usually my breakfast, with coffee of course. I like the titles though. Ah, and that's my lunch and dinner. You guys must be watching me eat or something. I know, my diet is really weird. As for the devblog, not sure what to say anymore. Good work and stuff.