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  1. Shiny pixel money bling bling dollar sign. $_$ I mean uh, yeah, nice idea.
  2. As said before in the past, this game will not be pay to win, it will consist mostly of cosmetics and convenience. The best gears you'll have to earn in-game. Anyways, Llama mentioned awhile back that at some point the game could be given a kickstarter where people support it financially with the promise of goodies in-game. You'd be surprised how well that system works for some games to get heavily funded quickly.
  3. About 3 years or so originally since it started around January 5th 2014 I believe on FO Legacy site. It would be kinda nice to have something like your idea. Maybe people would feel a little more at ease in seeing that so many other things have been taken care of. I know it has been discussed before but I still feel like with more people and resources WoT could be a lot further ahead. If only the project were in a position where it could receive more focus. I don't doubt that the playerbase wants a lot to come out of this game. It's not easy to word this without sounding impatient or like a jerk (which isn't my intention), I just think WoT deserves more and there must be some way, a better way to make things happen.
  4. @Terrazer @ApathyBear Heh.
  5. Everything adds up really, story, gameplay, loot, crafting, progression, community, references, and all that stuff. Ingredients for the recipe to a nice cake we all get to taste. The main reason for disdain of FO is just that while we've had some good times with it in the past, this is an entirely new game that deserves to be praised as an individual. Sure we can take inspiration from many different sources including FO, as it's only natural, but at some point it gets to be a little much when you're always hearing "FO this, FO that". I just hope it can be understood that with this game we are not getting a new FO, but a WoT instead, something that has so much potential to shine on its own.
  6. It's all good man, I was mostly just teasing. (:
  7. Little surprised I'm not on the list at this point with all the suggestions, ideas, and input over the years. Ah well.
  8. Sure hope not. WoT memories would be good though.
  9. Would really like to see Krieg's buzz axe and lightsabers of course. I'm sure there are loop holes for most of this stuff, altering it enough and giving it a different name to only make it seem like the original item inspired another outcome. Zero's blade would be cool too. You can kinda tell the hilt was a little lightsaber inspired, the blade glows as well.
  10. I think he might have meant my previous comment, but yeah it was only intended to enlighten. No worries.
  11. You mean fire? Light is interesting though, as well as darkness, which is technically the absence of light but has been an element in quite a few actual games and card games before. Lightning I would agree, as it could simply fall under air/wind. Blood, however could be in a category of its own. How so? Everyone is filled with blood, even most monsters/enemies we'd be fighting. It's a life force, it can be drained/taken, used to heal someone, or controlled in a strangely powerful way to do damage. I did provide some examples already in my previous post. The link is below if you'd like to see. Such as WoT itself, blood's potential as an element could be rather limitless. I've enjoyed using it in The Secret World as it's not something you see all too often. Here's a list of their skills as well as a short video example of some gameplay for blood magic:
  12. You'd be surprised what you can think of when your mind is open and eager. Heck I read a thread of someone who is known for trolling and they actually had a pretty good idea that reminded me of a game's event I used to participate in awhile back that people were quite competitive about. There can usually always be something if you go deep enough and you get really creative. While I do disagree with an area specifically designed to give more XP for those who pay (coming from one who has donated quite a bit) I do think a classy room you can fast travel to, where you can socialize, have access to some npc's, bank, player market, and whatever could be nice. I mentioned something along those lines in another thread awhile back, forget which one.
  13. That's all part of the plot twist shh. Zombie poo monsters. Really though if this game wants to get serious attention the creativity levels with monster design gotta be up there. I suggest we all guzzle down some coffee and take a bunch of weird pills and start brainstorming. Because um inspiration and stuff.
  14. @Lighterthief Thanks LT, I appreciate it. Looking forward to it and hope things are going well with your work. How is the rest of the staff doing?