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  1. Seph

    A Break

    Antaria is a hollow comparison to FO at best. There’s just nothing going for it unless you’re looking for an unrewarding and uninspiring grind that doesn’t lead you anywhere. It is far too limiting and doesn’t have what made FO enjoyable at all. I’d like to be able to recommend something for the time being but most of the stuff I’m just waiting on.
  2. Seph

    A Break

    This project was about making something we all wanted to enjoy together, to bring back similar memories that a lot of us had before but with something even greater. It's unfortunate to see it come this far and for it to pause or stop. Sure we can all play other games, but do any of them compare to this or what this would have become? No, probably not, although I wish I were wrong and you are free to correct me of course. You can find cheap copies, things that will kill time and maybe even something you'll enjoy. You won't find a Waves Of Time because this game is not just a type of art style, a looter, or a place to make friends. It is all those things and more when you have a team and community that actually care about what they're doing and want to make it the best experience they possibly can. Mmorpg's are not really in the best place, haven't been for a long time, gaming as a whole. Money has become the main priority and as you know greed will consume and destroy what we care about. Waves of Time was going to be separate from all that, that's why at the very least it deserves to be finished, if not for yourselves then for everyone else who believes in this and are tired of seeing all these games that never lived up to their potential. Ask yourself what motivated you to make this in the first place, how you feel about it now, and what it will take to see it through. You've put so much into this and you've come so far, if you stop now you'll only regret it and always wonder what could have been. I mean this all with sincerity.
  3. Seph

    A Break

    You’re welcome.
  4. Seph

    A Break

    @FaustoWayne Try this one.
  5. Seph

    Might be no blog

    In the past we had things going on such as art contests, sneak peeks for supporters, streams from the art director, all of which made us feel like we were more connected to the project and that this thing was more alive. Idk how long it’s been now but there is none of that anymore. Things are quiet and feel much emptier. I’d like to be excited for this as I once was, but now it feels like only a memory, something I’ve built up in my head to be far greater than possible. Probably sounds silly to some people but I used to be really inspired.
  6. Seph

    Might be no blog

    Problem is that the game is not a priority and I undertand that it can’t be. It’s a side thing, part time, which sets itself up for disappointment on things that won’t be delivered anytime soon. The last 2 devblogs before this felt pretty empty, and now we don’t have one. Even before these 3 months what I had felt for this game was slowly fading away. I’m sure no one wants to hear this, as I barely wanted to type it. It’s just how I feel.
  7. Seph

    Might be no blog

    It's alright, I don't expect much anymore. Thanks for letting us know though.
  8. Seph


    This is a pretty fun system. I ended up using it in Endless Online a long time ago, it makes materials easier to price on the market and also makes sure that you have more of a use for certain lower tiered items. You could even do that with gear, combining them with materials to get the next tier so it would technically be possible to keep the first piece of armor you get in the beginning of the game until the end, just in a much stronger form. Maybe you could have alchemy books (purchasable in premium shop) that substitute certain rarer materials, so instead of grinding for this 1 particular material that doesn't want to drop you just use an alchemy book to take its place.
  9. Seph

    Artifacts/Extra Equips

    @KingAruthur Things like artifacts and relics for extra equip slots to loot/craft down the road.
  10. Seph

    Possible New Classes

    I'm not sure when or where it was said (long time ago) but there most likely won't be classes at all, instead just putting skill points into your preferred element(s) and using whatever weapon. So if you're using a bow you could call yourself an archer if you wanted. Pretty much that, lol.
  11. I quote @Aridosa "I would like some stuffs please and thank you." Not something that needs to be early game, but maybe add more equip slots much later on to keep the grind going. I put this in the wrong place lol, please move thanks.
  12. Seph

    WoT Mobile

    It was mentioned awhile back that it’s possible WoT could come to mobile sometime later on. I’d mainly play it on my laptop, but the thought of being able to go out somewhere to eat and you’re waiting for food then you pull your phone out and start playing WoT is pretty cool and convenient. If you’ve got a water resistant phone you could be relaxing in a hot tub while playing the game. If it ends up in the AppStore it will be the number 1 game, at least to me. The only game I’ve played on my phone recently was Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, as it’s not a poorly optimized free-to-play trap with energy systems, timers, and pay-to-win elements.
  13. Seph

    Dev Blog 90- Bugs Bugs Bugs

    Edit: fixed
  14. Seph


    They are the souls of players whose rage led to their own downfall. RIP redguys.
  15. I'm ready for the 30th.


    1. Archangel


      Lookin good there, buddy.

      After the SW, the anticipation begins for a beta sometime next year! Fun seein' you still around, been a blast. 

      Have fun in the SW. :)

    2. Seph


      @Archangel Thank you (: it has been an interesting experience so far, I can only imagine the future. 

      Hope we all have a good time tomorrow. I invited some others who might show up to get a feel for the current progress.