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  1. n00b slayerz

    I’d be worried about the community hating me for killing new players all the time, along with their friends wanting to track me down. That kind of thing tends to build a bad reputation for yourself and it’s harder to enjoy the game when people don’t want you to be a part of it. That is why I thought it was sad dude.
  2. Oops

    I honestly didn’t think anyone would read that, haha. It was one of those things you type then immediately delete, except I kinda forgot the delete part.
  3. Oops

    Oops, forgot to pull out.
  4. n00b slayerz

    This is pretty sad.
  5. Devblog 86: This time for reals

    I'm not sure why you think that. They wouldn't really be game developers if they don't develop games.. they'd just be someone who tried to develop and failed. A more appropriate thing to say would be not all developers are as passionate about their games as Llama and the rest of the staff.
  6. Quest Rewards!

    Sounds more like an endgame thing to get players online each day, as that's mainly the reason behind dailies. It's designed to encourage you to least hop on for an hour or more each day. Chests possibly containing small amounts of premium currency would be motivating for sure.
  7. Q: Stats and classes

    I don't see it as over complicating it personally, I see it as adding depth and longevity to the game, ensuring the players have more to improve. There are ways in which this can get a little out of control (most pay-to-win mobile games), but I think if done right it can be something to look forward to. As for your original question, I believe there won't be any classes, but instead we will use elements (fire, water, earth, air) in which you will build skill trees based on your playstyle. Somewhere in the past it was said that stat points (STR, INT, AGI, etc.) will be on gears only. Not sure if that will change. So if you want you can think of it like this, whatever weapon you are using is what you are. Although it would be a little odd to see someone with a bow using all melee skills, so we'll have to wait and see how the skill system works with weapons.
  8. Training skills and the relation of Food.

    What the hell?
  9. Pets! Pets! Pets!

    Oh okay .
  10. Pets! Pets! Pets!

    Mages usually rely on damage from abilities, not basic attacks, logically speaking. Having a mage pet also wouldn't require you to be a mage to use it, as that wouldn't make much sense. Also this game is not using a class system (warrior, mage, archer, etc.). I'd recommend reading through some of the recent dev blogs for more info about the game.
  11. Looking forward to testing out the first instance-based dungeon (whenever that may be) and checking out elements. Wondering if the dungeons will be like tears in time (rifts) that take you to a different period in time and are themed a certain way, making each dungeon unique. With really good care this could be huge.
  12. Vengeance

    Every guild is dead at the moment, game isn't out so there isn't much to talk about. 38 members in mine and I don't think any of us talk within guild, just chatbox.
  13. If the grind is enjoyable enough in this then I'm taking a dungeon vacation. Might not be heard from again. I shall become one with the dungeon.

    1. Terrazer


      im sure it will be! :D

  14. Loot Questions

    Wondering if loot (gold, gear, and other goodies) will be harder to come by than most mmorpg's? For example the first enemy you fight (maybe it's a rat) only drops 1-3 gold at most and a low chance at some low level gear. Remember that's only an example lol, not to be taken like it's from the mmorpg bible. Also what will be considered a lot of gold? Personally, I feel that it's funner grinding awhile before you're able to make/buy/obtain that next piece of legendary gear. If you get stuff without much effort then it's kinda boring and doesn't feel rewarding or accomplishing.
  15. Forum username vs IG username

    @iamallama So could multiple players name their characters the same name? Also how will you add friends with your friend list, by using their username or something else?