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  1. They will be reset once the game goes live. For now they are mainly here for testing and getting familiar.
  2. I like this idea. Starting with the original character portrait like they have in the avatar gallery then every 10-20 levels (depending on max level) getting a more detailed and nicer looker one. This way you can kinda see where the player is at in-game while just on the forum.
  3. Bottom of the screen or even the right side vertically for skill bar would be good. Could scrunch it up or minimize when opening other windows. The top or bottom corner just feels right for character portrait, as well as the health & mana bar being on the bottom left. Disregard all this if it's just a WIP.
  4. Alright, thanks for the response. I'm sure I'll end up buying one if they're available in the store and the player creator has some good hairstyles, or there's some better equippable/premium hairstyles like these. hair style,g_1:man
  5. Will there be an option for example if you're wearing a helmet, to hide the helmet and see your face and hairstyle instead, or will we need to buy a premium cosmetic invisible slot for head, chest, etc? I know in other games there's sometimes an option to turn your helmet/head slot visibility off.
  6. Mmorpg's don't tend to make a big deal of death anyways unless it's aimed towards hardcore survival type and pvp focus. Dying itself is embarrassing enough, so getting sent back to your spawn point, nearest town or closest location should be fine as it is. Small exp drain wouldn't be uncommon though. I like the Heaven concept but the opposite would be cool instead if you went to Hell and there were some quests that had to do with dying and taking certain amounts of damage. You know, as long as there's suffering.
  7. As the main focus for WoT is time travel and elements, I see no issues with its originality so far. Doubt I could compare this game to many others out there. Sure there are similarities, as with everything that exists, but if there was something close enough to this then I bet most of us would be playing it right now. Of course we'd like to hear your ideas though, just don't understand where the concern is coming from.
  8. I think someone edited it, but the rest is from Fire Emblem. But yeah I do love the idea of slaying a certain group of enemies and being able to get their gear that they have on and wear it. Just looking somewhat similar to them would be interesting. Might even have a quest where you need to do such a thing. Speaking of quests I really hope we get some good ones that we truly enjoy, like in witcher 3.
  9. Humans Are The Enemy (HATE). I'm glad someone understands.
  10. The system in FO for rebirth & ascension could have been done a lot better (like most things). We have the chance to improve greatly upon that, make things more palatable. Gotta take advantage of the time travel concept.
  11. What time does the feast begin? I hunger for the fleshies.
  12. It's a form of progression, maybe not the funnest for everyone, but a way in which we can keep going, keep improving things. Who knows, maybe the story will be so good that everyone will want to go through again. I have faith in this.
  13. They do it in some popular games such as Diablo, Borderlands, The Witcher, and many others. Sometimes there's not even level limits (Fallout 4), the game's enemies just scale along with you. It's usually classified as a "new game +" mode or a higher difficult like "torment 6" or "ultimate vault hunter mode". I personally love going through the same enjoyable experience while being a lot stronger. There must be a way to implement it as an enjoyable concept for all or the majority, unless there's another way to add tons of longevity to the game. Don't people want to grind loot forever? Maybe that's just me. Once I'm out of things to improve it just doesn't feel right.
  14. That's exactly what you did in Fable as well. I spent so much time on that game growing up.