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  1. Don't think there should be role restrictions at all based on elements. If you want to be water and do crazy damage then you should be able to. If you want to be a healer and go pure fire then more power to you. Anyways I think originally they planned on giving you freedom within the elements so wouldn't worry about it. I'm gonna be the stereotypical fire damage anyways heh.
  2. I love the descriptions for each area, well done. There are 11 so far? Are you guys revealing more? Also this is pretty awesome. Revan and his order would approve. In case you're wondering who he is, Revan was the main character from Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, and he also has a lot of history within Star Wars: The Old Republic, the mmorpg they made (which they spent too much money developing).
  3. @IEatLouis Lightning has quite a bit to do with air, as it occurs during a storm primarily when cold and warm air masses are mixed together, resulting in atmospheric disturbances. I used to main Vlad a lot before they changed him, but I wish they had more champs that used their health bars for skills. The lifestealing is probably what draws me into it the most, knowing you're able to do damage and heal at the same time. This allows you to solo content more effectively as you don't have to worry so much about potions and running out of mana, enabling you to focus more on your skill rotation without overthinking things. No problem. (:
  4. I'm quite intrigued about the unique elements you guys have considered, wonder if that could be a sneak peek in the future? I suppose lightning would already be within the air/wind element, as for blood I could totally see that. You wouldn't even need mana as a resource for skills, just your health bar. I saw an anime called Deadman Wonderland where they manipulate blood and use it for many different skills. Seeing something like that in this game would be incredible.
  5. Looking forward to it.
  6. How's Llama doing?
  7. Merry Christmas all. abPM0Fv.jpg

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      star wars wrapping paper hehe

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      Doesnt feel like Christmas without Star Wars heh


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  8. Was a little inspired by some others posting their irl pics so I figured I would include mine.  Hope to see more of you guys. (:QeyCRNE.jpg

  9. Maybe even a castle war in which multiple guilds will fight each other for control of the castle, which could occur once a week. In this case it would just be a single castle located within a main town, with certain buffs (nothing game breaking) and maybe a few exclusive difficult quests that let you obtain things which would normally be purchased through premium currency or just really rare drops. Hopefully this could encourage players to join forces and participate in such an event.
  10. I'm surprised you just now noticed it, it's been there for awhile. Anyways, since you seem confused by why your title was changed, it was because you kept making ridiculous comments about being in charge of this game in previous threads (rants), as well as bringing the dev into it. I'd post the links here as evidence but it would be a Waste of Time. It wasn't a hacker by the way. You reap what you sow, and if you don't like it, maybe consider not being a terrible human being.
  11. Cool name for a guild bro. Pewdiepie would approve.
  12. Hope you feel better.
  13. Ah okay thanks for explaining. I've always enjoyed a continuous leveling experience to where it never really ends but does slow down quite a bit, just not like how slow and unrewarding it was in FO after 99-100 asc. Also wouldn't want to limit players too much in such a manner as to kind of kill the joy there. I imagine closer to max level you could just make enemies tankier, take longer to farm naturally. Not sure if that'd fix anything or not, I just love leveling when it's pretty normal and straightforward. Always been a big fan of rebirth systems though. (:
  14. You lost me. Isn't that the whole point of leveling?