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  1. Server is down on Discord for me too due to outage.
  2. Right now, Waves of Time is set to run at a default resolution. Until the development of fullscreen and resolution options are added or a browser version, use this work around to fit the game to your monitor + see more. Use Alt+ Enter to enter fullscreen after you've set your resolution. What you need: Sizer(it's free) Up to date WoT Launcher Video Guide (YT: Waves of Time Resize Tutorial) or Text Guide: 1) install sizer, it's free and safe, scanned with Virustotal 2) In the system tray(bottom right area with all the running programs) find sizer and right click it, select "configure sizer" 3) Click "add" you can rename it in the Description box, chance width and height to your monitor resolution. 720p monitor is 1280,720; 1080p monitor is 1920, 1080; 1440p monitor is 2560, 1440 and "4k" monitor is 3840,2160. Don't change any other settings, just hit ok once your dimensions are set. 4) Launch WoT launcher, right click the top of the window, hovering over Resize/Reposition, select your custom profile. Yay, now your game will scale to your whole monitor, allowing you to see much more than you could before in game!
  3. aquaprofile

    WoT Dec 30th '17 - Thoughts so far

    They aren't too bad really, the cookie droprate is lower than grapes or bananas but find yourself someone cool like aquaprofile or someone to party up with you and just tell them to leave the cookies on the ground so you can pick them up, youll get it done in like 20mins or less
  4. aquaprofile

    Fullscreen/Change size of window

    @Yuval2B The developers have not implemented resolution scaling or Fullscreen options yet, the settings page is blank. Right now the game defaults to 1024x768. However this is a way to resize! What you need: Free Program called Sizer Waves of Time. Here's a video of me doing it (YT: Waves of Time Resize Tutorial) , but I will write it out as well if you just want to read it Install sizer, takes 2 seconds. Once it's running, go into your System Tray and right click Sizer to configure it. Hit the add Button and rename it to Waves of time or custom or something in the description. Set the width and height to your monitor's resolution. Leave everything else the same and hit Ok. Then, when WoT launcher is open, right click the top and resize/repositon> click your Custom profile and Boom. Take a look at the video and look at how much more you can see! Great workaround until the option is officially added, Alt+Enter to enter fullscreen, plus the resized resolution!
  5. Liking the game so far, needs a little more suave and a little more cat

  6. So I've downloaded the client for WoT and after getting the globalgamemanagers corrupted error to go away, I started playing for about an hour. I recorded about a half hour of that play as a video but I would make this just to show my current thoughts on the game as well as any issues I ran into during play. Wow, there's a surprising amount of baddies to go kill so far. This already makes me eager for new content and maybe a lvl 300 Suave cat. Parties already work great, had no problems with quests or their tracking. already died to the Evil Fatty guy. There were two issues I found throughout my play. 1, for some reason certain mobs like not all golems but certain golems I found were just impossible to target and attack, Idk if this was a bug with their spawning but the only way I could kill some of these guys was to aggro them and use my AoE spell a bunch on them when they were next to a golem I could target correctly. 2 The first time I quit with the button in the bottom right and got back on, I noticed that Attributes, unlocked skill(s) and the armor I had bought and equipped didn't save. Not too sure what attributes even do so oh well, skill exp is abundant so I can just re unlock my health aura spell, but I had lost 2,000 on the red body and red legs. A bit of quest grinding and I could them back. The second time I quit and got back on, the attributes didn't save again and neither did my health aura skill but my armor was there! Woo! So now I think we need a level 300 Suave Llama. Here's that video, if you want to take a look. I added FO music in there to fill the lack of SFX and Music for now, plus nostalgia.
  7. aquaprofile

    corrupted files

    A lot of people got that, try deleting your entire launcher and re-downloading it. It's fixed to my knowledge.
  8. Can confirm it's not my antivirus doing anything funky. We shall wait and see then.
  9. @iamallama Like the others, I am getting this too. Weird.
  10. aquaprofile

    Come Play December 30th

    I somehow have missed all of the previous supporter sessions. I will try my best to make it to play this one.
  11. aquaprofile

    Devblog 83: Mostly UI and then some

    So eager!
  12. aquaprofile

    Armor and Vanity

    (Kinda wanted to take what Chrono said but add onto it) Is there going to be monthly releases of outfits and sets that you can get from boxes? I think it could be a good idea but if they get discontinued after the month like FO they get super rare. I did like the box system from FO for outfits.