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  1. And this is my graduation project: 


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    2. Alo


      Thanks guys. ^_^

    3. Seph


      Thanks for sharing it with us

    4. jjthejj


      Oh wow, those are very interesting.

  2. Alo

    What Drives Us?

    Collecting everything. I love collecting stupid, physically nonexistent things. Like with Terraria, I have reached the end game pretty long ago but I decided I will collect literally everything. Just because I can. And I find it relaxing. It was basically the same thing when I collected the sprites and anything else I could from FO. It wasn't because of nostalgia or to save the game and maybe give it to someone one day to recreate because that would be illegal anyway. I saved it because of the "journey" or collecting and organising. My mind is absolutely unorganised and catastrophic, but the things around me are usually neat and tidy. I don't have answers to your question, those things never came up in my brainie.
  3. Traditional mokume gane (diffusion bonding) made out of brass and copper.

    Forged from 13 mm to 3 mm, patterned and rolled to 1 mm thickness.


    I'm a happy little parmesan. 

  4. No. Let that game rest in peace finally.
  5. Alo

    Dev blog 78 - The one that was missing

    It still looks like a penis. :/
  6. Rest in peace, kitty.

    1. Tementhy


      Oh no, I'm sorry Alo. I know how it feels to lose a companion. How old was it?

    2. NickBuscus



      But seriously now, i'm sorry for your loss, i'm sure your kitty is in a better place. :(

    3. Alo


      Thanks guys. She was nearly 15. That's an older picture of her, I guess it's the way I would like to remember her. 

  7. This is the first stuff I'm actually proud of I think. Don't get fooled by the pictures, it's actually 2,5 cm in diameter. 2,5 carat deep purple amethyst in the middle. Copper is bad.

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    2. Tementhy


      Amethyst is my birth stone, so you might be getting two orders Alo ;) Love the design. 

    3. fredonia


      Oh man that is gorgeous

    4. Alo


      Ty, ty. c:

  8. Alo

    Feels like home?

    Oh alright, seems okay now. Apparently I have to log in every time on my phone because it doesn't support cookies. Also I could stay logged in 2 devices at the same time, which seems not avaiable anymore.
  9. Alo

    Feels like home?

    I liked the little star next to my name when I logged in anonymously. Mobile looks okay so far for me. Also something might be wrong with the upvote/downvote thing?
  10. Alo


    Thanks. Well, I have to keep it up because I have to pass this class lol.
  11. Alo


    I started to draw seriously about 2 years ago. I still have a lot to learn, especially because I only draw in school, so like once a week maybe. I have a lot more stuff like anatomy and perspective studies, but these are the ones worth to show I guess. These ones are from last year: Unfinished knee study Pastel and another pastel on black paper Monochrome watercolor Tempera (painting glasses is hard) This semester I changed schools. Only portraits (my first ones) since then: First actual portrait, there are some other ones before this, but those were quick, 10 min sketches Unfinished one Another unfinished Another one Oh hey, a finished one I can't really capture hairs well.
  12. Heh heh, that's my collection of sprites and stuff. Maybe I should remove it from my G-Drive sometime.
  13. Drawing is haaaaard. :v

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    2. Terrazer


      Yea, am the student and teacher at the same time here eheh

      i get what you're saying about getting a physical copy of the support i used, but it's not my actual goal, anyway that piece has been done some months back and do not plan to do anything again with it. i think ill try to draw landscape in my garden when its sunny again next time :)

    3. Alo


      Good luck. Maybe try some coloring like waterpaint for that.

    4. Terrazer


      ty :)

      ill stick with pencil and see if i can add colors then after

  14. First silver thing. Mostly I did the soldering and filing, except when I f***ed it up and my master had to fix it. Only polishing and stone setting is left.

  15. Sandpaper is love, sandpaper is life: