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  1. I just don't log into an account or save my info whenever I use paypal to pay for things.
  2. Devblog 89: Bank

    Awesome job <3 Super excited the banks link together for characters on the same account.
  3. How did you find out about Waves of Time?

    Very good, getting through the busy season at work, come on December! Stalking the forums randomly, usually early in the month to read up on what Llama's doing. How's you doing?
  4. How did you find out about Waves of Time?

    I never played FO, I heard about this game through someone on SF(Serenia Fantasy). Which that is also shut down now heh.. I was late to that party, I'm not going to be late for this one!
  5. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    Wondering, can't hand in quest Lost 3 at Junior.
  6. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    Awesome, thanks working!
  7. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

    Tried many times.. even redownloading..
  8. Supporter weekend Jul-2017

  9. Devblog 84: A day late...

    So happy to see things coming along! I'm even more excited to see a supporter weekend coming up ♥
  10. Devblog 83: Mostly UI and then some

    To quote George Takei... "Oh, my!" Thanks for another awesome update, @iamallama, you give just enough to keep my appetite growing! ♥ Lovely lovely work.
  11. It sounds like you have a busy month ahead Llama! Hoping your new investment comes to fruition. Certainly have some eerie descriptions for those monsters, but quite fitting! Also looking forward to some more animations for them, keep us posted. ♥
  12. Devblog 80: Managing time

    Just a gif.
  13. Devblog 80: Managing time

    Very glad to see everything getting even more organized! ♥
  14. Your weapon of choice

    I would also love a Legendary Bow, lots of Flair to it, second would be a Flashy Staff with lots of design.
  15. Devblog 79: Happy new year

    Thanks for the new Devblog! Happy New Year to all as well! Looking forward to interacting with the whole map.