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  1. HighQuality223

    Just some personal thoughts.

    3 years...
  2. HighQuality223

    Wow no updates

    Thats why you should go outside and do other things besides WOT.Unless youre a dev of course.
  3. HighQuality223

    Hello old friends

    How miserable does this game have to be in order to get advertised on on forums of other semi-dead games?Pathetic.
  4. HighQuality223

    A Break

    Damn.I just came back to the forums.Well, i guess were all only humans after all.Everyone needs a break sooner or later.See you all whenever yall are ready to work on the project again.
  5. HighQuality223


    These forums need some greentext in their life.
  6. HighQuality223

    Devblog 82: Another week

    Devblogs make me hard.
  7. HighQuality223

    Am i lucky to claim this username?

    So many snipes and yet only very few have profile pictures.I'm disappointed in all of you.
  8. HighQuality223

    Having NPC towns as your guilds vassals.

    And of course, the guards would be balanced depending on what is the total guild level, average guild member level, etc.
  9. HighQuality223

    Having NPC towns as your guilds vassals.

    The concept i had in mind was that for example every 15th day of the month the battle occurs, then and ONLY then guilds vs guilds vs NPCs can battle.Only on that day multiple guilds can claim the town to themselves.After the battle is over, only NPCs can attack and try to reclaim the town (this is so that a guild doesnt conquer something and forget about it for a month, they have to maintain regular control over that area, also this means that one guild cant control a lot of towns and become too overpowered).And after the town is claimed, a few days later a NPC messenger (or just a message to the mail in game) could appear and say: "Ive seen a large army of what seens to be former guards and soldiers of this town in north, they will attack in 3 days".Everytime the number would be random.This way guilds that own towns couldnt relax too much (because they have to maintain control over their territory), but also the town wouldnt be reclaimed whilst they are offline.They would have time to prepare for siege defense.P.s.After the town is conquered, only NPCs attack.You dont have to worry about people anymore, otherways it wouldnt be worth the time and effort.
  10. HighQuality223

    Having NPC towns as your guilds vassals.

    There already has been a lot of discussion for guilds owning land and building their own castles and whatnot, but since not everybody likes the concept of permanently buying land on world map, I suggest alternative (not that I want it to be implemented or anything, I'm just presenting my suggestions for the game to you).The concept is simple.The biggest and strongest guilds can capture a town and turn it into their vassal.They declare war on a certain town of a certain faction and after 1 week (or 1 day, month, etc.) they siege the town.They basically fight the NPC town guards and defeat their captain (the boss).After that they receive discounts in all the stores of that town, they receive a 5% weekly revenue from all the trades in the town (or 10%, 1%, etc.), they get to choose if certain rival guilds are going to receive a criminal status in that town (I will discuss this one later), they receive protection from the town guards, etc.The guild that conquers that town loses faction reputation (the NPC faction that previously owned the town(I will discuss this one later too)).Once they conquered the town, town guards can still come back after some time to reconquer that town.You would receive the option to conquer whatever towns (not the major cities, smaller towns) are available near your guild castle once every month or so.Any rival guild in that area would have the ability to rival with you and battle you mid-siege if they want to retake the town for themselves.This wasn't very well thought out, so feel free to leave any suggestions.The idea is to make player vs. player vs. NPC faction wars.This would spice up the gameplay and even after you finished the game and acquired every item possible, you would still have something to do.The battles would be highly competitive, thus encouraging several smaller guilds to socialize and team up to destroy other players and NPC's in a siege battle.This would be a huge event and after its done you would have to wait for atleast a month to fight again.Thus guild wars wouldn't be pointless pvp for nothing except reputations (of some sort) or xp.You would actually gain control of a certain small area and receive useful bonuses.Players would also then start fighting with one NPC faction and allying with other, so when gaining further reputation for one certain faction trough helping them and defending their towns from siege, you would also be able to unlock faction exclusive items, story quests, missions and privileges.
  11. HighQuality223

    Sanctus Exceritus

    When you gotta stay relevant on the forums somehow, so you simply make 2 different guilds in the guild section of forums.
  12. I list my favourite browser MMO's to play whilst waiting for WOT. Note: They are russian.Their communities are russian. Drako.ru - a simple concept that was developed and made extremely complex over the years.Different locations with different monsters, quests, shops, etc. that you have to kill,Once you engage in combat, its simple turn based fight where you can choose to use magic, summons, mounts, dragons, followers, potions, orbs and much more to your advantage.There are 3 types of attack, combat is pretty simple.Game is kinda competitive, its multiplayer, it hosts a variety of different events, battles and tournaments. There are many professions, abilities, armor and weapons to unlock.P.s. When I say many, I mean WAY more than FO has to offer.Take in account all the events, tournaments, and new content from updates, and this game will keep you interested for months for sure.There is an image of a dragon follower and player inventory down below to show you the amount of items this game has to offer. I might post more of browser MMO's that I have played in the past if anyone is interested.For now this is it.
  13. HighQuality223

    Your weapon of choice

    Memes. But seriously though, sword and shield or a two handed axe.
  14. HighQuality223

    Spell types

    I wrote MOSTLY.Doesnt mean you have to be 1 class within that element, it just means youre generally a little better at being a healer if youre water or a tank if youre earth.If there were no differences between elements, then whats even the point of it? Them avatar references though.It took me a while to realize that.