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  1. I list my favourite browser MMO's to play whilst waiting for WOT. Note: They are russian.Their communities are russian. Drako.ru - a simple concept that was developed and made extremely complex over the years.Different locations with different monsters, quests, shops, etc. that you have to kill,Once you engage in combat, its simple turn based fight where you can choose to use magic, summons, mounts, dragons, followers, potions, orbs and much more to your advantage.There are 3 types of attack, combat is pretty simple.Game is kinda competitive, its multiplayer, it hosts a variety of different events, battles and tournaments. There are many professions, abilities, armor and weapons to unlock.P.s. When I say many, I mean WAY more than FO has to offer.Take in account all the events, tournaments, and new content from updates, and this game will keep you interested for months for sure.There is an image of a dragon follower and player inventory down below to show you the amount of items this game has to offer. I might post more of browser MMO's that I have played in the past if anyone is interested.For now this is it.
  2. Memes. But seriously though, sword and shield or a two handed axe.
  3. I wrote MOSTLY.Doesnt mean you have to be 1 class within that element, it just means youre generally a little better at being a healer if youre water or a tank if youre earth.If there were no differences between elements, then whats even the point of it? Them avatar references though.It took me a while to realize that.
  4. Also, mods, can you delete my other post?My phone (yes, phone) was fu**lng with me, and I somehow posted 2 times.Please delete the other one.
  5. Excuse my grammar please. Boss* Diversity to*
  6. I think there should be added some survival aspect to the game.Besides combat skills (swords, wands, bows, spells, etc.) to level, there should also be added something like a wildlife and survival skill.So, lets say youre in a dungeon and youre low on pots and other supplies.Usually you would either exit the dungeon, sit there for 5 mins and regen or try to get a pot to drop from a mob if you can.This would slow down progress of you or your party/group.So, survival skill would add tents, campfires, traps and other stuff.Tents would allow you to sleep, thus regening health and stamina/mana, campfires would allow you to cook food and regen faster.Also, being able to purchase a cooking pot or a pan to make more advanced food on the go would be cool too.If youre on a floor with a lot of mobs, you could place purchased or made traps for safety or to make a boos fight easier.To get more advanced tents, traps and being able to set up better campfires would require to level your survival skill.It would also add some misc. spells, like Remove Traps, Reveal Hidden Doors, Night Vision, etc.Now about wildlife, lets say youve set up a camp and half of your party/group is regening in tents or cooking food, setting traps, etc.You could buy a sickle and a bag of herbs, and go out to harvest herbs to brew pots.Also, harvesting berries, mushrooms, etc. for ingredients and food.You would also be able to chop trees, fish, and mine after leveling your wildlife and purchasing additional equipment (axe, pickaxe, etc.).Also, wildlife would let you avoid wild animals and even taming them at very high levels of this skill.To improve harvesting of food/herbs andand unlocking new items you could buy books, for example A Guide To Herbology, A List Of Edible Mushrooms or Edible Berries.At high levels you would get misc. spells like Pacify Animals, Find Herbs/Food, Camouflage, etc.This would add a lot of fun little things and some non combat related skill trees to level in the free time.Also, this would make game a lot more immersive and big boss fights in dungeons wouldnt be just pure fighting, you could set up camps for wounded to rest before or while the fight is going on.This in my opinion would add much more diversitycto the game and more options for new quests.Maybe when devs get the game up and running and start to run out of ideas, they could implement fun little things like these.
  7. I did actually check the guidelines mate, but since I saw people saying n**ga, I thought you didn't care really.K, I'll try not to swear.Thanks for clearing this up.
  8. Being rude isn't allowed, but the reason I'm asking is because I saw others swearing.A clear answer (yes or no) would save a lot of time.
  9. But am I allowed to swear?
  10. Very kompotisch my friend, but you have to apply some mayonez on top for extra dankness.Also, I suggest a 2l light beer potions for when your character gets really sober, and you dont want him sober.
  11. Is this forum kid friendly or do we have freedom of speech here?Am I allowed to swear and possibly use some D A N KM E M E S in the process?I really want to know.
  12. Do you accept memes?Because I have a shltI0ad of memes.
  13. I promised I will not cry... But this is too damn beautiful. P.s. We should have an hidden evil crab god boss somewhere in the game, he would attack us with bad memes, like (insert anything originaly from vine).
  14. It would be nice if the 4 basic elements were assigned a role each (earth - mostly defensive skills, fire - mostly offensive skills, water - mostly healing, air - mostly dodge and sneak related skills).Also, their mages would be different (water - healers, earth - buffers, fire - DPS, air - misc. spells, summons and weak area buffs (he casts for example a speed buff and anyone who walks into that area, friend of foe gets a weak buff), he would be a jack of all trades).I dont know about stealth and archer class differences though yet, but I will think on it.Maybe the devs will implement something out of this sometime in the future if they will have trouble coming up with ideas.
  15. My dudes, count me in.Also, for chat you could use whatsapp or kick, etc.I hope that if different players in this thread would be in different guilds, that would only make those guilds become friendlier towards each other instead of causing this group of people to fall apart.