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  1. It's not out yet. Everyone once in a while there are supporter weekends and then there are times when everyone can play.
  2. Seems tedious to implement and make useful. Has to be used a lot if they would take the time to make that. Interesting idea. I'm creatively dead right now so I can't think of any good ideas for this smh
  3. I've answered my own question. You have to go into guild forum setting and change the option to allow poll posts.
  4. Yeah, more or less I suppose.
  5. I know how to make a poll outside of guild forums I've done it before... There is no option to make a poll in any guild sections even though I am a leader
  6. How do I make a poll in guild forums? It's not apparent to me.
  7. Special guild active skills. Like a skill that would teleport everyone to a certain place ofc assuming everyone can access that so called place. It would give everyone a notice asking if they would like to be guild warped or something. That's all I could think of, but stuff like that.
  8. Any update? I appreciate the help. Can't tryout the game because of this. :/
  9. Simply put, I created my account by using my google account. How would I now add a password so I could sign in that way too?
  11. Happy birthday to you! You smell like my shoes! I got you a used shoes, and a pack of hi-chew!

    1. ShunsuiKyoraku


      some* RIP my grammar 

  12. Thank you! Worked perfectly for me.
  13. I meant what I literally stated. There are 2 sections you can make a topic for your guild. There's public discussions section and private discussions section. I can understand how you confused it with me asking how to hide it. I want to know how to move it.
  14. Well said, I'd say we're on the same page now. My only request now then would be to "veil" quests better than FO did I suppose xD