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  1. PinkCrown

    FO Source Code

    The former mods of FO didn't (and still don't) have access to the FO source code. The only person who 100% knows the reason for the shutdown is Gamer, but I would say it could easily have been a mixture of financial issues, health issues, and being plain tired of dealing with FO. Even if we did have the source code for FO, where's the fun in just using that?
  2. PinkCrown

    How do i play the game?

    Unfortunately anyone who had bought anything in FO has lost it. As mentioned above although lots of us working on this game were moderators in FO, we didn't own the game, had no access to the finances etc. That's not to mention that we've got no way to tell who was who on FO and what they had at the time it was shut down. We were sad too when FO ended, but we hope to take everything we learned there and improve on it for our own new game!
  3. I was wondering if you can help me get back my old account


  4. PinkCrown

    New fam.

    'tis It opens a little bar underneath and you then need to click members or staff (click it then look to the left under where the forums tab is) It's quite difficult to notice, took me a while too
  5. PinkCrown

    Please Make this WoT's Theme

    As much as we all loved FO's music, aside from the point on copyright, we also need a theme that reflects our story and world. And it won't just be one piece of music for the whole game
  6. PinkCrown

    Of Pink and Pear

    Got to work for that extra info. NPC's will communicate additional dialogue exclusively through the medium of dance.
  7. PinkCrown

    Of Pink and Pear

    I enjoy your musing! You know I hadn't noticed before about me posting about time and Bamb posting about elements, although in the initial stages Bamb was certainly doing a lot of in-depth lore work on the cultures, while I was musing on the general theme of time and how that would work into a story. It's interesting to see how small bits we post can tip you off to a number of different things, you're getting closer to some
  8. PinkCrown

    The lore of WoT

    Yeeees there will be. In FO when we managed to break into the secret Gamer files we had to work to try and fit any possible story into what already existed (which was...challenging). With WOT, we've got a story from the very start, and we can build lore into eeeeeverything. It's going to be a lot more work, but it also means we're much more free to follow any cool idea we have and work it in.
  9. PinkCrown

    Back at it with the Forum posts.

    You can thank other people's additional questions for the bombardment In simple terms (aka the way I need it) - each extra person who sees the code needs a licence, and each licence costs us more money (and we are't talking just £10 per person). While people could technically be given access to the code to 'proofread' it, right now the majority of fixes are simple anyway and so still aren't worth paying the licence fees to get a few people pointing out simple bits and pieces. If one of us was to kick the proverbial bucket, the game would carry on - although I hope we would be given time to grieve (and make our claims on the ol' million £ insurance policies we all have out on each other).
  10. Happy Birthday PinkCrown!

  11. PinkCrown

    Devblog 69: Return of the Thief!

    Already thinking up a story behind the neclace of flawes
  12. PinkCrown

    Fantasy VS Reality

    Bit of both. Some things from the real world, some things entirely made up, and others which are based somewhat in reality. Assuming you mean things like, do objects obey the rules of gravity etc etc
  13. PinkCrown


    Yeah sure, whether you want to go for the 100m sprint or the 500m hurdle, it's up to you. I think the npcs will be a little lazier though.
  14. PinkCrown


    I'll point out my way was also an example, you're probably also thinking way too much into what will be available as "crafting" specific skills