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  1. Guilds

    they already are and i think the plan is to keep it like that, just like how your forum account is also your game account
  2. Devblog 88: Pets

    pet rock
  3. Devblog 88: Pets

    it was the fo-wiki (database button in game(blue book)) that got a big update at some point with the ps3k submissions, maybe the wiki we should be managing could do exactly all that again!
  4. Devblog 88: Pets

    we need the quality so it can shine beyond this ocean of sh!t and be seen by all
  5. How is "hate" going to work?

    there definitely should be taunting skills for raids and group fighting, so the tank can get the aggro back
  6. Quest Rewards!

    ^ couldnt have said it better
  7. Daily Rewards

    maybe its time to let people login if they want to and not force them?
  8. Donations to the game

    $5 minimum, if you didn't meet this, no supporter title looking at your profile, it says $0.00 donated, maybe its in the works or something went wrong, probably will have to pm @iamallama about this
  9. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    yes premium currency we meant (called pixels), will be like in FO, bought by players with real cash and then can be traded for gold in game, i think there's a subscription system planned too, i dont recall if only bought with real cash or premium, would give some extra stuff but nothing important that would leave f2p players behind
  10. Ever thought of kickstarter/crowdfunding?

    i think this has been brought up several times and that the answer is that they will do it when there's something to show
  11. Night Quests

    monsters could attack villages and cities at night and quest could be helping the local militia and said quest could be like world event where anyone participate even not when in group
  12. Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    im guessing the bank is like FO, you drop items there and maybe also money and yes multiple characters per account, not just one anymore both of these features comes with premium upgrades i believe, like more tabs for bank and more char slots
  13. nice but i think its better to stick with 2x2 squares for pixels everywhere?
  14. Q: Stats and classes

    it's my bad, was quite on a bad day, sorry... don't worry gameplay should be still quite simple and easy to pick up, even with more tasks
  15. Q: Stats and classes

    did you ask the whole community? it sounds like you're asking this personally and speaking for everyone... game needs more stuff than just crafting and killing :((