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  1. I was in charge of editing with @xZoeyx, but the article section I used to do so isn't there anymore since the forum software big update.
  2. what will happen to free games tho? not sure how its done right now for them, but if you have to pay to put a game on steam store, won't they stop making free to play ones?
  3. if you wanna go bankrupt quick, sure thing, id rather bake it all myself, even if i have no clue how to do pellet i mean when you pay like 10€ for a plate with a single piece, yea...
  4. there's never enough with what you order though, you just can't stop once you taste that
  5. not sure how it actually translate into english, but what i really love is either a moelleux au chocolat (soft chocolate/chocolate cake?) or a fondant au chocolat on a plate with custard: didnt have a dessert like that for years tho, nor any actually...
  6. yea we know that, just kidding lol maybe call it something else next time though
  7. i manage nothing
  8. nice test to see who ignores me for some reason.
  9. i will keep throwing away the same argument again and again, but the premium have to be injected in the games economy by people buying it with real money in the first place, so the system FO had is pretty good already. also i think some sort of subscription was in the plans, not sure how that will work.
  10. im all for a a few WoT sets, screw FF, well make history and they will want to copy us! nah, more seriously, this could lead to the problem they had in FO. but theres always a way, tons of games have that somehow, but i guess it will be great if it start off with simple things such as colored clothes, hats, sunglasses and such and see for that kind of outfit afterwards.