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  1. where does this lead

    1. juraija


      Is a Highway to Hell

    2. fredonia


      Look UP Jason!

  2. well then i have no clue what you're talking about, i dont see any private section, i clicked move and it asks what guild i want to move it to well actually nvm me, i dont think i have all the authorizations, i cant even manage the guild or add a whole subforum, but i can move/delete/lock etc
  3. why don't you come anymore

    1. Wonder
    2. fredonia


      I ask myself that question every day...

    3. Seph
  4. rift had some interesting quests where you had to use a special skill given just for that quest, coupled with the kill x and gather stuff ones, or go there do that, was quite fun sometimes, also coupled with the story ofc, not pointless tasks
  5. make it hidden? just tested, yes it works, you can access it if you hide it, all people with proper authorizations would be able to access it
  6. when will it be over

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    2. Terrazer


      just checked, didnt even knew what game it was, i really never heard of it, looks old though, actually about reviews, dont always trust people, there's few times i wasnt giving a shot to a game cause of reviews, and someday id say "funk it" and ill buy just to try it out, and it would in turn end very well

    3. Seph


      By the creators of final fantasy. Grew up with the 3rd one I believe called Til the End of Time. Not to worry, I've seen more game reviews than any one person should, even for those I have no intention of buying heh. Trusting people is something I find difficult.

    4. Seph


      I know of some very good reviewers though. ACG and Angry Joe. I watch Angry Joe for the entertainment mainly, and ACG for the professionalism. Dude does so many reviews so frequently, it's crazy, yet they're still good quality.

  7. >ok
  8. people should just stop seeing all of these previews as set in stone, its just there to show the progress and have an idea. thats obvious all is subject to change still in function of the community's return and impressions.
  9. yes, its outdated
  10. https://wavesoftime.com/leaderboard/
  11. i support this idea, but if they want to go the premium way, it wouldnt be as good but at least it would be there
  12. are you happy here

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    2. Aridosa


      I'm happy :)

    3. ApathyBear


      Happiness is a fuzzy llama, Pimp Daddy.

    4. Seph


      If happiness is tasting the blood from your overly heavy two-handed greatsword after plunging it into the boss of a deep dark dungeon while the corpses of their guardians lay at your feet, then I see much happiness in time. Waves of Happiness.

  13. all hail Zephiel, whoever it is
  14. ill just get a empty cardboard box and go solid snake, they wont ever notice me, ill be a real ghost lol liking that idea though, could have something to do with reputations as well
  15. that's okay, just thinking out loud and giving away what came as i was on this thread. thats a nice way to add it as well if you do want something like that, i know it can be a lot of work to make all these new tilesets and everything tho