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  1. I'm not willing to do this anymore, but I think the article section will be back for the wiki anyway? (if it's still a thing)
  2. hm about guilds, what will be the point of the guild chosen on forums now, or we will just be in all the guilds from the game?
  3. you create your characters with name different from forum if you want
  4. end of the road

    1. ApathyBear


      You post the best songs Terry, love Boyz 2 Men.

    2. Seph


      The Road Warrior: End of The Road

  5. you use your forum details to log in the game, and supporting is obviously really appreciated, but not required to play, but they get to play before its open to all
  6. the supporter weekend is over, you cannot play anymore, keep checking every month for devblogs and maybe more supporter weekends, subscribe to the news and patchnotes section here: https://wavesoftime.com/forum/17-news-and-patch-notes/ then click follow:
  7. do you remember

    1. ApathyBear


      dancing in September

    2. Seph


      This is such a perfect response heh.


    3. juraija


      this is the only thing that comes to my mind lol

  8. hey, do you remember how you got that marley hat?


    1. Terrazer


      it was from biggest supporter pack iirc for a week or day, there was 14 in-game i think

    2. Mula


      ahh okay, I remember buying SSC rights and creating a "Marley SSC" that sold for quite a bit.. Feel like no one remembers me here so I'm tryna find someone who does lol

    3. Terrazer


      nope i dont remember that

  9. i remember him saying that the fix for now is making a new account for the current supporter weekend, as the issue isnt easy to fix he probably forgot about this thread i think he's quite busy with everything
  10. i can't either, only one left for me
  11. only quest kill 1 golem is able to be completed
  12. did you do something with the file? i cant delete or move it, i cant access its properties??? bugs: creating a char, deleting him (would have been nice to have a confirmation before deleting lol), cant use same name anymore now killed monster followed me after respawning and is now attacking me while being invisible: got quest from arizola but cant loot a single red grape, also seem i cant accept a second quest from the blacksmith jr on south for golems
  13. how does it feel

    1. juraija


      Being seal in a book?


  14. well thats it, forgot to check that part, nice
  15. closest thing i found: https://wavesoftime.com/discover/followed-members/ cant find a way to display a list tho