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  1. Waves of Time - Discord Server!

    Nah, I meant more like, it has already been done.
  2. Waves of Time - Discord Server!

    There already was one: https://discord.gg/AQMj8vE Abort mission
  3. Hello there! I have decided to set up a 'Waves of Time' Discord server as I think that it will be very active and extremely helpful for guilds (recruitments and such). The main advantage is the live chat feature, as well as the fact that people will be able to DM each other very easily about questions e.t.c. To get started, simply click the following link: https://discord.gg/vuQxkUd Advantages: live chat easy communication between players call groups separate chat groups bots guild recruitment/application Hopefully, this will slowly grow and eventually get pinned by the DEVs! Many thanks and have a wonderful day, Dainank.