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  1. StarFarmerHere

    Client is available for download (2017/18 NY test)

    yeah, totally worked after I opened the file with notepad
  2. StarFarmerHere

    Pet breeding?

    If there is going to be pets in this game there must be lots or at least a variety of good looking ones you can get from quests. If this is the case will you be able to combine multiple pets to get new and improved abilities or looks? I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned before
  3. I want to donate but I'd rather spend my money on sweet in-game currency.

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    2. Izzy


      So does that mean the amount you've already donated would be returned in the form of Pixels at a rate of 150% or that if you buy Pixels in game you get it for 150% of its base value?

    3. Seph


      @Izzy Yes it’s the amount you’ve already donated. Buying within game (once it’s done) should be normal rate of 100% (I would assume) unless they have sales or specials.

    4. Archangel


      Used to be 200% I believe at one time for supporting the game back in the wee early days, but now it is as Seph said, 150% of the value, then 100% (or "normal" value) when the game rolls out.

      It's still to be determined just what that "value" is. Suffice to say though, it means more stuff for you!