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    Onion Knights Reborn

    Took me long enough to find out about this game, and that you're trying to keep the guild going XD FO IGN: DG24 Level: I think I got up to 99? it's been way too long Former guilds: Soul Knights, Soul Squad (I was the leader for that the whole week it lasted XD), Faux Nominal, and Onion Knights Reason for leaving: Didn't really have a choice when the game died :/ Former guildmates I can remember at least: Ninjaxue, Rae7, Pitfallrush, Vempty, CheeseHeaven (was also the leader of Faux Nominal IIRC), Negatii (who co-founded Faux Nominal, still in contact with him actually), and I Think I remember Vulcan27, but again, it's been wayyyy too long Why I want to join: Being a part of those guilds was possibly the best time of my life, it'd be great if someday we could get the whole crew back together when the game finally goes live