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  1. joppelarius

    Dead game or?

    me when WoT comes out in 2099
  2. joppelarius

    Devblog 88: Pets

    aw nuts! there better be squirrel pets
  3. joppelarius

    Devblog 87: Mail and Lighting

    that's some nutty progress llama! just in time for my winter sleep
  4. joppelarius

    Devblog 83: Mostly UI and then some

    why don't we pool our moniez together so we can pay Llama a full wage so he can work at it all day lol
  5. have a nutty new year yall!

    1. Alteria


      Haven't we all submitted to the will of the holy nuts??

  6. squirrels <3 otters !!!

    1. kiritoSAO


      I agree. 3 otters would probably beat a squirrel in a fight. 

  7. can someone tp me to 2010, I miss the old days :(

    1. Alteria


      It's quite depressing to see how 2010 is now nearly 7 years behind us. Times go by so fast :unsure:

  8. B> SSC

  9. aqiiiiiiil :o


    1. aqil1


      I'm late, very late >.<

  10. d i g i t a l z! miss ya dude :(

    1. digitalz


      still here just practising(practicing?) my ninja stealth techniques :ph34r: 

      And lurking ofcourse

      OH white text... here derp herp derpy

    2. joppelarius